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Definitions and meanings of "Clings"

What do we mean by clings?

Fruit (especially peach) whose flesh adheres strongly to the pit.

Adherence; attachment; devotion

Grip, Stick, Hug, Adhere, Hang, Fit Tightly, Clutch Urban Dictionary

Similar to a dingle-berry, a crusty cling-on is a dried up piece of poo that gets caught up in an unkempt and unwashed hairy ass of a man. Or a woman that has a hairy ass, though that's more of a rarity. Urban Dictionary

A dude so desperate that he hits on every woman to the point of becoming a nuisance. He will orbit around women while they are trying to work, believing he is saying what they want to hear, but is actually beyond annoying and disruptive. Clings aree often asked to leave or are banned from premises, but they won't learn and will keep at it. Urban Dictionary

Little pieces of faeculent matter that get caught in hair whilst defaecating. Usually in men with particularly hairy arses. Urban Dictionary

1.loser 2.friendly yet annoying A term used for a social and academic loser who, in a desperate attempt to re-gain popularity, befriends an individual to the near point of stalking them. Urban Dictionary

The female genitalia. Also known as a pussy, vagina or snatch. Urban Dictionary

When a female starts talking to a guy and is instantly obsessed with him. goes to all means to attach herself to him. multple phone calls and text messages may occur till she knows exactly what he is doing. Urban Dictionary

A sexual act whereby one places cling film over their partners face and proceeds to defacate prefusely onto the cling film; with all sensations maintained e.g. warmth, texture, weight, visability etc without any of the unsightly aftermath. This is useful to those unexperienced in brown love but acts as a handy tool in their sexual games. Urban Dictionary

An item (a ring or even a stud) that has been pierced through or aorund a woman's clitoris. Clit+Ring = Cling Urban Dictionary

What working stiffs do to their guns and their religion. We know this is true because that limp-wristed liberal stove lid, Barack O'Bama, AKA the Irish Jig, told us so. Urban Dictionary

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The word "clings" in example sentences

Britain clings to its Empire for the plunder it provides (13: 153); economically, it cannot afford to go on doing so (17: 340). ❋ Unknown (2002)

His name clings to the little harbour near Cape Sable, where he built his post of Lomeron, and antiquaries now alone fight over the site of the more famous fort at the mouth of the St. John, where a large and enterprising city has grown up since the English occupation. ❋ J. G. Bourinot (N/A)

I suppose you did not come to New Amsterdam -- how the name clings! ❋ Unknown (1890)

The colour is uncertain, but to every Christian mortal a name clings as closely as a shadow and, if I mention the initial letter of the one which adorns my lady, I believe I shall commit no offence that ❋ Georg Ebers (1867)

The colour is uncertain, but to every Christian mortal a name clings as closely as a shadow and, if I mention the initial letter of the one which adorns my lady, I believe I shall commit no offence that a court of love could condemn. ❋ Georg Ebers (1867)

A hideous silver label clings to a bottle of Dolcetto; frankly it is so bad it is degrading my wine rack! ❋ Unknown (2009)

But the longer I'm away, the less firmly that label clings to me - for I'm increasingly aware that the America I lived in is an America that's no longer there. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Hamot means “bone” in a quite indefinite sense; to our English word clings the notion of singularity. ❋ Unknown (1921)

Those wandering hunters have lost their hunting-grounds; but we can not forget whose hunting-grounds they were so long as the Indian name clings to the Territory where he is not, but his name shall remain as his monument. ❋ Unknown (1892)

To-day it is scarcely known at all, but its name clings to all the fire-breathing mountains of the earth. ❋ Charles Morris (1877)

Its name clings to a Boston street, and the beautiful chimes of Arlington St. church (Unitarian) annually ring its music on special occasions, as it has since the bells were tuned: ❋ Theron Brown (1873)

Bartels then argues that it's actually the elite group which "clings" to social issues much more strongly than the folks Barack was dissing. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The father's identity "clings" to it "like a broken web to a windowsill", its words revealing fragments of a man who "at wakes would carry ... hospitality to extravagance" and "never spoke English with any satisfaction". ❋ Unknown (2010)

Are you saying that you agree that small town America "clings" to their religion? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Seriously, though good work, Josh, Greg, Eric ( "clings" and "bitters" aside), et al. Josh has been especially great on the front page. ❋ Unknown (2009)

It "clings" to righteous racism, which means, we are ok with black people as long as they know their place. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Obama's insinuation, for whatever reason, that small town America "clings" to its religion, gun ownership, and so forth is very insulting. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[the love] that clings to [your heart] ❋ Umar Iftikhar (2006)

Dude I used a whole roll of toilet paper after the dump I left [in the can] last night but still got crusty [cling-ons] hanging off my [ring beard]! ❋ Llewelyn Dowd (2023)

"ugh, a [cling] came into my work today, he literally followed every woman around the store asking everyone out, security had to [ask him] to leave. We couldnt even get [work done]" ❋ Based Fiend (2022)

I took a very [relaxing] dump, but spent a while [cleaning] up due to the presence of multiple [cling ons] that arose. ❋ Wharf (2006)

[dave] is a cling-on. [Get him] [away] from me ❋ Sunscreen (2005)

[I'm going to] [get me] some clinge! I'm going to get me [some pussy]! ❋ Lee Stacey (2008)

[olesia] is [cling on] to him like a fat kid loves [cake]. ❋ *whiteside (2007)

" steven, you know that sexual technique you suggested last tuesday, what was it called again " " [i believe it] was clinging wendy, all the sensations of [brown love] minus the mess! " " well....are you busy now " " they don't call me steven the clinging bastard nothing [sweet cheeks] " ❋ Suckmyfingers69 (2009)

"Dude, I [went down] on this chick last night only to dicsover that she has a [cling]. For whatever reason, I did not get anal last night. [I'm confused]." ❋ Joneil01 (2009)

That [Irish Jig] [O'Bama] says we working [stiffs] cling to our guns and our religion because we are too stupid and ignorant to be limp-wristed liberals. Actually, we cling to our guns and our religion because we are too smart to be limp-wristed liberals. I'm not going to that dumb-ass liberal meeting. They won't let me cling to my gun in there. ❋ Cap'n Bullmoose (2008)

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