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Definitions of "coifing"

  • Present participle of coif. verb

The word "coifing" in example sentences

Normally, it's waiting for Anderson Cooper to finish coifing those silver locks.. [CNN Transcript Dec 17, 2009]

That, and neurotic coifing is sure to be a signature of the court proceedings.. [Blago Trial to be a Good Fight: Vanity Fair]

All the cutting and combing, coloring and coifing, only serve to enhance the most important part, the magic.. [CNN Transcript Dec 19, 2004]

She pushed Harriet into a chair, tied a towel about her neck, and accomplished the coifing by force.. [Just Patty]

Le Brun had represented on the coifing of the gallery of Versailles the exploits of Lewis.. [The History of England, from the Accession of James II — Volume 5]

And check out how perfectly made up she is -- from the exact strand-by-strand coifing of the hair, to a very obviously made up face, to the very fancy and (I'm sure) extremely expensive, chic blazer/vest/collar shirt outfit she's sporting .... [ - Exposing Liberal Media Bias]

But they had to go even further when it came to coifing and trimming and finding the right body types, Shamus said.. [Ottawa Sun]

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@RawStory Unfortunately for him, spray tanning and coifing your thinning hair does not count as working!

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