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What does the word coatimundis mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word coatimundis in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with coatimundis and anagrams of coatimundis.

Definitions of "coatimundis"

  • Plural form of coatimundi. noun

The word "coatimundis" in example sentences

Peer over the fence near the coatimundis a sort of South American raccoon and you can look into the back yards of $1 million homes.. [Can a Howard woman keep a bunch of monkeys in her house?]

The jungle is inhabited with loads of coatimundis.. [Harmon Leon: Is the Rainforest of Argentina like Avatar Come to Life?]

Leon, who spent part of his youth five miles to the south in Zihuatanejo, remembered when it was all wild swamp and mangroves, filled with crocs, waterbirds, raccoonlike coatimundis.. [Kook]

Monkeys swing from tree to tree and land mammals like deer, coatimundis and agoutis scamper around.. [Below Tulum]

By being respectful of nature (look, don't touch) and watching where you walk, you will see clouds of butterflies, brilliantly colored birds, and animals like coatimundis, agoutis and others normally only seen in zoos.. [Studying Nature in Mexico is an Unforgettable Adventure]

The peccaries, the possums, the coatimundis, the pacas, and the agoutis all forage on the ground; under normal conditions, they are all subject to prédation by pumas and jaguars.. [The Song of The Dodo]

A tenfold increase in coatimundis might well constitute a fatal disaster for ground-nesting birds.. [The Song of The Dodo]

Terborgh and Winter referred only generally to “excessive densities,” but in a later paper, Terborgh reported that coatimundis, pacas, and agoutis were more than ten times as abundant on Barro Colorado as at similar mainland sites.. [The Song of The Dodo]

While the rainforest at Rancho El Cielo is home to kinkajous, coatimundis, black bear, and. [Brownsville Herald :]

The main stretch of the heated building has benches where you can sit and watch the spider monkeys, apes, ocelots, coatimundis, orangutans, and more.. [Rochester City Newspaper]

They raise Fennec Foxes as well as caracals, servals, coatimundis, palm civets, Patagonian cavies, brush tail opossums, dama wallabys, chinchillas and snakes.. [Zach Klein's Universal Feed]

—because the coatimundis and their ilk became extraordinarily numerous—why?. [The Song of The Dodo]

"According to this book, 'the beaches of Cabo Blanco are frequented by a variety of wildlife, including howler and white-faced monkeys, three-toed sloths, and coatimundis.'. [Jurassic Park]

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A red-capped manakin, parrots, parakeets, a toucan, lots of hummingbirds, and several dozen more tropical birds, ho…


@FinjiCo coolest animals in my book: coatimundis and bearded vultures


@CrytzerFry Wow! Wow! Wow! We visited Madera Canyon last year in hopes of seeing trogons. We had a fantastic, trogo…

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Stay Away From Coatimundi's
Stay Away From Coatimundi's
Feeding the coatimundi at the Moon Palace
Feeding the coatimundi at the Moon Palace
Unusual Pets - Mountain Coatimundi
Unusual Pets - Mountain Coatimundi

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