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Definitions of "collegiate"

  • Of, relating to, or held to resemble a college. adjective
  • Of, for, or typical of college students. adjective
  • Of or relating to a collegiate church. adjective
  • Of, or relating to a college, or college students. adjective
  • Collegial. adjective
  • A member of a college, a collegian; someone who has received a college education. noun
  • A fellow-collegian; a colleague. noun
  • Of or pertaining to a college. adjective
  • A member of a college. noun
  • Pertaining to or of the nature of a college, or an organized body of men having certain common pursuits or duties: as, collegiate societies. Hooker. See college
  • Pertaining to a college within a university, or to a college which forms an independent institution for higher learning; furnished by or pursued in a college: as, collegiate life; collegiate education. See college, 2.
  • Constituted after the manner of or connected with a college in any sense: as, collegiate masterships in a university.
  • Collected; combined; united. Bacon.
  • In Scotland, a church or congregation the active pastor of which is the colleague and successor of the emeritus pastor.
  • In the United States, a corporate church having several houses of worship, with coordinate pastors.
  • A member of a college or university. noun
  • Same as collegian, 2. noun
  • of or resembling or typical of a college or college students adjective

The word "collegiate" in example sentences

The points above about sports being better represented on an "amateur" level in collegiate and schooling cirles is especially relevant as well.. [Opera versus the NFL, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Peter J. Cutino Award, the most prestigious award in collegiate water polo.. [Meet Team USA]

The Cavs made Charlotte look rather collegiate from the start, racing to a 12-point lead in the opening minutes as James drove to the basket at will.. []

The expression was unlike anything ever seen in collegiate or pro sports.. [Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Cal’s Victoria AIM hoax]

The live-in collegiate system of Durham was very restrictive after the freedom of Israel, and I only really enjoyed my last year when I moved into. [Minette Walters biography]

"For the most part there's a lot of mistrust in collegiate athletics.". []

"He was a great scorer in collegiate hockey," Burns said.. [ - Better late than never, Devils' Pandolfo finds net]

Fatalities were relatively common in collegiate football until President Theodore Roosevelt — the epitome of the upper-class manly man — tried to instill some restraint.. [The Organization Kid]

With an introduction from John Hodgman about the cash cow industry of satire, McSweeney’s aims its new book at the intellectual crowd as jokes and humor are procured at the expense of classic works and authors revered in collegiate halls.. [2010 March 10 « The BookBanter Blog]

It didn't harm Elizabeth – I'm sure of that – but during my freshman year of college, I partook in a rather pitiful rite of passage known as the collegiate one-night stand.. [Tell No One]

It didn't harm Elizabeth -- I'm sure of that -- but during my freshman year of college, I partook in a rather pitiful rite of passage known as the collegiate one-night stand.. [Tell No One]

III. into a collegiate establishment, but it is not called collegiate till 1475.. [Scottish Cathedrals and Abbeys]

Matthäus Pfaff, the founder of what is called the collegiate system.. [The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 15: Tournely-Zwirner]

The church supported on this endowment was called a collegiate church, because the ecclesiastical services and solemnities were performed by a college, i.e. a body or staff of clergymen, consisting of a provost, or dean, canons, etc.. [The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 4: Clandestinity-Diocesan Chancery]

As I slowly recalled my collegiate studies and paleontological readings in Bowen's textbooks, I realized that I had looked upon nothing less than a diplodocus of the Upper Jurassic; but how infinitely different was the true, live thing from the crude restorations of Hatcher and. [The People That Time Forgot]

Something in the quality of the place recalls the collegiate cloisters of Oxford, but it must be added that this is the handsomest compliment to that seat of learning.. [Italian Hours]

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Collegiate Word Data

  • Pronunciations(kə-lēˈjĭt, -jē-ĭt)
  • Character10
  • Hyphenation col le gi ate




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