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Definitions of "clorox"

  • a commercial bleaching agent, consisting of a 5.25% aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl). Other similar solutions of sodium hypochlorite are sometimes referred to as clorox. noun
  • a commercial bleaching agent noun

The word "clorox" in example sentences

Drinking bottled water and washing your produce in clorox is not for everyone, but I don't mind it.. [Home again, home again]

Reaaallly dingy ... if this is typical of most middle eastern delicates maybe we could get some kind of clorox for oil trade-deal going.. [Propeller Most Popular Stories]

I think clorox actually has directions for this on their bottle.. [Mr Potato | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles]

I resigned myself to taking all of the teacher's wants/needs at the beginning of the year and purchasing them when we had the $$ available (clorox wipes, etc).. [And the guilt is lifting - SpouseBUZZ]

Too little space to tell you all the story of my late mother pouring a bucket of boiling clorox and grease water on the heads of the company goons who came to the house to 're-educate' by father, who was a United Steelworkers organizer at Republic Steel.. [AFL-CIO's Internal Polling Shows Dramatic Gains For Obama Among Rust Belt Union Members]

FCM infused gunky banged frozen ear waxed chapped lipped scatologist wif a spare clorox wiep?. [bob hated the mall - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?]

And so, interrupted in my revery but not a really good laudanum-induced revery, alas... more a clorox bathroom cleaner induced revery to go talk to my student. posted by Bardiac at 9:46 AM. [Archive 2009-07-01]

As much as I would like to keep my kiddos quarantined, it rarely happens, so lysol spray and clorox wipes become my best friend.. [Today Is One of Those Days... - SpouseBUZZ]

If you're going to get the ingredients mixed up, I hope you store non-food items (drano, clorox, decon, etc.). [Is That Legal?: Tastiest Mistake I've Ever Made]

As stated above, I do use clorox in the water, and algae is not a problem.. [fountain deposits]

My toilet, YES my toilet, has started leaking underneath the second story sub floor and is making a moldy spot I keep spritzed with clorox on my utility room ceiling.. [madrigle Diary Entry]

And my hands puckered from clorox and as i mopped my way across the stoor i began to wonder what in the hell i was really doing there after 8 hours of a serious job.. [i-claudius Diary Entry]

"Our goal is to expand things more nationally so thanks to clorox, we're going to have some media exposure through People magazine, and help increase the awareness of a camp that does a lot of really good things for a lot of really deserving children," said Collins.. [WBKO - HomePage - Headlines]

I guess that means they think I should buy a "newer" one, but I am still trying to find a fix. clorox - I have tried your suggestions now, a few different ways. still, no resolution. thanks for trying, though.. [Ask MetaFilter]

OT Chemists: explain why this clorox bottle was about to explode when it was last used the discharge was brown, it looked like **** water and had no odor.. [NASIOC]

Your "clorox wipe" thing was the dumbest thing I've seen all week.. [The Superficial - Because You're Ugly]

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Investigation: Clorox Selling Swimming Pool Salt Made From Fracking Wastewater - Prepare For Change


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I already cleaned them w a bunch of clorox wipes SEND HELP


@onenonly51: 대만의 유명한 흑탕 버블티 전문점 타이거슈가老虎堂 홍대 상륙. 6,7일 가오픈 후 8일 정식 오픈. 타이중에서 시작한 버블티 전문점으로 타이베이에도 작년에 첫 지점이 생겼을 만큼 생긴지 얼마 안된 걸로 알고 있는데 벌써…

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