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Definitions and meanings of "Columns"

What do we mean by columns?

A solid upright structure designed usually to support a larger structure above it, such as a roof or horizontal beam, but sometimes for decoration.

A vertical line of entries in a table, usually read from top to bottom.

A body of troops or army vehicles, usually strung out along a road.

A body of text meant to be read line by line, especially in printed material that has multiple adjacent such on a single page.

A unit of width, especially of advertisements, in a periodical, equivalent to the width of a usual column of text.

(by extension) A recurring feature in a periodical, especially an opinion piece, especially by a single author or small rotating group of authors, or on a single theme.

Something having similar vertical form or structure to the things mentioned above, such as a spinal column.

The gynostemium

(chemistry) An object used to separate the different components of a liquid or to purify chemical compounds.

A neverending puzzle game made originally for sega's 16bit arcade hardware and ported to the Megadrive. Was later ported to the 8bit Master System but the less said about that the better. Often wrongly referred to as a "tetris clone" as the gameplay is completley different - colored gems must be aligned together to destroy them and prevent them filling the screen. Columns pwns Tetris' ass all night long This was where the fun began, Without the arcade's timing system constantly badgering you for money you are free to start a game of colums and forfeit the rest of the day. The haunting music in your dreams for eternity. Eventually as the game speeds up the gems can be slowed by "dropping" them, but by this stage you aint blinked in an hour and the game seems to be playing itself any way. More adictive than crack; A truly great game. Is basically a metaphor for life, but I aint got time to explain A universal excuse for not doing something. Urban Dictionary

Relating to making into columns. Urban Dictionary

The Default title of column “FU” in every Excel spreadsheet should be the name of your office a-hole. In our office, Mike is the hands down winner... Urban Dictionary

A group within a state that attempts to subvert and weaken the state in order to assist an enemy. First used during the Spanish Civil War. Urban Dictionary

A man with a large or especially long penis. Urban Dictionary

When you're having sex and you suddenly get that hot column of air from a stanky vagina that singes the nostrils. Urban Dictionary

A stoner column is a long growth of hair from the chin not atypical of male stoners. It is basically a goatee without the mustache. Urban Dictionary

A large column comprised of turnips. Urban Dictionary

A euphemism for Admiral Horatio Nelson's penis. Urban Dictionary

A penis. Urban Dictionary

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The word "columns" in example sentences

General Thurreau surrounded Vendée with sixteen entrenched camps; twelve moveable columns, called the _infernal columns_, overran the country in every direction, sword and fire in hand, scoured the woods, dispersed the assemblies, and diffused terror throughout this unhappy country. ❋ Francois-Auguste Mignet (1840)

The first, portfolio_edit_columns ($columns), simply defines the columns. ❋ Unknown (2010)

When these apertures are shut, and the whole filled witli water, it remains in equilibria; but if the apertures are opened, the columns having these apertures for their bases, and the depth of the wa - ter for their altitudes, will cease to press on the sides; and therefore the whole pressure on the sides where tliere are no perforations, will be greater tlian on the sides where the perforations are, by the sum of these two columns* ❋ Unknown (1812)

The economic downturn has started a bull market in columns about the bear market in Champagne! ❋ Unknown (2009)

Add to that a few blogs and a few stories and columns from the mainstream media and, bingo, you can have a successful site — especially if you have a marketing dynamo like Arianna Huffington. ❋ Unknown (2009)

You can't help but be concerned when you see the kind of rhetoric that is appearing in columns, on the mouths of what are called politicians, when you hear [Hezbollah leader] Hassan Nasrallah basically asking for an end to cooperation to a tribunal that was set up under Chapter 7 of the U.N. Security Council, you can't help but be concerned. ❋ Glenn Kessler (2010)

Now Broder et al. are recycling their columns from the 1980s, when the obvious solution is restoring the Clinton tax rates (including doing away with the special low capital gains rates). ❋ Unknown (2009)

Here are some of his most memorable TV columns from the past decade. ❋ Tim Lusher (2010)

Man, man, I'm tellin 'you that I clipped the fight columns from the newspapers to keep it' way from him — him a-thinkin 'I was wantin' them for me scrap book. ❋ Unknown (2010)

However, this survey from goo Research and reported on by japan. is looking at contextual advertising in blog and news columns from the consumer point of view. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I change the font, print it in columns so it not only saves paper, but it looks different. ❋ Unknown (2010)

There are two lead choirs: bunches of monks gathered in columns around the lectern of each transept, with the choirmaster who intones the strophe and the choir that catches the tune and makes it blossom in melodies and chords. ❋ Unknown (2009)

These wines have their place in columns and on tables. ❋ Unknown (2010)

You can make as many lists/groups as you like and they are displayed very nicely in columns similar to Tweetdeck or Seesmic Desktop. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The new 32nd Street Walk with the color-changing LED columns is equally silly. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Thin columns of black smoke rose into the air, then blew sideways in the wind. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The situation facing the Wild, as I've mentioned in other columns, is that they are a talented defensive team with significant offensive shortcomings. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I got home from school and started a game of columns, [next thing] I knew, my [alarm clock] was [going off]. Teacher: Where's your homework?? Student: Well... You see I was gonna do it but I started a game of columnsTeacher: OK, have it as soon as you can, you should go home and get some sleep, you look terrible. ❋ Da Zeg (2005)

[Flash's] [TLF] Library makes columnizing text [awesomely] easy. ❋ Kirupac (2011)

Everyone in our office changed Column FU in their Excel spreadsheets to “Mike”. That way when Mike is being really annoying [in a meeting] or [conference call] you can [scroll] over to bring that up on your screen. Even better if you are presenting... ❋ Poway Guy (2017)

The characterization of [leftists] in the United States as a Communist 'fifth column' by the [McCarthyist] witchhunters survives today in post-9/11 America; only now Arabs and Muslims are [blacklisted]. ❋ LudwigVan (2004)

"[My girlfriend] calls me 'The Great Column' because I have [a massive] [horse cock]." ❋ Massivehorse (2008)

"Dude I was poundin [that shit] out and [totally] got [hot] columned!" ❋ Stoosh Bag (2010)

That dude I smoked with at the party has [a stoner] column [that goes] down to his [waist]. ❋ Benjamin C. (2006)

[Look at that] [huge] [turnip column]! ❋ Turnip Connoisseur (2010)

The British chose to honor their fallen [admiral] by [erecting] a giant, stone column for him. [Nelson's column] is a prominent feature in the London sky. (Also, in his pants.) ❋ RageofMarat (2011)

I'm [expecting] some action tonight, so I [washed] [my cum] column. ❋ Zonal K (2019)

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