Character 7
Hyphenation closing
Pronunciations /ˈkləʊzɪŋ/

Definitions and meanings of "Closing"

What do we mean by closing?

The end or conclusion. noun

A meeting for completing a transaction, especially one at which contracts are signed transferring ownership of real estate. noun

Final or ending; terminal; ; the closing weeks of the year; the closing scene of the film; closing remarks. Opposite of opening. adjective

The act of closing something. noun

The last section of a communication. noun

Termination of operations. noun

A concluding action. noun

The final action in a commercial transaction, especially the meeting between buyer and seller (and in some cases mortgagee), or their representatives, in a transaction for sale of real estate in which all documents are signed and all procedures carried out to complete the sale; -- called also real estate closing. noun

The end or conclusion of something noun

The final procedure in a house sale when documents are signed and recorded. noun

Coming after all others. adjective

The last section of a communication noun

A concluding action noun

Final or ending adjective

The act of closing something noun

Approaching a particular destination; a coming closer; a narrowing of a gap noun

Termination of operations noun

(physical) To remove a gap.

(social) To finish, to terminate.

To come or gather around; to enclose; to encompass; to confine.

To have a vector sum of 0; that is, to form a closed polygon.

To knock boots with a member of the oposite sex, as in close the deal Urban Dictionary

A expression used when your in confusion, when you don’t understand what your roadman is talking about or are shocked! Urban Dictionary

The act of "doing the deed". To close is the have sexual intercourse with someone. Particularly used in regards to a girl who is hard to get. Urban Dictionary

The sign that is on a lot of restaurants and business in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 where home quarantine is mandatory. Urban Dictionary

Near to having an orgasm. on the brink of ejaculating. Urban Dictionary

1. To shut, deny entry or provide a barrier to 2. To be near to (proximity) 3. A game played on a table tennis table using two match boxes. The aim being to knock over the opponents box Urban Dictionary

Bringing something to an end, typically in a letter. Urban Dictionary

When you shut yourself in your room and bring all the food and entertainment you need for however long you'd like to stay. Taking showers is optional Urban Dictionary

When something or someone is done in an annoying way Urban Dictionary

Your eyes you'll be here soon Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Closing

The word "closing" in example sentences

All I ask in closing is that you agree that amongst all those folks of CI and above that some write off as “wasters” there are commited cops who enjoy the job and just do a different part of it. ❋ Inspector Gadget (2006)

All I can say in closing is i could have done a better job with that alphabet soup Anderson titled Saga of the Seven Suns. ❋ Unknown (2004)

All I have to say in closing is this: Take the expressions of my great desire for the success and prosperity of this country-grow, prosper and multiply. ❋ Unknown (1904)

Thus my personal experience of what I call the closing of the Muslim mind involved not only fundamentalist individuals such as Sister Aziza and Boqol Sawm another of my quranic tutors in Kenya, who themselves had been radicalized in Saudi schools, but also non-radical, “regular,” or what some would call “moderate” teachers. ❋ Ayaan Hirsi Ali (2010)

After saying he would not come here, and talking to all the national television shows, he now says that he wants to come here and give what he calls a closing argument to the state Senate. ❋ Unknown (2009)

He spoke in North Carolina as Mr. Obama was delivering what he called his closing argument in Canton, Ohio. ❋ Unknown (2008)

On the campaign trail, Senator Obama today put the economy at the center of his speeches as he made what he calls his closing argument to voters. ❋ Unknown (2008)

So Barack Obama up there on the stump in a lot of these key states making what he calls his closing argument. ❋ Unknown (2008)

But now we want to get to Barack Obama campaigning in Indianapolis earlier today he gave his what he called his closing arguments speech. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Last night, Senator Lieberman made what he called his closing arguments. ❋ Unknown (2006)

That's what we call closing then opening the next day. ❋ Dulligirl (2005)

His campaign took fire, in my view, the day after the "Des Moines Register" debate, where he unveiled what he calls his closing argument, the stump speech about the two Americas. ❋ Unknown (2004)

That said, the stock rallied to trade at new short term closing highs in Monday's session, and has a low, neutral 4 out of 10 rating as of Monday's close. ❋ David Penn (2011)

The current correction in the fund comes as the ETF retreats from those highs from late October, setting new, short term closing lows as recently as Tuesday's finish. ❋ David Penn (2011)

Once I was able to accept that I probably would never be a Mom myself, I began to look for ways I could be proactive in closing the gap, which included regular family dinners, holiday scavenger hunts. ❋ Dr. Irene S. Levine (2010)

"[what ever] happened with that female last night?" "[shoot]... you know..." well what happened? did you close? "[you know it]" ❋ Mack (2006)

Speaker 1: I’m having [a wank] mate Speaker 2: [shittt]!!’close? Mate [tmi] ❋ Stoner998 (2017)

Jack: Did you close last night? [Andy]: Nah she wanted to wait until shes in a relationship [to bang], [closing] was never a possibility. ❋ Nickspace (2012)

Guy #1: A large percentage of businesses will not recover from this [Corona virus] pandemic and will have a CLOSED [sign up] permanently! Guy #2: Only [the strong] survive! 🇺🇸 ❋ JoeyBomm (2020)

"[Honey], I'm close. I can't hold off any longer. I'm going to make it." "No, I'm not close. I need some more [foreplay] to [get in the groove]." ❋ WackyWild (2010)

1. Close the door 2. I will sit close to you 3. [Break out] the [match] [boxes] and lets have a game of close ❋ SneakyArab (2007)

The [closing] of the letter read "[Sincerely], [Maddie]" ❋ That Girl Nikki (2019)

[Joe] hadn't left his [house] [in a week] because he was doing a close in ❋ Mettycandy (2019)

[I asked] [blah blah] to do blah blah but they didn't get it ! [Closed] ❋ 2 (2019)

"[close]" "Is that an [omori] [reference]?" ❋ KEI RLLY LIKES OMORI (2023)

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