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Definitions of "common"

  • Belonging equally to or shared equally by two or more; joint: common interests. adjective
  • Of or relating to the community as a whole; public: for the common good. See Usage Note at mutual. adjective
  • Widespread; prevalent. adjective
  • Occurring frequently or habitually; usual. adjective
  • Most widely known; ordinary: the common housefly. adjective
  • Having no special designation, status, or rank: a common sailor. adjective
  • Not distinguished by superior or noteworthy characteristics; average: the common spectator. adjective
  • Of no special quality; standard: common procedure. adjective
  • Of mediocre or inferior quality; second-rate: common cloth. adjective
  • Unrefined or coarse in manner; vulgar: behavior that branded him as common. adjective
  • Grammar Either masculine or feminine in gender. adjective
  • Grammar Representing one or all of the members of a class; not designating a unique entity. adjective
  • The common people; commonalty. noun
  • The social class composed of commoners. noun
  • The parliamentary representatives of this class. noun
  • The House of Commons. Often used in the plural. noun
  • A tract of land, usually in a centrally located spot, belonging to or used by a community as a whole: a band concert on the village common. noun
  • The legal right of a person to use the lands or waters of another, as for fishing. noun
  • A building or hall for dining, typically at a university or college. noun

The word "common" in example sentences

In speaking of the incommensurability of values, Berlin seems to have meant that there is no common measure, no ˜common currency™ for comparison, in judging between any two values in the abstract.. [Isaiah Berlin]

Moore was not a systematic philosopher: unlike Reid's philosophy of common sense, Moore's ˜common sense™ is not a system.. [George Edward Moore]

Other common names: _Yellow locust_; _common locust_; _locust_.. [Studies of Trees]

These are, first, principles common to all sciences which are called _axioms_ or _common opinions_, as that 'of two contradictories one must be true', or 'if equals be subtracted from equals, the remainders are equal'; secondly, principles peculiar to the subject-matter of the particular science, say geometry.. [The Legacy of Greece Essays By: Gilbert Murray, W. R. Inge, J. Burnet, Sir T. L. Heath, D'arcy W. Thompson, Charles Singer, R. W. Livingston, A. Toynbee, A. E. Zimmern, Percy Gardner, Sir Reginald Blomfield]

John, upon the common people, saved our Lord's life upon this and probably other occasions, for the scribes and chief priests sought opportunity to destroy him; but they feared the _common people_.. [Life and Labors of Elder John Kline, the Martyr Missionary Collated from his Diary by Benjamin Funk]

Mrs. Purnell at that time brewed her own ale, which was very different from the nauseous and deleterious trash that is now supplied to such houses by those common pests of society, _common brewers_.. [Memoirs of Henry Hunt, Esq. — Volume 1]

From common form seem to originate beauty and deformity; and, as they recede from each other in opposite directions, they become less and less like their parent, _common form_, but never totally unlike; for it is their likeness to that form that constitutes the one beauty, and the other deformity; for, were there no resemblance in deformity to the common form, it would be a different species, and no longer disgust; and none in beauty, it would no longer please.. [An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Taste, and of the Origin of our Ideas of Beauty, etc.]

£¨mistakes / guilt£©, commitment, commodities / goods, common / average £¨ in common£©, communicate. [Refinance 2nd Mortgage]

a common reafon enough; but fomething. muft be done to fubdivide the word man into NOUN PROPER and noun common*. [British Synonymy; or, an Attempt at Regulating the Choice of Words in Familiar Conversation]

This week the attorney general appeared on BBC radio and used the term "common sense" in the context of Joey Barton.. [Footballers' Spring launched by revolting players | Harry Pearson]

But the thing that these schools pretty much always have in common is little interest in actually pushing the students to complete their education.. [Matthew Yglesias » Making Money in Higher Education]

The thing they have in common is a firm negation of the idea of compact.. [Today’s Furniture Theme : The Sea]

The only thing the two have in common is their respective moronic bigotry.. [Think Progress » City Removes Spanish-Language Census Sign After ‘Angry’ Citizens And Lawmakers Raise A Fuss]

The only thing their policies have in common is a general attitude of self-centeredness and mean-spiritedness.. [Think Progress » Fifty-five years after Brown v. Board, Mississippi county schools ordered to stop school segregation.]

To continue the geographic metaphor, people from the Bronx might think of "those Manhattan people" as if they were homogenous, but the Wall Street mob, the bar-hoppers on Christopher Street, and the ladies who lunch of the Upper East Side are vastly different from each other, and the only thing they really do have in common is that they don't live in the Bronx.. [MIND MELD: What You Should Know About Speculative Fiction and Mainstream Acceptance (Part 2)]

What both these ads have in common is just attack, attack, attack, and nothing about their own policies.. [Midterm elections live blog - Wednesday 27 October]

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