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The most wonderful, sarcastic, brilliant person to ever grace this earth. likes to bake brioche and listen to spiritualized at the same time. dislikes shitty bands.  Urban Dictionary

Something that looks nice  Urban Dictionary

A strop.  Urban Dictionary

MARIJUANA... term used by rastafarians and jamaicans  Urban Dictionary

Jamaican rastafarian slang for marijuana, typically used to describe a person with marijuana available for sale, as in collie man. Word origin is from East Indian migrant workers (also responsible for the slang ganja), who would invoke the name of East Indian goddess "Kali", in reference to femininity and potency. Note: marijuana's most-potent bit is the flower of an unpollinated female plant (sensimilla).  Urban Dictionary

One of the many nicknames for marijuana, such as pot, weed, herb, ganja, etc. A man who sells marijuana is known as a collie man.  Urban Dictionary

From the pronunciation of "college", it's a way of saying college (commonly used in the United Kingdom).  Urban Dictionary

To nudge, nurdle and generally struggle to get it off the square.  Urban Dictionary

The most buffoonish dog breed  Urban Dictionary

Twisted by fate, moments where everything is so twisted and in a haze but there is some kind of hope within you brought about by aspirations of a better tomorrow,dreaming for changes in fortunes and love.  Urban Dictionary

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"colly" birds, colly referring to soot or coal black.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

For the fourth day colly birds - or is it calling birds?'   ❋ Stephenie Foster (2011)

• Remember to give your true love four colly/calling birds on this fourth day of Christmas.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

He's the raven master who looks after nine very large, very important colly birds -- black ravens.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

That was a slang name for the blackbird -- calling birds, colly birds.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Nao no kitteh but haz border colly, 2 big 2 lift 2 seeling, sew whee send hur 2 chais da ebil skwerls orf da burds fooders.   ❋ Unknown (2008)

Dey iz after teh French hens an teh colly birds an teh partridge an teh swans an teh milk frum teh milkmayds!   ❋ Unknown (2007)

You mean, he may get himself up as a colly-something - a beetle-lover - and go and sit solemnly in the meetings at the Town Hall, while everyone is looking for him elsewhere.   ❋ Blyton, Enid, 1898?-1968 (1956)

But after they met us, and digested all the implications, they would develop the colly-wobbles no end.   ❋ Smith, E. E. (1950)

My ain kind dearie, O! Nae herds wi 'kent or colly there,   ❋ Various (N/A)

This place is enough to give one the colly-wabbles.   ❋ Eugene Walter (1907)

A colly, with the sheep-dog's wooden bar suspended from its shaggy neck, lay at his feet.   ❋ Hall Caine (1892)

And my dog, the noble black Scotch colly, what had become of him, I wondered?   ❋ Marie Corelli (1889)

She picked a few flowers, pulled the seed-pods from one of the geraniums under her care, and spent some minutes in petting and fondling Marian's pretty colly, who lay stretched out luxuriously in the full rays of the mild September sunshine.   ❋ Susan Coolidge (1870)

Not as I could find i 'my heart to let him stay i' the coal-hole more nor a minute, but it was enough to colly him all over, so as he must be new washed and dressed, and it was as good as a rod to him -- that was.   ❋ Unknown (1861)

Read the links. mallen colly on February 12, 2010, 2: 24 pm mallen colly, what part of "PW fled the sinking ship, leaving FW to raise the white flag of surrender" do you have a problem understanding?   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Colly is so great! she baked some great brioche! ❋ Spaffy (2004)

Did you see them 24s? Dude riding colly! ❋ Lil' Byrd (2006)

Ryan threw a colly. ❋ Dan (2003)

I and i is gonna smoke some collie mon :) ❋ Lootinandshootin (2006)

Mister collie man Me want some herbs to smoke tonight - Steel Pulse "Macka Splaff " ❋ Marshmallow75 (2016)

Jamaican fellow: Jah's love upon ye, brotha, I and I should go burn some collie and feel right irie! Guy: Yo, pass some of that collie. Other guy: 'kay. ❋ The Secks (2010)

I got to go to colly tomorrow to get my mock exams done. ❋ Badbwoy1 (2019)

Paul Collingwood was Collying it out in the middle. ❋ Cricketlover2 (2009)

Muno the collie is a buffoon ❋ Blurryface_fan (2021)

THANK YOU( A Poem by Kibe Lisa) Seasons are an edict in destiny,and you my friend are a companion of destiny but as seasons wane askew down these collied seasons of my life i would like you to know that i appreciate you for all those times that you have been there for me, in those dark moments of my life when all was null to me and there was no rhythm nor any discernible order in my head. But you were there for me,at ma every beck and call....even though i was a nuisance ....i know. But as i echo my sentiments know tat i would never ever forget that...even in my darkest hours,even in my deathbed...those memories will perish with me no matter where i go ..they will be with me even when you will be very far away from me...because they keep me warm,they keep me happy and make me remember that there was someone who loved and cared about me.....even that one that glorious life really glad that i knew you.... ❋ English Notro Dame (2014)

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