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Definitions of "clubhead"

  • The head of a golf club: the part of the club that strikes the ball noun
  • (golf) the head of the club which strikes the ball noun

The word "clubhead" in example sentences

There's nitrogen inside the titanium clubhead, which is supposed to be the thinnest in the game.. [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

Most tall golfers I know can't dream of producing that kind of clubhead speed and power because they're not properly fitted for their clubs.. [TheGolfChannel Headlines]

Together they create "a mixture of tones that is almost like a musical chord," Ehlers says, with the top of the clubhead, or crown, functioning something like a speaker to transmit the sound directly upward toward the golfer's ears.. [The Quiet Importance of Sound]

The Callaway Fusion FT-i Driver uses patented Fusion Technology which fuses titanium and a carbon composite material together to redistribute weight in the clubhead.. [SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 1143]

He wasn't thinking about whether the clubhead was square or if he was just taking it back far enough.. [Luke Donald and Lee Westwood get serious about relaxation for US PGA]

Both long and belly putters, however, need to be custom-fitted for the right length and lie angle the angle between the shaft and clubhead.. [Long Putters Shake Off the Stigma]

Coltart does not generate much clubhead speed, a serious disadvantage in the modern game.. [The Open 2010: Rejuvenated Andrew Coltart is talk of the course again]

Mr. Johnson's height is an advantage, no doubt, since tall golfers 'long arms and wider swing arcs make it easier to generate clubhead speed.. [Young Golfers Vie for Top]

The steeper angle of clubhead descent also adds a bit of spin.. [A Special Lesson]

"It helped him develop superb awareness of where the clubhead was at all times during his swing," Mr. Small said.. [Pure Joy: Hitting the Sweet Spot]

Maybe only 3 or 5 miles per hour in clubhead speed, something like that.. [Pure Joy: Hitting the Sweet Spot]

To make the ball go up, the clubhead must strike the ball with a descending blow; the backspin thus imparted, combined with the clubhead's built-in loft, is what makes the ball climb.. [Pure Joy: Hitting the Sweet Spot]

And breaking the wrists at or before impact robs the swing of power by actually slowing down clubhead speed at the crucial instant.. [Pure Joy: Hitting the Sweet Spot]

Adams Golf has been focusing on sleek aerodynamics to increase clubhead speed, Ping on maximizing forgiveness and TaylorMade on its path of helping golfers to alter shot shape by fiddling with weights embedded in the clubhead.. [Drive the Ball Like It]

Callaway hopes that forged composite , which is as strong or stronger than titanium but only one third the density, will be the next big thing in driver clubhead construction, superseding titanium the way titanium superseded steel, which superseded persimmon.. [Drive the Ball Like It]

That promotes faster clubhead speed and, in theory, distance — leaving aside the issue that longer clubs are always going to be more difficult to hit accurately than shorter clubs.. [Drive the Ball Like It]

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Klubbheads - Kickin' Hard (Official Music Video)
Klubbheads - Kickin' Hard (Official Music Video)
Throw the Clubhead (not pull, not push, Throw)
Throw the Clubhead (not pull, not push, Throw)

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