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The word "clerking" in example sentences

Your experience was that you did not see such opinions while you were clerking, which is one data point pointing in that direction. ❋ Unknown (2009)

God, I did like clerking which is the person who the secretaries talk down to. ❋ Elizabeth McClung (2008)

His father and mother had died while he was just a boy; relatives had given him a home until at eighteen he had started "clerking" in a law office, and with his wages and his legacy had carried himself through to the day when his name appeared among those called to the bar. ❋ William Banks (N/A)

Many occupations, such as clerking, stenographing, laundering, and certain kinds of unskilled factory work are almost entirely taken over by women, who labor throughout the same working-day as men, and usually at a lesser wage than men would receive for the same kind of work. ❋ Charles William Eliot (1880)

New Salem, Illinois, where Lincoln was "clerking," was known the neighborhood around as a "fast" town, and the average young man made no very desperate resistance when tempted to join in the drinking and gambling bouts. ❋ Unknown (1868)

Lincoln had periods while "clerking" in the New Salem grocery store during which there was nothing for him to do, and was therefore in circumstances that made laziness almost inevitable. ❋ Unknown (1868)

Just one generation after the canals were dug, Irish were proportionally underrepresented in the lowest-paying occupations and overrepresented not only in police and fire departments but also in teaching, clerking, bookkeeping, and other white-collar jobs. ❋ Thaddeus Russell (2010)

A U.S. Department of Labor study in 1916 found that in the major legitimate occupations for women—department store clerking and light manufacturing—the average weekly wage was $6.67, which at the time represented a subsistence standard of living. ❋ Thaddeus Russell (2010)

Since clerking I have been lucky enough to work directly with clients in non-profits serving prisoners and later home bound people with AIDS, cancer and other terminal illnesses. ❋ Nancy Mahon (2010)

She recently wrapped up a prestigious year-long stint clerking for Judge Leonie M. Brinkema at the federal court in Alexandria -- but, no, said she couldn't discuss any of the cases she worked on. ❋ The Reliable Source (2010)

Late in the discussion, a student asked the panel to compare clerking at the district-court (or trial-court) level and clerking at the appellate level. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Weatherbee was a clerk who had known naught but clerking all his life; Cuthfert was a master of arts, a dabbler in oils, and had written not a little. ❋ Unknown (2010)

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