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Definitions of "command"

  • To direct with authority; give orders to. verb-transitive
  • To have control or authority over; rule: a general who commands an army. verb-transitive
  • To have at one's disposal: a person who commands seven languages. verb-transitive
  • To deserve and receive as due; exact: The troops' bravery commanded respect. verb-transitive
  • To exercise dominating, authoritative influence over: "He commands any room he enters” ( Stephen Schiff). verb-transitive
  • To dominate by physical position; overlook: a mountain commanding the valley below. verb-transitive
  • To give orders. verb-intransitive
  • To exercise authority or control as or as if one is a commander. verb-intransitive
  • The act of commanding. noun
  • An order given with authority. noun
  • Computer Science A signal that initiates an operation defined by an instruction. noun
  • The authority to command: an admiral in command. noun
  • Possession and exercise of the authority to command: command of the seas. noun
  • Ability to control or use; mastery: command of four languages. noun
  • Dominance by location; extent of view. noun
  • The jurisdiction of a commander. noun
  • A military unit, post, district, or region under the control of one officer. noun
  • A unit of the U.S. Air Force that is larger than an air force. noun
  • Of, relating to, or constituting a command: command headquarters; a command decision. adjective

The word "command" in example sentences

Most browsers have a command to enlarge text – on my Mac Firefox, I just hit command-+. mrg replied to comment from Wayne. [More creationist misconceptions about the eye - The Panda's Thumb]

This example uses the @command decorator to declare that the function is a django-boss command.. [Softpedia - Windows - All]

* Send command to smtp server function server_send ($command, $private_info = false) fputs ($this - > socket, $command. "\r\n");. []

He was in command from the outset Monday, despite the miserable conditions.. []

Having her 2nd in command is too scary for me. bernice. [Majority of Dems want Clinton to be V.P.]

But Obama couldn't be comfortable feeling that his canny second in command is quietly engineering a comeback. rose, texas. [Carter says unity ticket would be 'worst mistake']

The slander about John Kerry's Purple Hearts and courage in command is fallacious at best and spuriously shameful.. [Easter Lemming Liberal News]

Except for low-level grunts caught on tape and one top figure (who says not without justification that she's the scapegoat), no one in command is being punished.. [04/30/2005]

Zebehr Pasha in command, is to be made up hereafter.. [Three Months in the Soudan]

I realize the New America Foundation did not invent the phrase "command of the commons".. [The Full Feed from]

The title command marks the beginning of a new boot stanza, and its argument is the label that will be displayed for its entry in the menu, from the first non-white-space character to the end of the line.. [Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community]

Indeed, we are your humble servants, to follow your command is our only wish.. [A GIFT • by Bosley Gravel]

* Sort commands by popularity, and let the more popular a command is the more short it should be.. [Project Gutenberg Top 100]

BETHANY MARSHALL, PSYCHOANALYST, AUTHOR OF "DEALBREAKERS": Well, when there ` s literally this type of overkill, multiple stab wounds, you can think of methamphetamine abuse on the part of the perpetrator or you could also think of a paranoid schizophrenic who ` s having what we call command hallucinations, it ` s rare and it ` s debatable but sometimes it does happen.. [CNN Transcript Apr 3, 2008]

When he's right, his command is about as good as anybody.. []

The Israelis have made no secret whatsoever that as part of their bombing campaign over the past nine days, they have gone after what they call command and control centers, including the leadership of Hezbollah.. [CNN Transcript Jul 20, 2006]

Command on Social Media

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Have you ever done something in your day to day actives, and then mentally thought 'command Z' .. only to realise t…


@farahaliqa: Ain’t it ironic that god’s first command is to read and you just overlooked their placards?


@Staedtler: I am the very terror of a top attorney general With beetle brows and booming vowels both baritone and tenoral, I hold comman…


@VanishingTacos @angelXwind I hope Karen watches this and realizes the command is “su”+”do” so it’s correct to pron…


@codshalom77: @HQNigerianArmy God will punish the military high command for senseless killings of Nigerian citizens in this elections

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