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Hyphenation clin ic al
Pronunciations /ˈklɪnɪkəl/

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What do we mean by clinical?

Of, relating to, or connected with a clinic. adjective

Involving or based on direct observation of a patient. adjective

Objective and devoid of emotion; coolly analytical. adjective

Suggestive of a medical clinic; austere and antiseptic. adjective

Pertaining to a sick-bed; pertaining to a clinic.

Of or pertaining to a bed, especially, a sick bed. adjective

Of or pertaining to a clinic, or to the study of disease in the living subject. adjective

Baptism administered to a person on a sick bed. adjective

Instruction by means of clinics. adjective

A discourse upon medical topics illustrated by the exhibition and examination of living patients. adjective

That part of medicine or surgery which is occupied with the investigation of disease in the living subject. adjective

Of or pertaining to a medical clinic or facility. adjective

Dealing with how to practically manage patients, contrasting with pre-health sciences adjective

Done in a cool, emotionless fashion. adjective

Relating to a clinic or conducted in or as if in a clinic and depending on direct observation of patients adjective

Scientifically detached; unemotional adjective

A medical student's session spent in a real-world nursing environment.

Performing with a high degree of precision, as in when one "runs a clinic." Urban Dictionary

To be depressed, as in clinical depression. Urban Dictionary

A sports term usually used to describe a one sided beating in basketball in which one player gives another player such a thrashing on the court, that he or she looks like they are giving the losing opponent a "clinic" in how to play basketball. Urban Dictionary

To crush someone badly in a sport, mainly basketball. Urban Dictionary

A girl who has no health insurance, and therefore in order to stay healthy has an array of specialists that she sleeps with in exchange for medical care. Named the "clinic" because she has all the doctors inside of her Urban Dictionary

Weed clinic. The place you get your medi marijuana. Urban Dictionary

Used by some teenagers as a term to describe ass-kicking (can be non-physical as in winning a contest, etc). Urban Dictionary

Something that is a typical example (or a 'textbook' example) of something such as a symptom of an illness (e.g. a runny nose & a high temperature) which often presented to a medical clinic is easily diagnosed. Clinical may be a synonym for 'textbook' or 'textbook case'. Urban Dictionary

A measurement of how clinical something is. Measured in the form of a perecentage. Urban Dictionary

The art of using non relevant facts that sound relatable to the subject, in order to mislead or deceive usually with out a directl lie so as to b gone by the time your called on it. False scamdoctored resultsmisleading information ,effort to make something bad seem good Urban Dictionary

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The word "clinical" in example sentences

Mental illness: When people believe they change into an animal form theriomorphosis, or possess supernatural non-human animal traits, the term clinical lycanthropy is often used. ❋ Cliff Pickover (2006)

I know the term clinical depression quite well because I am taking anti depressants at the moment. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I have a question which picks up on a theme that Dr. Sachs has put forth in the past which he called clinical economics, meaning that you need to look at the specifics, a particular locale, to determine what's necessary. ❋ Unknown (2010)

We did this for Isabelle, but what we want to do is to start a mechanism which after the additional clinical research phase make it possible -- we'll, carried out by our two teams, cooperating in the framework of what we call a clinical hospital search program. ❋ Unknown (2006)

This is what we call the clinical state of depression. ❋ Unknown (2004)

What we have seen though is because and I go back to using probably this word too much the value proposition of Linkia that saves them administrative costs and gives them what we call clinical simplicity in that we measure customer satisfaction and quality and ensure certification, Linkia has been able to increase prices, not off the charts but in commensurate with the value they are delivering. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I would first like to discuss our custom development pipeline, which we define as clinical and preclinical phase projects. ❋ Unknown (2008)

But evidence from current epidemiological studies and short-term clinical trials has already detailed what we can do now to delay the onset of Alzheimer's symptoms. ❋ M.D. Gary W. Small (2012)

GlaxoSmithKline and other drug companies that market quit-smoking aids must prove in clinical studies that the products are safe and effective before the FDA permits their sale. ❋ David Kesmodel (2010)

They have identified neuroblastoma-specific stimulators of the immune system and will be testing these in clinical trials. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Used to prevent transparency in clinical trial data. ❋ Rebecca Tushnet (2009)

Their [game] is [getting] clinical [these days]! ❋ CaptainMorganSFPL (2009)

She is so clinical today, [do you] [think] she's [okay]? ❋ TaraM (2005)

Joe played Tom [one on one] and it [wasnt] pretty. Joe gave Tom such a clinic, he didnt hear the end of it for [weeks] afterward. ❋ Methodical (2004)

" [Dude], he's [puttin] on a clinic" ❋ Jpizz99 (2006)

[Clinic]: "[I just lost] my job, I think I'm going to become a [clinic]" Friend: "My [gyno] would be really open to whatever you have to offer. Here's his number." ❋ Willsux (2012)

"I [rolled] by the clinic & [came] through w/ the [dankest]." ❋ PinkyxOmg (2010)

Man, [I ran] a clinic up in there!! You [shoulda] seen me, I was [runnin] a clinic ❋ Arancex (2005)

An WOW [addict] quits playing because he determined it was ruining his life and a few weeks later begins heavily playing some other [MMO] game - That's Clinical - a clear example of (in this case) an [addictive personality] who needs help ❋ Christmas29 (2011)

When [playing football] if your team has three shots of which 2 are goals your teams clinicity is [66]%. A clinicity rating of 50% is usually [favourable]. ❋ Tomdom (2005)

Jack “Buy some ice cream! “. Jill “I cant [fukwit] [the sugars]. I got the beetys “(as in diabetes). Jack “yeah but u love ice cream everybody does. Look at all these people eating it and there fine??! Are all of these people wrong and are u trying to make us look stupid and crazy to all these people?” Jill” don’t try n pull that clinical shit on me bitch I can die from that. Y don’t u get your ass a job instead of spinning all that clinical garbage?” Jack;(in stolen car) “bitch get in the car” Jill;”na, I know u jack im not trying to [get cracked] in a hot whip, I’m good”. Jack;” bitch this is my cousins car he let me borrow it so I could take u to-“ jill(cutting off jack -“quit playin games lying ass [clinical bitch]! If it’s your cousins why’s there a bandana over the steering [Colum] huh? Let’s see the name on the title which cousin was it? U got that title? If not try that clinical shit somewhere else. U got the title?” Jack”no....but” Jill”but nothing. That’s y I dropped u like deuces so deuces” ❋ H8ert1m3 (2020)

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