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Hyphenation clothe
Pronunciations /ˈkləʊð/

Definitions and meanings of "Clothe"

What do we mean by clothe?

To put clothes on; dress. transitive verb

To provide clothes for. transitive verb

To cover as if with clothing. transitive verb

To endow with a trait or attribute. transitive verb

To put garments on; invest with raiment; dress; attire.

Hence To cover as if with clothing; overspread or surround with any covering, literally or figuratively; invest.

To furnish with raiment; provide with clothing: as, to feed and clothe a child or an apprentice.

Synonyms To attire, array, apparel.

To wear clothes.

Nautical, to cover with canvas; rig.

To put garments on; to cover with clothing; to dress. transitive verb

To provide with clothes. transitive verb

Fig.: To cover or invest, as with a garment. transitive verb

To wear clothes. intransitive verb

To adorn or cover with clothing; to dress; to supply clothes or clothing. verb

Cover as if with clothing verb

Provide with clothes or put clothes on verb

Furnish with power or authority; of kings or emperors verb

To adorn or cover with clothing; to dress; to supply clothes or clothing.

To cover or invest, as if with a garment.

The most pointless thing ever, but you gotta wear them anyways. usually for protection from the cold weather but also to keep the creeps away from looking at you Urban Dictionary

The shit that you wear Urban Dictionary

The most effective form of contraception. Urban Dictionary

The opposite of nudes. Urban Dictionary

Usually mispelling of clothes by 13 year olds. Urban Dictionary

An assortment of comfortable and sometimes trendy pieces of fabric that you wear on and/or around your body. More often than not, though, clothing is an excuse for women to drag their husbands/boyfriends away from quality time "with the guys" to instead spend hours on end at the mall looking for and trying on all sorts of clothing; mostly shoes, in a vain attempt to upstage "that slut, Janice." Other people hate wearing clothing. We usually refer to these people as nudists because they enjoy being nude. If you want to learn more about clothing, you can check out various books regarding the matter at your local library! Urban Dictionary

Pieces of fabric shaped and stitched so that they may be worn on the body. Are increasingly becoming a symbol of social status. Urban Dictionary

The most useless invention in the history of mankind, in fact we'd all benefit from not wearing clothes. Urban Dictionary

What you use to cover your butt. Urban Dictionary

Exessive weight worn on the body. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Clothe

The word "clothe" in example sentences

It may be well here to clothe the Latin words of the Pope and the assembled Bishops in an English dress. ❋ Unknown (1889)

But in God's name clothe her for the daylight in decency. ❋ J. Clinton Shepherd (1911)

For all of you who have been baptized clothe yourselves with Christ. ❋ DouglasA (2010)

He was the prettiest baby we ever had, too, except -- except Edith, of course. An 'after Austin we didn't even bring up the subject again -- we was pretty well occupied wonderin' how we was goin 'to feed an' clothe 'em all, let alone havin 'pictures of' em. ❋ Frances Parkinson Keyes (1927)

Isn't it possible that GOD ALMIGHTY can 'clothe' HIMSEFL in such a way that we humans can behold HIM in a safe and comfortable manner? ❋ Endtimespropheticwords (2008)

-- under carriage-ing, not; but who has "undercarriage'd" you so that you need undertakers, and grave en-clothiers, so that they "clothe" you in their graves, and Gardens going to? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Maybe, like Cosmo, they envision that I clothe myself in bubble wrap and lunch meat as part of my pre-class ritual. ❋ Malia Griggs (2011)

I had returned an invalid, bitter and proud but useless, who had moreover saddled her with a child and no means to feed or clothe her. ❋ James Greer (2011)

Next, the government will require you to feed and clothe your own children. ❋ Unknown (2010)

So immense and tremendous was the bitterness that consumed him that he could find no words to clothe it. ❋ Unknown (2010)

It's like having a teenager and saying, 'OK, I'm gonna feed and clothe you, but you have to live in this refrigerator.' ❋ The Nag (2009)

Citing the process for making jeans—cutting in one country and dyeing in another before they're sold in a third—and the chemicals required to process cotton, Ms. Chang said she believes there has to be a smarter way to clothe people that avoids excess waste and damage to the environment. ❋ Melanie Grayce West (2011)

Hey, [put on] some clothes before people [stare] at you like [creeps]. ❋ Edgymofo (2021)

[Bitch], [put on] your [clothes] ❋ Alomar (2005)

Gavin dry-humped [Roberta] [on the bus]. Since they both wore clothes, [copulation] was avoided. ❋ Killing Kittens (2006)

Rick: Yo dude, did you [see Alice's] clotheds? Steve: What? I got [nudes].. [Tough luck] man. ❋ MRSLADYMISSY (2018)

'Man [I need] to get all my [cloths] together' ❋ Sotongal4lyf (2012)

"Hey, man. [What are you wearing]?" "Oh, this? It's called clothing." "Wow! That's [fascinating]!" "I know! [Everybody] is doing it." ❋ Your_Local_Librarian (2011)

Many people are being [classified] based on [what kind] of clothes they wear. You've probably [done it], too. ❋ Matt (2005)

Man: [Yo man] [clothes] are [useless]! Woman: I already took mine off! ❋ Dead Woman Walking (2008)

[EWWWWW] YOUR [NAKED] [PUT ON] YOUR CLOTHES ❋ Snap Cracker Doodle (2020)

[I don't wanna] wear clothes. [Its too much] [to carry]. ❋ Ive Been Jammin @ (2008)

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