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In the theatre of ancient Greece, the chorêgos (pl. chorêgoi; Greek: χορηγός, Greek etymology: χορός "chorus" + ἡγεῖσθαι "to lead") was a wealthy Athenian citizen who assumed the public duty, or choregiai, of financing the preparation for the chorus and other aspects of dramatic production that were not paid for by the government of the polis or city-state. Modern Anglicized forms of the word include choragus and choregus, with the accepted plurals being the Latin forms choregi and choragi. In modern Greek the word χορηγός is synonymous with the word "grantor".Choregoi were appointed by the archon and the tribes of Athenian citizens from among the Athenian citizens of great wealth. Service as a choregos, though an honor, was a duty for wealthy citizens and was part of the liturgical system designed to improve the city-state's economic stability through the use of private wealth to fund public good. Choregoi paid for costumes, rehearsals, expenses of the chorus (including training, salaries, board and lodging), scenery, props (including elaborate masks), special effects and most of the musicians. The choregos also hosted a feast if his chorus proved victorious in competition. The prizes for drama at the Athenian festival competitions were awarded jointly to the playwright and the choregos. Such victories carried prestige for the choregos. Several notable political figures served as choregoi, including Themistocles, Pericles and Plato, among others. Monuments were built in honor of victorious choregoi. At the turn of the 17th century AD, in an attempt to recreate the ancient Greek dramatic tradition, the position was revived briefly in Italian opera, and combined the roles of impresario and director..

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Definitions of "choregus"

  • Variant of choragus. noun
  • The leader of a chorus in Ancient Greece noun
  • The leader of a group (especially of performers) noun
  • See choragus. noun

The word "choregus" in example sentences

The benefactor of a chorus was called a choregus, and generally was a wealthy man who paid a teacher and trainer to drill the chorus.. [Ask MetaFilter]

*] The five public judges announce their decision: an ivy wreath to the victorious poet; to his "choregus" (the rich man who has provided his chorus and who shares his glory) the right to set up a monumnet in honor of the victory.. [A Day in Old Athens; a Picture of Athenian Life]

Therefore go and sacrifice the sheep in the house, cut off the legs and bring them here; thus the carcase will be saved for the choregus.. [Peace]

At Lacedaemon the choregus himself played on the flute; and it was so common at. [Politics: A Treatise on Government]

Athens that almost every freeman understood it, as is evident from the tablet which Thrasippus dedicated when he was choregus; but afterwards they rejected it as dangerous; having become better judges of what tended to promote virtue and what did not.. [Politics: A Treatise on Government]

At Athens the the leitourgia was the public service performed by the wealthier citizens at their own expense, such as the office of gymnasiarch, who superintended the gymnasium, that of choregus, who paid the singers of a chorus in the theatre, that of the hestiator, who gave a banquet to his tribe, of the trierarchus, who provided a warship for the state.. [The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 9: Laprade-Mass Liturgy]

Such burdens as the duties of choregus, trierarch, &c., might be voluntarily undertaken, as they were by. [The Public Orations of Demosthenes, volume 2]

The choregus paid the expenses of a chorus at the Dionysiac (and certain other) festivals.. [The Public Orations of Demosthenes, volume 2]

Demosthenes was choregus in 348, and trierarch in 363, 359, and 357.. [The Public Orations of Demosthenes, volume 2]

'Twas Demoteles the choregus, O Dionysus, who dedicated this tripod, and this statue of thee, the dearest of the blessed gods.. [Theocritus Bion and Moschus Rendered into English Prose]

-- "That's a good idea, sir, -- and I have a chorus, and a choregus too, already in my eye.". [My Novel — Complete]

By turns he is hestiator, and pays the expense of the sacred repast of his tribe; and choregus, when he supports a chorus for the religious festivals.. [Ask MetaFilter]

One, though serving as choregus and trierarch, [n] felt it his duty voluntarily to incur that further expense [to ransom the prisoners] rather than see any of his fellow citizens suffering misfortune for want of means; the other, so far from rescuing any of those who were already in captivity, joined in bringing a whole district, and more than 10,000 infantry and 1,000 cavalry with them, the forces of the actual allies of his country, into captivity to. [The Public Orations of Demosthenes, volume 1]

§ 230. _choregus and trierarch_: see Introd. to Speech on Naval Boards, and n. on Philippic I. § 36.. [The Public Orations of Demosthenes, volume 2]

§ 8. _public service_: i.e. as trierarch or choregus or gymnasiarch, &c. See n. on Phil.. [The Public Orations of Demosthenes, volume 2]

'gentlefolk' in the book are the merest marionettes, but there are descriptive passages of first-rate vigour, and the voice of wisdom is heard from the lips of an early Greek choregus in the figure of an old parson called Mr. Wyvern.. [The House of Cobwebs and Other Stories]

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Choregus Productions presents Golden Hornet's "The Sound of Science" featuring Jeff Zeigler, Jan. 25. Tix…

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