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Pronunciations /ˈkɒmən/

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What do we mean by common?

Belonging equally to or shared equally by two or more; joint. adjective

Of or relating to the community as a whole; public. adjective

Widespread; prevalent. adjective

Occurring frequently or habitually; usual. adjective

Most widely known; ordinary. adjective

Having no special designation, status, or rank. adjective

Not distinguished by superior or noteworthy characteristics; average. adjective

Of no special quality; standard. adjective

Of mediocre or inferior quality; second-rate. adjective

Unrefined or coarse in manner; vulgar. adjective

Either masculine or feminine in gender. adjective

Representing one or all of the members of a class; not designating a unique entity. adjective

The common people; commonalty. noun

The social class composed of commoners. noun

The parliamentary representatives of this class. noun

Mutual good, shared by more than one.

A tract of land in common ownership; common land.

The people; the community.

The right of taking a profit in the land of another, in common either with the owner or with other persons; so called from the community of interest which arises between the claimant of the right and the owner of the soil, or between the claimants and other commoners entitled to the same right.

Mad nice rapper with the sickest flows and when he raps it means something Urban Dictionary

Common a.k.a common sense is an underground mc who gave birth to several classic hip hop albums such as "resurrection", "one day it'll all make sense" and "like water for chocolate." Urban Dictionary

He is one of the few rappers you should respect even if you don't listen to him. I respect him through his conversations and debates with other men on TV, and I don't even listen to his type of music but he appeals alot. Shows a lot of wisdom, never talks about hoes or disrepects woman. Make's wise conversations and music. Only song I know is "I use to love her". His rap name also represent Common Sense, from what I heard. He concerns from his surroundings, thus the use of common sense in ur life. Urban Dictionary

When some one does something real messed up Urban Dictionary

A shakespearian term for a slut whore or lose woman Urban Dictionary

A word which is used by upper middle class tarquins to describe anyone with less money than themselves Urban Dictionary

Someone who has ZERO class. A loser, a worthless person. AKA, a drunk person that fucks with your car and puts dents in it when they don't even know you. Generally of lower class you can find common people lurking in most college towns. Be careful. Urban Dictionary

Common a chick that is well known around town and college campuses by dudes...or others ..promiscuous Urban Dictionary

Carla Talbot.....2 kids, 1 coucil flat, unmarried. Need i say more? Urban Dictionary

Used by horsemen to describe a horse that is bad-tempered or recalcitrant. Slightly more perjurative than cow, with which it is sometimes combined. Urban Dictionary

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The word "common" in example sentences

In speaking of the incommensurability of values, Berlin seems to have meant that there is no common measure, no ˜common currency™ for comparison, in judging between any two values in the abstract. ❋ Cherniss, Joshua (2008)

Moore was not a systematic philosopher: unlike Reid's philosophy of common sense, Moore's ˜common sense™ is not a system. ❋ Baldwin, Tom (2004)

These are, first, principles common to all sciences which are called _axioms_ or _common opinions_, as that 'of two contradictories one must be true', or 'if equals be subtracted from equals, the remainders are equal'; secondly, principles peculiar to the subject-matter of the particular science, say geometry. ❋ Various (N/A)

Other common names: _Yellow locust_; _common locust_; _locust_. ❋ Jacob Joshua Levison (N/A)

John, upon the common people, saved our Lord's life upon this and probably other occasions, for the scribes and chief priests sought opportunity to destroy him; but they feared the _common people_. ❋ John Kline (1830)

Mrs. Purnell at that time brewed her own ale, which was very different from the nauseous and deleterious trash that is now supplied to such houses by those common pests of society, _common brewers_. ❋ Henry Hunt (1804)

From common form seem to originate beauty and deformity; and, as they recede from each other in opposite directions, they become less and less like their parent, _common form_, but never totally unlike; for it is their likeness to that form that constitutes the one beauty, and the other deformity; for, were there no resemblance in deformity to the common form, it would be a different species, and no longer disgust; and none in beauty, it would no longer please. ❋ Frances Reynolds (1768)

£¨mistakes / guilt£©, commitment, commodities / goods, common / average £¨ in common£©, communicate ❋ Unknown (2008)

a common reafon enough; but fomething. muft be done to fubdivide the word man into NOUN PROPER and noun common* ❋ Hester Lynch Piozzl (1794)

This week the attorney general appeared on BBC radio and used the term "common sense" in the context of Joey Barton. ❋ Unknown (2012)

The only thing their policies have in common is a general attitude of self-centeredness and mean-spiritedness. ❋ Unknown (2010)

To continue the geographic metaphor, people from the Bronx might think of "those Manhattan people" as if they were homogenous, but the Wall Street mob, the bar-hoppers on Christopher Street, and the ladies who lunch of the Upper East Side are vastly different from each other, and the only thing they really do have in common is that they don't live in the Bronx. ❋ Unknown (2009)

What both these ads have in common is just attack, attack, attack, and nothing about their own policies. ❋ Richard Adams (2010)

The one thing the detainees have in common is that they all signed Charter 08, a document calling for political reform and free speech. ❋ Unknown (2010)

But the thing that these schools pretty much always have in common is little interest in actually pushing the students to complete their education. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The thing they have in common is a firm negation of the idea of compact. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The only thing the two have in common is their respective moronic bigotry. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I'm raw hustlas [getcha] bakin soda Too many rape [the culture] Leave rappers with [careers] and their faith over It's a war goin on you can't fake bein a soldier Oh Shit, that dude Common has crazy rhymes ❋ DeMass (2005)

have you heard the new common joint "[the corner]" [featuring] [kanye west]??it's dope. ❋ Kaya (2005)

"Yo is that Common? "[Nope], not the common rapper" "Oh, duh, [next time] I gotta use my [commen] sense to know that" ❋ Whispers (2007)

that was [real] common about what you had said about [torry's] [mother]! ❋ Ladiidee (2009)

[my day] was common [mother], and so [are you] ❋ LMxDurgex (2008)

"where do u live" "on the fairbrook [estate]" "wheres that" "its in town" "do you have horses and a [swimming pool]? [my daddy] gave me a horse yesterday" "No, my place is to small for that" "Omg, you're so common!!! goodbye!! ❋ Froggy (2003)

That common piece of shit thought it would be cool to [bounce] around on [the hood] of my car like Richard fuckin [Simmons]. ❋ Dan (2004)

common [college girls] that girl [next door] is commonman i saw that common [chick] at the party i knew she was common ❋ Dubclee (2009)

The [above person] ❋ Truth (2003)

Watch out that [Sparky] doesn't [bite] you -- he's such a common [piece of crap]. ❋ Foxsong (2004)

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