Chuck A Luck

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What do we mean by chuck a luck?

A gambling game in which players bet on the possible combinations of three thrown dice. noun

A game of chance in which players bet on combinations of three dice.

He is the finest man alive! Urban Dictionary

A person who means well but is constantly making mistakes and falling short of expectations. A chuck-a-luck is often clumsy and unaware of their foibles. A hapless doofus. See Chucklehead. Urban Dictionary

When the great gods of RNG bestow their blessing onto an individual (usually someone with the name Chuck) that makes the holder supernaturally lucky. Effects include, but are not limited to, increased loot/gear drops, (far exceeding that of mortal men) the ability to avert disasters or death in real life, and, to some extent, to influence the space time continuum. The few chosen to possess chuck luck are even said to negatively influence others around them by making them incredibly unlucky, leading many to believe that chuck luck is not a blessing from the great gods of RNG, but more of a parasite that feeds off of other people's fortune. This theory remains inconclusive and on the border of fringe science, however. Urban Dictionary

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The word "chuck-a-luck" in example sentences

Originally a brothel, the Jungle Inn was an open casino offering huge crowds of gamblers craps, a Greek dice game called barbut, chuck-a-luck, roulette, cards, and even bingo for the ladies. ❋ Rick Porrello (2011)

In the gambling tents the games included three-card monte, ten-die, strap game, chuck-a-luck, faro, and keno. ❋ STEPHEN E. AMBROSE (2000)

Beardless youths … try their hands at the ‘Mexican monte,’ ‘high-low’ ‘chuck-a-luck,’ and lose their all. ❋ STEPHEN E. AMBROSE (2000)

It sounded a trifle more impressive than my current surroundings, which featured several soldiers playing at chuck-a-luck on the floor, a flea-ridden mongrel asleep by the fire, and a strong smell of hops. ❋ Gabaldon, Diana (1992)

The dice and chuck-a-luck seemed ten thousand miles away. ❋ Randall Garrett (1957)

Both John Brogan and Neice have been dead many years, and, I trust, are happy in the spirit land -- perhaps playing chuck-a-luck, marked cards, and concave reflectors with St. Peter and the Apostles. ❋ George H. Devol (N/A)

Our principal occupation at this place was playing poker, chuck-a-luck and cracking graybacks (lice). ❋ Sam R. Watkins (N/A)

Here is where we first saw the game called "chuck-a-luck," afterwards so popular in the army. ❋ Sam R. Watkins (N/A)

The men soon become discontented and unhappy, and we had no diversion or pastime except playing poker and chuck-a-luck. ❋ Sam R. Watkins (N/A)

Rondo coolo is boisterous and confusing -- and as for poker, that is a long session of nerves, while chuck-a-luck, though all in the open, is for children and fools. ❋ J. Clinton Shepherd (1911)

There was chuck-a-luck and a crap game going, and going every minute, too, with ❋ Harry Leon Wilson (1903)

General Breckinridge may have experienced in procuring liquor, the soldiers seemed to have an abundance of colorless corn-whiskey and applejack, and the roadsides were lined with "chuck-a-luck" games. ❋ Unknown (1899)

Rude chuck-a-luck boards were constructed out of such material as was attainable, and put in operation. ❋ John McElroy (1887)

They have all the different kinds of gambling, from chuck-a-luck at two bits to roulette at a million dollars a minute. ❋ Unknown (1878)

DAMNNNNN, Chuck-A-Luck so [damn fine]!!!! ❋ 1X2X3X4X5X6X7X8X9X (2008)

The inspector dropped his [fake mustache] in the [punch bowl] like a [chuck-a-luck]. ❋ Derrick7777 (2019)

[Lan]: "I haven't had [one piece] drop yet, and this fucker has gotten 4 pieces in 2 [dungeons]." Joe: "Oh my God. Boys! Chuck luck is so dumb. I'm sick of getting all these belts!" Chuck: "I. Love. This. Game." ❋ Chucky Boyyyooo (2019)

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