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Definitions and meanings of "Classics"

What do we mean by classics?

A perfect and/or early example of a particular style.

An artistic work of lasting worth, such as a film or song.

The author of such a work.

A major, long-standing sporting event

One learned in the literature of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome; a student of classical literature.

1. Study of the authors of Greek and Latin antiquity. Urban Dictionary

The pinnacle of music, which embodies all the musical theory that has been forgotten in today's music. Urban Dictionary

A thing that will forever be cool and worth mentioning on a regular basis Urban Dictionary

A music genre that has lasted for more than 400 years, and rap is starting to die out after about 20. Urban Dictionary

A term used to note that something was just pure genuine and worth remembering. Something that will never slip your mind due to it's pure humor. Urban Dictionary

When someone does something ridiculous or funny but is typical of that person so it makes it seem normal. Urban Dictionary

The greatest genre of music in existence and perhaps the highest achievement of the human race. Reveals pop music for the appalling fraud that it is and displays transcendent emotion and astounding technique. Classical music is characterized by the following: 1. A great deal of complexity. Modulation, counterpoint, and elaborate orchestration are all commonplace. Time signatures other than 4/4 are hardly unusual and melodic development is the rule rather than the exception. Pieces are typically at least 10 minutes long and occassionally reach hours in length. 2. Seriousness. Classical composers and musicians take their music very seriously. Profound subjects such as the salvation of humanity and genuine joy are quite common while everyday and frivilous subjects are avoided. Skill and quality are more important than image. 3. Implication. Lyrics are relatively rare and emotion is conveyed primarily through the music itself. In stark contrast to pop music, rhythm is almost always implied rather than explicitly stated through sledgehammer basslines. 4. Forms. Musical forms such as the sonata, symphony, and concerto make up the bulk of classical pieces. These forms are shared within classical but rarely, if ever, appear outside it. These forms tend to be composed of multiple movements, usually three or four. 5. Instrumentation. Classical music tends to use certain instruments, such as violins, piano, flute, etc. that distinguish it from other genres using other sets of instruments. Urban Dictionary

I AM SO SICK OF THESE FALSE DEFINITIONS! 1. Classical music is a type of music that goes from the 1500s (Thomas Tallis) to the 1900s (John Rutter). It includes the Rennaisance Period, the Baroque Period, the Classical Period, the Romantic Period, and the Modern Period. 2. No one seems to understand the difference between the classical PERIOD and classical MUSIC! Music that includes an orchestra, a choral, solo instruments, or opera is CLASSICAL music, it's just no necessarily the classical PERIOD of music! Urban Dictionary

An excuse for an embarrassing song in found in one's music library Urban Dictionary

The most technically demanding genre of music in the world. Classical music focuses primarily on perfection. For listeners willing to look past cliche lyrics and generic beats found in about 80% of the music on MTV or the radio today. Urban Dictionary

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The word "classics" in example sentences

High School, and earned a B.A. in classics from the University of Rochester, where she received Summa Cum Laude honors and was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa ❋ Unknown (2001)

Why does Hollywood regergitate so many of the classics is there any originality left? ❋ Unknown (2008)

For Shelley the seductiveness of the classics is arresting in both senses: they convey heightened modes and forms of passion, often before a young reader has "real" experiences of them; they traumatize by bringing to consciousness desires and experiences that have been repressed both in the subject and by literary culture. ❋ Unknown (2008)

As any long time sci fi reader knows there really are some fantastic 'classics' out there as well as future classics from the contemporary sf writers. ❋ Unknown (2007)

This leads me to wondering whether works like SPIN and RIVER OF GODS will be remembered as classics decades hence, or whether "classics" is itself an outdated concept in an increasingly niche-driven market. ❋ Lou Anders (2006)

His new album, covering some of his favorite soul and Motown classics, is called "Going Back." ❋ Unknown (2010)

Before Leopardi was out of his teens he had consumed much of his family's library — his father's sole distinction was as a book collector — and read through the Greek and Latin classics as well as the works of the Church Fathers. ❋ Eric Ormsby (2010)

Another place to find classics is in the video store. ❋ Unknown (2009)

He received a bachelor's degree in classics from Harvard University in 1977 and received a law degree from Georgetown University in 1983. ❋ Post (2010)

Dragon Quest, Castlevania, and numerous other stalwart classics from the SNES era are either having new stuff made in world, or getting their old stuff re-issued for a new generation of gamers. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Technorati Tags: al roker's book club, all things considered, fahrenheit 451, penguin classics, ray bradbury, ruben toledo, savvy ❋ Unknown (2009)

Verbivore – the problem with classics is that there are just so many of them. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Plus, this has introduced me to the fabulous Hennessy, who I previously missed in classics like 2007′s Cougar Club and 2008′s Boob Jobs & Jesus. ❋ Unknown (2009)

There's the nostalgia factor, I admit, as very few of Disney's modern films have gripped my imagination and enduring reverence like those classics from the early to mid-twentieth century. ❋ Unknown (2009)

If you want to understand what's happening now, you have to read these classics from the golden age of Daryl. ❋ Unknown (2009)

LNN: One of the topics your documentary discusses is how Lovecraft's work has long been "ghettoized" but is now seeing much more scholarly and public respect, even to the extent that it has been released as part of the Penguin classics collection. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Even though they were essentially chase movies, the first two Terminator installments remain classics thanks to finely-wroughtcharacter-driven moments nestled between the tentpole action sequences. ❋ Unknown (2009)

John didn't want Sam to know that he studied classics, so he said "[Fuckin A], [bee], let's get drunk and eat [chicken fingers]." ❋ Mihailoff (2005)

❋ Anonymous (2003)

Remember that [episode] of [Simpsons]....[Classic] ❋ Chris Johnston (2003)

Dumbass: Yo, u like [Soulja Boy] or 50 cent? Me: [Beethoven] could kick their asses while [playing the piano], blindfolded. Classical is greater than rap, period. ❋ Mark101 (2008)

Joe let's out [a 23] second fart [Jimmy]: "Damn, Joe, that was [Classic]" ❋ D. Ferrel (2003)

"Yo! skeeter just took a [crap off] the [overpass] onto a [cop car]." "Classic" ❋ C0smik (2006)

Sarah [cringed] as she heard the country music on the radio and [hastily] switched to a [classical music] station. ❋ Sekais (2006)

Don't listen to any of the fucked up definitions that state that the [Classical] Period is all [classical music] and that the Romantic Period is considered romantic music. [It's all] [classical]! ❋ Ohenry (2005)

Person A: "Really man? You have 'Stacy's Mom' [on here]?" [Person B]: "Dude, [it's a classic]" ❋ Lax13 (2010)

The user complaining about how "[Classical] is boring. When is the last time you saw [classical music] on MTV or at no.1 in the charts?" is obviously being sarcasic. Because if he/she is not, then they are misguided. Just because it's popular and people are willing to throw away their money for it, doesn't make it good. Let's make a few comparisons between rap and [classical], since thats where this debate is originating from: 1. [Classical music] has withstood the test of time. Rap has only originated in the past 20 years, and already many people don't know 70%+ rap bands around before todays "artists" (this appears to be the case with you, too). Classical has been around for hundreds of years, and you can still go to your local music store and pick up a classical based album. 2. In your point "Emotional music comes from the heart, not from fucking black dots written on a paper with lines.", don't you think that the people who put those same black dots you're complaining about on [that paper] where "coming from the heart"? when they wrote it? 3. If you had any knowledge of music or [music theory], you would know that the artists you meantioned all use beats that a four year old uses to play "music". Rhyming and bitching are not hard to do, using complex harmonization, sequencing, and [phrasing] is. 4. You're a moron, joke or not. You don't know how to use proper grammer, puntuation, or paragraphs for that matter. You also talk like a pre-pubesent 12 year old desperatly trying to "fit in with the scene" in your town or neighborhood. ❋ Wild_jary (2005)

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