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The word "commandingly" in example sentences

The left-armer was treated with respect and then contemptuously, first lofted easily on to the brick wall that runs in front of the pavilion, and then, even more commandingly, over the pavilion roof and into the garden of Hughes Hall. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Soledad O'Brien, who, as always, adroitly and commandingly hosts the special, said at a breakfast for bloggers last week that it's the kind of place genuinely loved by its residents. ❋ George Alexander (2011)

Jim was on his second beer when Tychus burst into the Blue Note and jerked his head toward the exit commandingly. ❋ Christie Golden (2011)

Christopher Purves, right, as Mephistopheles is the master of ceremonies, by turns suave, demonic or caricature, and commandingly incisve in everything he sings. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Few composers knew how to use the orchestra as commandingly or as intimately as Ravel, and this is wonderfully apparent in "Mother Goose." ❋ Howard Kissel (2011)

The roosters that crowd the front seat of a beat-up car above, one perched commandingly on the wheel, share the weary stoicism of many of the human subjects he captures in intimate profiles. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Doctor Emory glanced warningly to Doctor Masters, and Doctor Masters glanced authoritatively at the sergeant who glanced commandingly at his two policemen. ❋ Unknown (2010)

In a scene of rare romance, in which Ricardo and Aisha played commandingly by Ms. Jurado herself exchange loving confidences, one hears intimations of Strauss and cannot help but think of the mollifying, if ironic, use of waltz in "Der Rosenkavalier." ❋ Jonathan Blitzer (2011)

"Finish up!" she said half amusingly, half commandingly. ❋ Michael Giltz (2011)

No wonder a commandingly calm Ed Miliband left the prime minister rattled and raging in the House on Wednesday. ❋ Unknown (2012)

Shooting aboard ship means giving the audience a chance to see colorful men who know how to do skillful things, and who do them with machines that fill the screen commandingly. ❋ Joe Morgenstern (2012)

Princess Dragomiroff says commandingly to a restaurant attendant: You will be sufficiently amiable to place in my compartment a bottle of mineral water and a large glass of orange juice. ❋ Margaret Studer (2011)

As portrayed commandingly by Ramirez (no relation to the original, though both share a family name and country of birth, Venezuela), evil is just one part of the picture. ❋ Paul Farhi (2010)

Ms. Gerwig's performance is extraordinary — notably nuanced, commandingly tender. ❋ Joe Morgenstern (2010)

It may not look particularly good for Obama to leave the country just as his administration is being criticized for not seeming more commandingly in charge of the Gulf crisis. ❋ Unknown (2010)

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