Character 10
Hyphenation col lec tion
Pronunciations /kəˈlɛkʃən/

Definitions and meanings of "Collection"

What do we mean by collection?

The act or process of collecting. noun

A group of objects or works to be seen, studied, or kept together. noun

A line of products produced for one season, as those developed by a designer. noun

An accumulation; a deposit. noun

A collecting of money, as in church. noun

The sum so collected. noun

The act or practice of collecting or of gathering together: as, the collection of rare books. noun

An assemblage or gathering of objects; a number of things collected, gathered, or brought together; a number of objects considered as constituting one whole of which the single objects are parts: as, a collection of pictures; a collection of essays; a collection of minerals. noun

Specifically A sum of money collected for religious or charitable purposes, especially during a religious service. noun

The act of deducing consequences; inference from premises; that which is deduced or inferred; an inference; sometimes, specifically, an inductive inference. noun

A private examination at the end of each term at the colleges of the English universities. noun

The act of receiving or compelling payment of dues, public or private, as for taxes, customs duties, or personal debts. noun

The jurisdiction of a collector; a collectorship. See collector, 3. noun

Synonyms Assemblage, group, crowd, mass, lot, heap; compilation, selection. noun

Contribution. noun

In logic, many independent or discrete objects regarded as a single object composed of these objects. noun

A plural object: an individual object whose existence consists in the existence of whatever individuals may have been mentally connected and regarded as parts of it. noun

The act or process of collecting or of gathering. noun

That which is collected. noun

A set of items or amount of material procured or gathered together.

Multiple related objects associated as a group.

The activity of collecting.

A set of sets.

A gathering of money for charitable or other purposes, as by passing a contribution box for donations.

Debt collection.

The act of inferring or concluding from premises or observed facts; also, that which is inferred.

The jurisdiction of a collector of excise.

(in the plural, Oxford University) A set of college exams generally taken at the start of the term.

The quality of being collected; calm composure.

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The word "collection" in example sentences

A guy with a 50 image porn collection has * no porn collection*. ❋ Unknown (2010)

His first couture collection for the label was not well received, with the designer himself playing up to his irreverent image by describing the ­collection to Vogue in October 1997 as "crap". ­ ❋ Unknown (2010)

In fact the Academy did, in 1890, enter into an agreement to "give, grant, assign, transfer, convey, and make over" to the State its collection of antiquities; but the agreement also specified that the "charge and custody of the said collection… shall remain with the said Royal Irish Academy, subject to such regulations and directions as may from time to time be prescribed by the [State] … but so as to leave the Royal Academy as unfettered in the charge and management of the Museum [collection] as circumstances will allow." ❋ Greene, David (1978)

Drupal Mongo API $collection = mongodb_collection ( 'myname'); $collection - find (array ( 'key' = $value)); $collection-insert ($object); $collection - remove (array ( '_id' = $item-id)); ❋ ForestMars (2010)

Johnson of Cheshire: that he was himself likely the compiler of the four parts of _The Merry-Thought_ and that, whatever the individual versifiers may have intended, this infamous collection of graffiti -- _as collection_ -- shares very closely with Johnson’s other work a spirit of wild variety, eccentric juxtaposition, and essential anarchism that is meant to lead, not to clever parody of polite literature, but to a new, almost apocalyptic vision of the sublime. ❋ Maximillian E. [Commentator] Novak (N/A)

Dryden; but the fact is, _I did not know that Dryden's version existed_; for having undertaken to complete those of the Canterbury Tales which were wanting in Ogle's collection, and the tale in question _not being in that collection_, I proceeded to supply it, having never till very lately, strange as it may seem, _seen the volume of Dryden's Fables in which it may be found_!! " ❋ Various (N/A)

Vergeer has a chance to add to her title collection Saturday when she plays Van Koot for the singles trophy. ❋ The Huffington Post News Editors (2012)

The contributors list seems a little “usual suspects” to me, but the collection is always worth a look. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Like the earlier Maps in A Mirror, this collection is a definitive retrospective of the short fiction career of the writer that The Houston Post called “the best writer science fiction has to offer.” ❋ Unknown (2010)

No, she hasn't written a novel yet (though she's working on one) but if this collection is any indication when it's finished it'll be a doozy. ❋ Karenmiller (2010)

The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, houses more of Salvador Dalí's famed masterworks than any other museum in the world, and the collection is the largest in the world outside of Spain. ❋ Sophia Moreno-Bunge (2010)

The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, houses more of Salvador Dalí's famed masterworks than any other museum in the world, and the collection is the largest in the world outside of Spain. ❋ Sophia Moreno-Bunge (2010)

Europeana has also struggled to find ways to include in-copyright works, for legal and financial reasons (2.5 million euros in annual budget), so the collection is almost exclusively public domain, not out of print or orphan works. ❋ Rebecca Tushnet (2009)

This collection is the place to start, even though my favourite story is "The Man Whom the Trees Loved", where a wife finds herself powerless to save her husband from the trees he loves. ❋ Kate Mosse (2010)

As far as I can tell, the earliest example of a government comic in this collection is a 1918 booklet called The Cartoon Book, designed to sell Liberty Bonds. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The idea behind our collection is about the quality of fabric and the craftsmanship of tailoring, but in a fashion forward way while still remaining timeless and completely unpretentious. ❋ Julie Vacca (2010)

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