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Definitions of "circle"

  • A plane curve everywhere equidistant from a given fixed point, the center. noun
  • A planar region bounded by a circle. noun
  • Something, such as a ring, shaped like such a plane curve. noun
  • A circular course, circuit, or orbit: a satellite's circle around the earth. noun
  • A traffic circle. noun
  • A curved section or tier of seats in a theater. noun
  • A series or process that finishes at its starting point or continuously repeats itself; a cycle. noun
  • A group of people sharing an interest, activity, or achievement: well-known in artistic circles. noun
  • A territorial or administrative division, especially of a province, in some European countries. noun
  • A sphere of influence or interest; domain. noun
  • Logic A vicious circle. noun
  • To make or form a circle around; enclose. See Synonyms at surround. verb-transitive
  • To move in a circle around. verb-transitive
  • To move in a circle. See Synonyms at turn. verb-intransitive
  • circle the wagons To take a defensive position; become defensive. idiom
  • A two-dimensional geometric figure, a line, consisting of the set of all those points in a plane that are equally distant from another point. noun
  • A two-dimensional geometric figure, a disk, consisting of the set of all those points of a plane at a distance less than or equal to a fixed distance from another point. noun
  • Any thin three-dimensional equivalent of the geometric figures. noun
  • A curve that more or less forms part or all of a circle. noun

The word "circle" in example sentences

_ A circle whose center moves around _upon_, or in, the circumference of another _circle_; as the orbit of the moon in its motion with the earth around the sun.. [Orthography As Outlined in the State Course of Study for Illinois]

(STANDISH _places the chairs above and below the table in the circle, then the chair on the_ R. _side of the fireplace in the circle_.). [The Thirteenth Chair]

(_Goes inside circle and sits down up_ C. _in circle_.). [The Thirteenth Chair]

The main circle is bi-directional and each entrance has it's own unidirectional mini circle.. [bien Tijuaneado]

We need not imagine that Aristides meant the word circle literally.. [The Battle of Salamis]

And in particular he singled out for comment the following question, which was one of those set, “Using the term circle as extending to the case where the radius is a pure imaginary, it is required to construct the common chord of two given circles.”. [Autobiography]

My brother has relayed his circle is the same ... few hunt squirrels, and those that once did have put it to the side for deer, turkey, etc.. [What Happened to Squirrel Hunting?]

This circle is a foundation for each of our lives.. [Archive 2008-10-01]

I stay within what I call my circle of competence.. [Jay-Z, Buffett and Forbes on Success and Giving Back]

I think the circle is a fine form as well especially since clothes will fill any space.. [Rolling Bag (OBAG) by Rooz Mousavi » Yanko Design]

How he squares this circle is the great unknown of the current Tory mini-revival.. [Detritus: 18 Doughty Street, liberal blogging and David Cameron]

I discovered that I had to find the equation of art and design, which we know as circle-triangle-square.. [John Maeda on his journey in design]

Then they would have what they called circle dances where you would stop and dance with whomever you stopped with.. [Oral History Interview with Virginia Foster Durr, March 13, 14, 15, 1975. Interview G-0023-1. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)]

But the 6 nearer border of this sea, which we call the circle of the world, surrounds its coasts like a wreath.. [The Origin and Deeds of the Goths]

Russell or Lord George Bentinck, that Protection or Free Trade must be in what they called a circle, round which in their legislation they must always move; that they must either give protection to everything or free trade to everything.. [Lord George Bentinck A Political Biography]

Wade Boggs takes credit for creating the hand gesture for the nWo Wolfpac … in fact, Wolf Pack is what he called his circle of friends.. [Scott's Blog of Doom]

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