Definitions and meanings of "Climbing"

What do we mean by climbing?

To ascend; rise; to go up.

To mount; to move upwards on.

To scale; to get to the top of something.

To move (especially up and down something) by gripping with the hands and using the feet.

To practise the sport of climbing

To jump high

To move to a higher position on the social ladder.

Of plants, to grow upwards by clinging to something.

Climbing is a sport that can be done to varying degrees of extremeness. Bouldering, which is short un-roped climbs done over crashpads with spotters ready to protect a fall, is the simplest and least gear intensive form of climbing. While bouldering can require extreme amounts of strength and control, it is relatively safe, because the only danger comes from landing incorrectly Top-roping is the form of climbing most commonly thought about when someone hears the word "rock climbing" it involves the rope going up from the climber, through an anchor setup at the top of the climb, and back down to the belayer. it is the safest, and best kind of climbing for beginners, because the potential for long falls is almost completely eliminated. Sport climbing is done by climbers who "lead" up rocks that are pre-drilled with bolts. Climbers clip "draws" into the bolts then clip the rope through the draw. More dangerous than toproping because when you fall, you fall twice the distance between you and the last bolt. Lead climbing is the only recognized form of "true" ascents. Trad climbing, or "traditional" climbing is the origional kind of climbing. It starts with the climbers and their gear that the bottom of a cliff, and then they go up, the leader fixes placements, then the second follows and "cleans" the gear, or removes it from the rock. Very difficult climbing due to the fact that one has to place gear with one hand while hanging on to the rock with the other. Requires large amounts of gear and a lot of technical knowledge. Unfortunately there are many wanna be climbers out there who talk like they are hardcore people but they wouldn't know an ATC from a Reverso, or Petzl from Black Diamond. Real climbers climb because they love the rock, not for chicks or props or crap like that.  Urban Dictionary

Going to smoke the wacky backy.  Urban Dictionary

V. when a woman engages in various sexual positions where she is atop the man  Urban Dictionary

A song from the ever so annoying Miley Cyrus. Contrary to popular belief she did not write the song. Jesse Alexander and her partner, John Mabe did. Honestly people, do you think she could write something like that?  Urban Dictionary

Ill, awesome, or dope. Can also be used in the form "climbatic" which is a reference to Illmatic.  Urban Dictionary

Slowly moving your hand up someone else’s thigh  Urban Dictionary

When someone, mainly someone who is romanticly or sexually interested in you, goes above and bond to win you over or impress you. So they can go out with you. However, if you're significant other "climbs" for you, it means that they have done something bad and are trying to win you back or make up for something.  Urban Dictionary

An attempt by one to, unwarrantedly, contribute to a personal joke, conversation or otherwise. Most commonly associated to those seeking to gain popularity with relative groups through association.  Urban Dictionary

When you find a random image/blog/person on the internet and trace it to its original source and begin to monitor it daily/weekly.  Urban Dictionary

It's two bros who ocassionaly fuck called Chris and Josh, from Until Dawn.  Urban Dictionary

The word "climbing" in example sentences

How to use climbing in a sentence? Example sentences with the climbing, a sentence example for climbing, and how to make climbing in sample sentence, how do I use the word climbing in a sentence? How do you spell climbing in a sentence?

Or maybe mountain climbing is a better metaphor: you are up there at the mercy of the elements, and for success, preparation and luck and timing are everything. ❋ Ashacat (2008)

Mountain climbing is too hard; zere is too much fatigue, signorina, for you. ❋ Unknown (1907)

UFC 2009: Undisputed manages to fight off a resurgent Call Of Duty: World At War to take third, with the WWII title climbing ten places to fourth. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Habu doesn’t inspire unvarnished admiration; his joy in climbing is difficult to share as it’s so specific and fierce. ❋ Unknown (2009)

He's more interested in climbing the southern alps. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Even with what she admits is "zilch" official mountain climbing training, Gina feels it's an important step to walk the walk she talks everyday. ❋ Annemarie Dooling (2010)

And there were two things I wanted to experience under the influence more than anything (things like sex and mountain climbing are best delegated to sober me). ❋ Unknown (2009)

I got them both, and even topped out on the 5. 7+, but boy, my meat still thinks outdoor climbing is terrifying. ❋ Jmeadows (2009)

His powerfully muscular frame, topped by a mop of blond hair and his trademark moustache, was a familiar sight in climbing magazines for 35 years, but even at the height of his fame, which in Europe was considerable, he remained himself: approachable, good-humoured and endlessly enthusiastic. ❋ Ed Douglas (2010)

Chris of i cjw deserves a whole blog post of his own for a review of his stories of mountain climbing that are both Slow and Fast Times! ❋ Unknown (2009)

"These phones are not just suitable for tough working conditions, they're also ideal for people who lead outdoor lifestyles such as mountain climbing, skiing and sailing," Jones said. ❋ Andrew Clark (2010)

Kit made the round trip of the last pack four times a day, which is to say that he daily covered twenty-four miles of mountain climbing, twelve miles of it under one hundred and fifty pounds. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I had come to celebrate a milestone in climbing history: the 50th anniversary of the first ascent of El Capitan, that 3,000-foot granite cliff that shines like silver near the western end of seven-mile-long Yosemite Valley. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Despite your best efforts to curb them from doing so, attempting to stop a cat from scratching and climbing is a nearly impossible task. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Last weekend, me and a friend went trad climbing at [Sugarloaf] mountain. I was leading a 5.[11B] across a roof and took a whipper of the 5th bolt. I fell about 20 feet, and spiked my [belayer] up and his ATC got wedged in the first bolt. ❋ MyWeirdSN (2006)

[Going] climbing [later]? ❋ Oxford Lad (2004)

[Chris]: She would climb it. She'd be [climbing] it [all night long]. ❋ Chris Norton (2007)

Typical teenage girl: "OMG I like totally love Miley Cyrus's song, "The Climb". She is like the best eva cus she wrote it and all like yeah cause Miley Cyrus rocks" Me (Intelligent Teen): "You see, typical teenage girl, Miley Cyrus did not write that song. It is impossible because Miley Cyrus is a Disney Cookie Cut Out and lacks talent and imagination. Here my child, let me enlighten you." *Puts on '80s Freestyle [Mixed Tape]* Me: "Now you will discover the power of Egyptian Lover, Debbie Deb, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Trinere, The Cover Girls, Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam, Sheila E, The [Fatboys] and Noel. Teenage Girl: "Wow, this sounds like real music! This makes Miley Cyrus and most of new music look like a freaking joke!" Me: "Yes, you have [seen the truth], now for the New Wave tape!" ❋ LivRhodes95 (2009)

That song [Climb] by [Mos Def] is pretty [climb]. [Illmatic] is so climbatic, shit. ❋ DroppingScience (2008)

Did you see [Natalie] and [Eddie] last night? He was [climbing] all over her. ❋ Twurzy (2018)

[This boy] keeps [climbing] [for me]. ❋ Bambijackbell (2021)

Group A(Persona1): Dude, doosh, you're making so much noise! Group A(Persona2): Don't you mean, 'shoosh'? Haha. Group A(Persona1): Haha, whoops. Oh well, that can be our thing. (Person from [group B] overhears) [Group B](Persona1): Hey dude, 'doosh!' Haha. Group A(Persona1): You're so climbing into Doosh; that's between me and Jeremy. Or Group A (Persona1): I LOVE Fort Minor - Mike Shinoda is a genius. Group A (Persona2): Me too. Lots of great songs. Group B (Persona1): Oh ya! How about those instruments? (Originally uninvolved in the conversation and not a Fort Minor fan as such) Group A (Persona1): Sounds like a bit of [climbing in] over there. ❋ LindsayGelle (2009)

I saw this strange drawing of a furry and [transformer] [clicked] to the guys web page, [next thing] you know i was starting the climb ❋ Mark Stevenson (2010)

[Hey dude], you [ship] cimbing class? What's climbing class? [Two bros] who fuck. ❋ OBAMASDUDEROLL (2015)

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