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Celebrity Lookalike Alert. Abbreviation used to alert your friends to the proximity of someone who bears a resemblsnce to a celebrity. A correct guess earns you 3 points it's a giving game. Further 3 points for a combination of two features - eg hair from one celebrity, face from another. 1 point for an "acknowledgement" where the caller discloses who they perceived, and the seer subsequently agrees Urban Dictionary

A college of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities which is the only university branch worth attending. Contrasted with the Carlson School of (I'm a prick) Management (CSOM) and the Institute of Techn00blogy (IT), the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) is populated by people who are superfantasmagorically epic (Carlson students wish they were; however they are too busy ruining the economy; IT students spend their time fantasizing about Lara Croft). Most CLA students could school you in anything pertaining to language, current events, history, and how to be "cool" because we all know those IT kids are lacking a bit of that. CSOM students only care about themselves which is just another explanation to why we have a failing economy with company heads getting golden parachutes. And School of Music.....what school? Your men need to grow a pair. CLA (Couldn't Look Awesomer :) Urban Dictionary

Clas is a lazy lazy guy who does not like to exercise at all. He's very weird but has a big heart. Consider yourself lucky to have a Clas as a friend. All the girls wants to be friends with him and sometimes even more. Urban Dictionary

Sounds created by using your throat and pronouncing "cla". Urban Dictionary

Stands for Chronic Laugh Attack Everyone has those moments when something or someone makes them laugh and they can't stop laughing for a little. Urban Dictionary

A german american born and raised east of seattle that spits horrorcore rap about the most macabre subjects such as necrophilia, homicide, cutting his self, stalking people, decompission, death ect. he also trys to pointout that the government is keeping Germans down do too the fact he was born too a german mother BETTER KNOWN AS V-NUTZ666 signed to Blood N Gore records CLA is an accronym for Crypic Lok Assasin Urban Dictionary

Claed Urban Dictionary

People who are named this are quite the species. you might get him confused with joel (joelle) hes a special lilla fella Urban Dictionary

The sarcastic version of "classy." used to describe people who do what they want and love dollar signs. Urban Dictionary

The word "Classic" means a recognized example of something widely known. If a friend or person you know, does something that he has done before, then its a classic. To point out the classic example then say Cla- (Then the persons name). It shows the person that he has done this a number of times and it is widely known. It can also be used to show someone that what he/she has done a bunch of times is irking them. Urban Dictionary

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The word "cla" in example sentences

This is the same ol same ol problem, the roots of the problem are some combination of the same ol same ol grima schrum wannabee$ AND the controlling $ocial cla$$ of the ... ha ha ha ... the people's party. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Finally, there is the $ocial cla$$ of the "leaders" of the Democratic Party. let's look at some numbers, first. check out the 2010 statistical abstract of the u.s., table 689, 2007 money income. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Note 23: Constituciones diligenter attendant in muris, septis, rotis et cla [u] suris necnon et custodia eorum, qui pro tempore ingrediuntur. ❋ Unknown (2008)

In a rebuke to both the Pacquiao and Mayweather camps, Judge Daniel Weinstein has issued a Corrective Order to clear up what he cla ... ❋ Unknown (2010)

Girls are listening with rapt attention to her working-cla ... ❋ Unknown (2009)

Ai clicked reply and gotted sent tu bottom of cla page. ❋ Unknown (2009)

You also get to run around talking about your cla-foo-tee. ❋ Kim ODonnel (2009)

| Reply | Permalink due scheda video ati x1600 x file italia monica reyes berlino locali servizi di catering marche paola frani job claweb cla unipd it cla conto valentina liceo canova caldaia murali gas metano esterno verona mercato grossista hip hop live montare cucina consiglio polizza moto storica trattamento economico festivita home video sexy amateur free woman denim sab bici foto nuda ragazza russia gioco scaricare on line albergo castelli in italia ❋ Unknown (2009)

I'm afraid things are just not as simple as you'd like them to be, David riding accident from which he conceived an contracted syphillis He got the cla ❋ Unknown (2008)

Additionally, kalahe pru would yield two unidentified words while kala hepru yields only one since kala is relatable to Etruscan cala and its postfixed counterpart -cla meaning "of this". ❋ Unknown (2008)

August 5, 2008 at 6:14 pm ai wunderd wai ai had trubbel in typin cla$$ ❋ Unknown (2008)

Lost amid all the recent discussions of intelligent design -- including Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's decision this past Friday to sign a bill that allows teachers in his state to "supplement" cla ... ❋ Unknown (2008)

After Clinton's victory in Puerto Rico, now they cla ... ❋ Unknown (2008)

The next word is often taken to be an abbreviation for the goddess Thupaltha θuplθas [TLE 654], θuflθi-cla [TLE 740]; often referred to in books with the later form Thufltha. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Why does Duncan Hunter's presidential Web site cla... ❋ Unknown (2007)

CLA [that woman] [in the blue] dress by [the window] ❋ MikeHove (2020)

IT Student: "Did you see the new Star Trek?" [SoM] Student: "I was practicing my [riff's]." IT Student: "Oh so hows that rockin' band doing, dawg?" [CSOM] Student: {observes awkwardly in the corner} CLA Student: {contemplates cosmic intricacies of space and time} "Point proven..." SoM Student: "Uhhh..." ❋ Shock-ya (2009)

Person #1 : Why is [that guy] so [lazy]? Person #2 : [I don't know], it must be a Clas ❋ Larsen Ape (2019)

[Yad] kicked hiatus in the airsoft battle, and screamed his famous battle cry, "[CLA CLA] [CLA]!" ❋ Big Steve (2004)

[Dak] showed me a picture of a guy [falling] [over and over again], I was having a CLA. ❋ Awesome Plate (2018)

'have [ya heard] anything from CLA: the German Shepards new album?' ~[BNG] fan 'Naw Blood N [Gore] records sucks Ass' ~BNG Hater 'Bitch mother fucker' (pulls out an 44 from backpack) *click CLock BAM* ~BNG Fan 'Welcome too seattle mother fucker' BNG FAN ❋ Thatonekidnoonelikes (2005)

Claed ❋ (2021)

OH did you see [Clas-Andrew], hes so sexy and he kinda looks like [joel] ([joelle]) ❋ Geir RUNE (2023)

Bro 1: [Omfg] she [uploaded] a picture of her [crotch]... Bro 2: dude, she's just keeping it CLA$$Y. ❋ Behbear (2011)

Rule: If the name is shorter than 4 letters, then use the whole name when noted to insert. If the name is too long, then cut the name in half, and only put the second half of the name when told to insert. Jeremy: Wow, such a "cleremy" moment right there! [Tal]: Clatal! If the name is [Rangus], then take "Cla- ([Insert Name Here])" and insert "ngus". This results in the word "Clangus", which is a widely know word. ❋ Steven Rangus Bangus (2013)

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