Definitions and meanings of "Click"

What do we mean by click?

A brief, sharp sound. noun

A mechanical device, such as a pawl, that snaps into position. noun

An instance of pressing down and releasing a button on a pointing device, such as a mouse. noun

Any of various implosive stops, such as that of English tsk, produced by raising the back of the tongue to make contact with the palate and simultaneously closing the lips or touching the teeth or alveolar ridge with the tip and sides of the tongue, and found as phonemic consonants especially in the Khoisan and some Bantu languages. noun

To produce a click or series of clicks. intransitive verb

To press down and release a button on a pointing device in order to select an item on a display screen or activate a command or function. Often used with on: intransitive verb

To have good social or working relations; hit it off. intransitive verb

To become clear; fall into place. intransitive verb

To be a great success. intransitive verb

To cause to click, as by striking together. intransitive verb

To press down and release (a button on a pointing device). intransitive verb

To press down and release a button on (a pointing device). intransitive verb

To select or activate (an onscreen item) by pressing down and releasing a button on a pointing device. intransitive verb

To make a small sharp sound, or a succession of weak sharp sounds, as by a gentle blow; tick.

To move with a clicking sound.

Sometimes spelled klick.

To snatch; clutch: as, he clicked it out o' my hands.

A small sharp sound: as, the click of a latch; the click of a pistol. noun

A brief, sharp, not particularly loud, relatively high-pitched sound produced by the impact of something small and hard against something hard, such as by the operation of a switch, a lock or a latch, or a finger pressed against the thumb and then released to strike the hand.

An ingressive sound made by coarticulating a velar or uvular closure with another closure.

Sound made by a dolphin.

The act of operating a switch, etc., so that it clicks.

The act of pressing a button on a computer mouse, both as a physical act and a reaction in the software.

A pawl or similar catch.

To connect, relate, hit it off with someone.  Urban Dictionary

Military term meaning 1 Kilometer.  Urban Dictionary

A term popularized by BRTankz, used to mean fraudulently purchase an online product.  Urban Dictionary

To find success. To evolve. To become bigger-better-larger. To snap. To leap-forward.  Urban Dictionary

Clique spelled wrong. The same as crew  Urban Dictionary

1. the incident of someone opening a web-page to which someone else has made a link via hyperlinking text or -images on an internet-forum or -blog or -personal site. (a.k.a. a "hit"), from the same thought-process that calls a remote-control a "clicker" (with the operative object being a computer-mouse) 2. something like "smurf," but more 'clicky'  Urban Dictionary

In the respective of having a very close relationship with friends, couples or family or more likely when a couple is known to have found something in common, a close relationship, love, sex, chemistry one matter for another together.  Urban Dictionary

Means a gang. comes from the french word clique.  Urban Dictionary

The famous noise that is made by clicking a mouse or trackpad.  Urban Dictionary

A firearm; generally a pistol  Urban Dictionary

The word "click" in example sentences

How to use click in a sentence? Example sentences with the click, a sentence example for click, and how to make click in sample sentence, how do I use the word click in a sentence? How do you spell click in a sentence?

I had not long to wait, for after a few _yaks_, at intervals of perhaps fifteen or twenty seconds, the fellow took to wing, and went soaring in a circle above me; calling hurriedly _click, click, click_, with a break now and then, as if for breath-taking. ❋ Bradford Torrey (1877)

_Click, click, click, click_ rang the hammer, and _splish, splash_ went the fragments of rock that fell in the water or were thrown into it; and thus for quite two hours Mr Temple hammered away, and after giving up a fragmentary conversation Dick and Josh grew silent or only spoke at intervals. ❋ George Manville Fenn (1870)

Even while they spoke, a warning vibration of the wires was perceived, followed by the _click, click, click_, of the instrument. ❋ Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth (1859)

William H. Bonney, you are NOT * click click* a god. why don't you pull the trigger and find out? ❋ Don Henley (2010)

This is dedicated rotascoping and a thing of lovely: D have a click and a woo * click* ❋ Unknown (2009)

In fact, let me play it now …. * click click* … .. okay, that's better. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I'm guessing after every 10th purchase you're allowed to stab somebody, and Bob Shapiro will talk it down to a parking ticket. * click click click click* What's the fastest way to Heidi and Spencer's house? ❋ Unknown (2008)

* click click click* Wow, forgot how much I hate it here. ❋ Unknown (2009)

* click click** loud exasperate sigh* Are you still crying? ❋ Unknown (2009)

* click click* Hell, sometimes I think you cry for the sake of crying. ❋ Unknown (2009)

However, in the areas where the price of a click is at a premium, I would stand to wager click fraud is more than 2%. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Just to add to that Jim, we are starting to at least draw out channels, starting to see there is less inventory in the pipeline and we are starting to see some people where they need -- they are starting to expedite some of these, what we call click turns.

Using the same term click on the refinement labeled jobs. ❋ Unknown (2010)

A "click" is a kilometer, metric don't cha know .... ❋ Unknown (2009)

And while the MagicMouse can be picked up and grokked nearly instantaneously (though it sucks that right-click is disabled by default), the OpenOfficeMouse requires about two days of acclimation according to the FAQ. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Middle-click is useful for browsing; middle-clicking a link opens it up in a new tab. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I'll tackle these chronologically, and once again click on the book titles below for a brief writeup about each story (by way of google translate). ❋ Cromsblood (2010)

It's true, a click is unlikely to bring down a government, change a law or force a politician to make the right decision. ❋ John Jackson (2010)

When I first [met] her, we just [clicked], and we're [best friends] now. ❋ Jon G. (2007)

The [DMZ] is 20 [clicks] to the [North]. ❋ Matt (2004)

Friend: Ay got that [new drip] bro how you got that BRTankz: I [clicked] it bro [no biggie] ❋ SirTenzin (2021)

[The movie] [clicks]. I [felt] I was about to click. ❋ ILoveMyMind (2010)

My [crew's] [gonna] get [yo ass] ❋ Mikkel Von P (2003)

1. I've posted that link all over the web, and haven't gotten one click yet! 2. [The click] and I [clicked] over to click the two [clicking] click-clickers who wouldn't stop clicking except to click another click to start clicking over there! ❋ Uncle J MythMan (2015)

they share a [click with] one another we have met for the first time and i think we had a click! i think this relationship [click's], its [clicking]! :) ❋ Radomizer (2007)

"[i'm going to] [the club] with my click" ❋ Daniel McCabe (2005)

i click [my mouse] ❋ Wizard Webster (2015)

I got a click in my [ride] [that'll] put you in [a dream]. ❋ Swiff Liff & Rapid Loc (2005)

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