Definitions and meanings of "Collections"

What do we mean by collections?

A set of items or amount of material procured or gathered together.

Multiple related objects associated as a group.

The activity of collecting.

A set of sets.

A gathering of money for charitable or other purposes, as by passing a contribution box for donations.

Debt collection.

The act of inferring or concluding from premises or observed facts; also, that which is inferred.

The jurisdiction of a collector of excise.

(in the plural, Oxford University) A set of college exams generally taken at the start of the term.

The quality of being collected; calm composure.

1: a new style of decorating which embraces one's eclectic, personal treasures by combining them with other items with divergent styles; 2: designed without the conventional rules espoused by decorators, i.e., matching traditional with traditional, coordinating curtains with upholstery fabrics, etc.  Urban Dictionary

Just as a group of crows is a murder, a group of sheep is a herd... A group of assholes is a collective  Urban Dictionary

A valuable group of collected items placed together (as in media, books, stamps or other interesting crap  Urban Dictionary

1. A word used to describe the unthinking hive-mind of Leftist drones. 2. A pretentious synonym for club.  Urban Dictionary

What a dealer must do to obtain payment from his customers who buy 'on tick'.  Urban Dictionary

Stalinoid or Bolshevik for "group." Reeks with self-importance and in-groupiness.  Urban Dictionary

A horrible waste of money, better spent on buying a house, car, or investing.  Urban Dictionary

The worst of memes on iFunny  Urban Dictionary

A term meaning "good" or "amazing". It can also be as a way to show acceptance, or likeing. Also meaning the opposite of the term "Overweight, or "Obeease".  Urban Dictionary

What one must often do. Note: "One" never refers to the first party. The user of this verb must be commanding another to do so.  Urban Dictionary

The word "collections" in example sentences

How to use collections in a sentence? Example sentences with the collections, a sentence example for collections, and how to make collections in sample sentence, how do I use the word collections in a sentence? How do you spell collections in a sentence?

Returning to the 1927-S, the Heritage cataloguer remarks that a pedigree to either the Duckor or Brahin collections is extremely important. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Yet, even though it is a stand-alone brand, Pepperidge Farm has achieved recognition for four product lines, which they call collections. ❋ BERND SCHMITT (1997)

"First, to revitalize the mission of the museum through its exhibitions, public programs and publications; then to modernize the building so that our collections will be safe, with proper climate controls and storage; and the third, what I call collections initiative, meaning making its holdings accessible." ❋ By CAROL VOGEL (2010)

However, the big news in collections this month looks like the simultaneous release of "Rise of the Olympian" in both hardcover and paperback (on November 4). ❋ Unknown (2009)

One thing that I notice, looking back over the collections, is that the strength and the assertiveness of the characters seem to shift. ❋ Unknown (2010)

- Far fewer bankruptcies; as someone who has worked in collections I can tell you medical costs are a big reason for BKs ❋ Unknown (2009)

It's a relatively new political tack for the former plastics and packaging salesman from Ohio, who has exceeded all other House members in collections from Wall Street - with more than $2.9 million - and also ranks at or near the top of members favored by large health insurers, oil firms, student lenders, drug manufacturers, and food and beverage companies, according to tallies of campaign disclosures. ❋ R. Jeffrey Smith (2010)

Several of those who built the greatest U.S. coin collections of all time did, in fact, very much appreciate Barber Halves. ❋ Unknown (2010)

'Anti-Terror' legislation used to freeze Icelandic funds, to monitor bin collections and covertly monitor school applicants; ❋ Dungeekin (2009)

It's a trip down memory lane, as my family had many of the paperback collections from the 1969 to 1970 period. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Since most comics, superheroes from the big 2 especially are only relevant for a short amount of time. (the great runs I buy in collections) ❋ Unknown (2010)

Making the IRS go to forced collections is not tax evasion. ❋ Unknown (2010)

"We need to devise imaginative new solutions to resolve the dichotomy between long-term collections care and expensive environmental conditions," he said. ❋ Unknown (2011)

These reputable and professional dealers ensure that they properly asses and identify your coin collections, and provide you with vital pointers for identifying rare coins. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"The Listeners" by Walter de la Mare (1912) De la Mare was a significant writer of ghost stories, publishing some 40 supernatural tales in collections such as Eight Tales and On the Edge, but I'm choosing perhaps his most famous work, this lyrical and haunting poem. ❋ Kate Mosse (2010)

For three decades, many fashion houses have created less-expensive versions of their main collections as a way to expand their businesses. ❋ Christina Passariello (2010)

Her [home's] decorating style can [best be] described as [collectic]. ❋ Eurway (2011)

"[Julianne] raised 5 boys and yet somehow they ended up just being a [collective]." "How can [those boys] be so mean, mom?" "It's just what happens when there's a collective sweetie." ❋ K- (2020)

I've [got] a collection of [DVDs] ❋ Kimber Harvey (2006)

1. [Drones] have been assigned their [talking point] orders from the Collective today, and will be [parroting] them throughout the weeks to come. 2. My grandmother belongs to a knitting collective. ❋ Schnorkenschneider (2014)

I need to go collect from those mother fuckers [on the other side] of town! They [owe] [big money]. ❋ Durrtysprite (2018)

They used to go out drinking. [I suppose] they called themselves the "[Beer] [Collective]." ❋ Octopod (2003)

Even though, the [poor soul] [lived] in a crappy-assed area, he [continued] to buy collectibles instead of considering his future. ❋ Betty (2002)

Guy 1: Yesterday I read through all of collective ! Guy 2: [No way], that must have [token] forever! Guy 1: It was [so bad]! ❋ Prevaricator (2018)

Ex.1: Those people giving out [free stuff] are [collectible]. Ex.2: Dude, Those [naked chicks] are [Collectible]! Ex.3: That was a bit Overly Collectible! ❋ Fat Rob (2006)

[The Grim Reaper]: "[Collect]!" [Charl]: "But I--" The Grim Reaper: "Collect!" ❋ Wasser Tizfiddle (2004)

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