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Definitions of "colonial"

  • Of, relating to, possessing, or inhabiting a colony or colonies. adjective
  • Of or relating to the 13 British colonies that became the original United States of America. adjective
  • Of or relating to the colonial period in the United States. adjective
  • Of, relating to, or being a style of architecture and furniture prevalent in the American colonies just before and during the Revolution. adjective
  • Living in, consisting of, or forming a colony: colonial organisms. adjective
  • An inhabitant of a colony. noun
  • A house designed in an architectural style reminiscent of the one prevalent in the American colonies just before and during the Revolution. noun
  • of or pertaining to a colony. adjective
  • of or pertaining to a period when a country or territory was a colony. adjective
  • of or relating to the original Thirteen Colonies of the USA. adjective
  • of or relating to the style of architecture prevalent at about the time of the Revolution adjective
  • A person from a country that is or was controlled by another. noun
  • A house that is built in a style reminiscent of the period of the colonization of New England. noun
  • Of or pertaining to a colony. adjective
  • Pertaining or belonging to a colony: as, colonial government; colonial rights; specifically, in American history, relating to the thirteen British colonies which became the United States of America, or to their period. See colony.
  • In zoology, forming colonies; consisting of or living as colonies; not separate; aggregative; social: as, the colonial Anthozoa.
  • A member or citizen of a colony, especially of one of the British colonies in the eastern hemisphere. noun
  • plural Colonial products, securities, etc. noun
  • a resident of a colony noun

The word "colonial" in example sentences

They saw the dismantling of colonial rule through peaceful negotiation, except in Vanuatu; by the 1990s, only France and the U.S. remained “colonial powers” in the Pacific.. [H. The Pacific Region, 1944-2000]

First, the term colonial feminism carries a snide implication that this alleged brand of feminism somehow subjects women rather than frees them.. [Nomad]

Therefore, the term colonial is offensive to those peoples who have been liberated from imperialist oppression.. [An Argonaut Ethos]

[10] Seasoning was the term colonial Virginians used to refer to the sicknesses that affected new immigrants, black and white, to the colony, until they developed immunities.. [Letter from Robert Carter to Robert Jones, October 22, 1729]

Even as his military was under siege, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi vowed to endure through a long war against what he called colonial crusader aggression by the international coalition.. [Gates: U.S. expects to hand off Libya lead in 'days']

A defiant Gaddafi repeated in a national address that he would arm civilians to defend Libya from what he called "colonial, crusader" aggression by western forces.. [Libya: Allied strikes sweep Libya as west intervenes in conflict]

TUNIS Reuters - A defiant Muammar Gaddafi said on Saturday he will arm civilians to defend Libya from what he called "colonial, crusader" aggression by Western forces that have launched air strikes against him.. [Libya War: Gaddafi Vows To Arm Civilians To Defend Country]

"Top of the list is the question of what we call the colonial debt," he said ahead of Nujoma's first state visit to South Africa from March 6 to 8.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

VICE PRESIDENT ALVARO GARCIA LINERA: [translated] I think this has to do with what we call the colonial condition of our societies.. [Democracy Now!]

From his African heritage, from his country's turbulent history, from his own formal education in "colonial" schools, and from his vicissitudes in the confines of Robben Island, Mandela emerged a man with a singular vision.. [Nelson Mandela and the Rainbow of Culture]

It's more fluid than the term colonial domination or colonial power assumes, "Lee said.. []

How do those folks dressed up in colonial outfits think those they admire from 1789 would have regarded behavior like this?. [Think Progress » Palin bars media from two upcoming Florida events.]

Further to this point, there were no laws regulating the use of chemical pesticides or the construction of nuclear power plants in colonial Massachusetts.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » “Up from Slavery”]

Had I lived in colonial times, my William & Mary degree would have entitled me to vote for a special member of the Virginia House of Burgesses.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » The William F. Buckley Clause of the Massachusetts Constitution of 1780]

Army was slow to adopt it afterward, but European armies used Gatling guns to devastating effect in colonial wars.. [Everyman]

For it is not in colonial acquisitions that we must see the solution of this problem, but exclusively in the acquisition of a territory for settlement, which will enhance the area of the mother country, and hence not only keep the new settlers in the most intimate community with the land of their origin, but secure for the total area those advantages which lie in its unified magnitude. —. [Global Voices in English » China: Considering Han chauvinism]

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