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Definitions of "commanding"

  • Having command; controlling. adjective
  • Dominating, as by magnitude or position: took a commanding lead at the polls; a commanding view of the ocean. adjective
  • Present participle of to command. verb
  • tending to give commands, authoritarian adjective
  • impressively dominant adjective
  • Exercising authority; actually in command. adjective
  • Fitted to impress or control. adjective
  • Exalted; overlooking; having superior strategic advantages. adjective
  • Directing with authority; invested with authority; governing; bearing rule; exercising authority: as, a commanding officer.
  • Of great or controlling importance; powerful; paramount: as, commanding influence.
  • Dominating; overlooking a wide region without obstruction: as, a commanding eminence.
  • Pertaining to or characteristic of a commander, or of one born or fitted to command; characterized by great dignity; compelling respect, deference, obedience, etc.: as, a man of commanding address; commanding eloquence.
  • Imperious; domineering.
  • used of a height or viewpoint adjective

The word "commanding" in example sentences

In the CW series, Blackwell is described as a commanding, enigmatic and powerful witch with many enemies.. [Exclusive: The Secret Circle Casts Cassie's Mysterious Father John Blackwell]

Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top allied commander in Kabul, made his name commanding similar special-operations forces in Iraq and sending them after hundreds of key insurgent and al Qaeda figures.. [U.S. Steps Up Missions Targeting Taliban Leaders]

Santa Clara, the last big city before Havana on the old national highway, is where an Argentine doctor named Ernesto Guevara made his name commanding the guerrilla army that was closest to the capital when Batista fled.. [Requiem For A Revolution]

The New Testament scriptures aren't very moderate or tolerant, but they do teach the moderation is gentleness, and in commanding gentleness, it seems not to be very tolerant.. [Sweet Deception]

USATODAY. com - Woods wins in commanding fashion at British Open. [ - Woods wins in commanding fashion at British Open]

Here stood the Captain commanding the company with half a dozen men.. [Churchill On The Frontier - Mamund Valley II]

But Sampras conceded little to his teammate calling Roddick his "rival" in commanding top billing in the best-of-five match, three-day event.. [ - Davis Cup plays generation gap]

But that was about as likely as his calling his commanding general Bobby-Ray back when he'd been Second Lieutenant John P. Ryan, USMC.. [The Bear and the Dragon]

As a former senior Japanese official observed: There is a word for commanding heights in Japanese, at. [The Commanding Heights]

As a former senior Japanese official observed: “There is a word for commanding heights in Japanese, at least up through the 1970s, and that is MITI.”. [THE COMMANDING HEIGHTS]

Likewise, a good conductor must have the utmost co-operation of skilled instrumentalists if his productions are to be successful in commanding audiences, satisfying as to size and revenue.. [What Is This Business of Conducting?]

The Civil Guards had seized buildings in commanding positions and were letting fly at everyone who passed.. [Homage to Catalonia]

The captain commanding the position, Levinski by name, but known to everyone as Benjamin, and by birth a Polish Jew, but speaking French as his native language, crawled out of his dug-out and greeted us.. [Homage to Catalonia]

Last of all follows a herald on horseback, carrying a yellow banner inscribed "By Imperial Decree," an indispensable adjunct on such occasions, as without it the county ruler would not be justified in commanding the executioner to give the death stroke.. [The Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither]

Be that as it may, he resolved on an immediate and thorough reformation of his household; and in commanding them to put away the strange gods, he added, be clean, and change your garments -- as if some defilement, from contact with idolatry, should still remain about them.. [Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible]

The artillery was now brought up and posted in commanding positions to silence those batteries of the enemy which had caused us so much annoyance, and our line was re-formed and again moved forward, regaining the advanced position.. [Foreign and Colonial Intelligence]

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  • Pronunciations(kə-mănˈdĭng)
  • Character10
  • Hyphenation com mand ing


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