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What does the word chromed mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word chromed in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with chromed and anagrams of chromed.

Definitions of "chromed"

  • Simple past tense and past participle of chrome. verb

The word "chromed" in example sentences

Structure in chromed steel and diffusers in opaline blown glass.. [The Fireworks Suspension Lamp by Xavier Lust]

It features twin chromed drying surfaces 12x17 (350 watts).. [The PJ Candy Store (equipment)]

It's nicely finished, though most of its "chromed" parts are plastic rather than metal.. [Top stories from Times Online]

Have you seen how TOYota loves pimping their bakkies with "chromed" side mirrors, bumpers and some fancy (yet boring) chrome detail on their pathetic radiators?. []

He emphasized the two pieces were made of the same base plastic materials, covered by the same layer of copper, and covered by the same "chromed" layer of chromium and nickel.. []

He explained how the items were both made of the same base plastic materials covered by the same layer of copper covered by the same "chromed" layer of chromium and nickel.. []

They sent a parkerized version, but there are also examples with blued and hard chromed slides.. [Kel-tec 380 acp 6+1 for $233. Should I get it?]

Both lights feature a chromed steel structure with eight arms providing direct light.. [GRAPE I and II Lamps by Giuseppe Chigiotti]

The shirt had a chromed chopper on the front side, and its rider stared fiercely at something in the unseen distance.. [Miracles, Inc.]

The shooter comes in a range of styles camouflage, zebra stripes, but the chromed finish of the Executive line is the most refined. $30, [Happiness Is a Toy Gun]

Vintage vehicles, chromed engines, and customized interiors and paint jobs. 4-10 p.m.,. [Southern Maryland community calendar, Oct. 28-Nov. 4, 2010]

Made in Italy by Tonin Casa, this modern coffee table has chromed metal as its base and bent glass for the top.. [Interesting Expansible Coffee Tables]

The base is made from metal and is available in silver-laquered or chromed finish.. [Interesting Expansible Coffee Tables]

The hefty chromed steel balls in this set, a collaboration between a Danish and Japanese designer, come in a teak box that will weather beautifully, even when left out in the elements. $200, 4. Jaques Challenge Skittles Set. [Grass Menagerie]

It's been re-chromed and re-porcelained and cleaned and sumpin 'else and sumpin' else.. [The story of a stove.]

First off, we have the “Cactus” item, a “bookcase in white or black mat lacquered MDF with 10 shelves and a chromed base”.. [Ideas For a Moden Living Room]

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