Definitions of "Communicate"

To convey information about; make known; impart. intransitive verb

To reveal clearly; manifest. intransitive verb

To spread (a disease, for example) to others; transmit. intransitive verb

To have an interchange, as of ideas. intransitive verb

To express oneself in such a way that one is readily and clearly understood. intransitive verb

To receive Communion. intransitive verb

To be connected, one with another. intransitive verb

Communicated; shared.


To give to another as a partaker; bestow or confer in joint possession; impart knowledge or a share of: as, to communicate intelligence, news, opinions, or facts; to communicate a disease: with to (formerly with) before the person receiving.

To share in or participate; have in common.

The word "Communicate" in example sentences

—STEVE CASE, CHAIRMAN, AMERICA ONLINE he root of the word communicate, the Latin communis, means to partake or share, the same as in words like community and communion. Zen Computer

I also compile lots of research to back or inform the ideas that I hope to communicate from a more personal perspective. All Things Girl » All Things Girl » Blog Archive » Author Insight: Kim Johnson Gross

From being mainly reliant upon a laptop or netbook to keep in touch, I am now able to communicate from a pocket-sized device whenever I want and wherever I happen to be. Socially mobile « pwcom 2.0

China touts the ABILITY to communicate is expanding: The combined number of fixed and mobile phone users reached 1,061.07 million, an increase of 79.47 million over that at the end of the previous year. Heidiminx: PROPAGANDA: PR With an Oppressive Agenda

The way humans normally communicate is through natural language. Wolfram Blog : Wolfram|Alpha Is Coming!

"I think the ability to communicate is often referred to and talked about and is vital to success, but I think that it may even be trumped by the ability to listen and hear from what your players are experiencing and make judgments on that to move forward." New Orleans Hornets Team Report

I think limiting the number of characters that congressmen can use to communicate is a good idea. Senators battle over health care on Twitter turf

Probably because she was forced to communicate is way that was not natural to her. Deaf community abuzz with varied reviews of "Sweet Nothing in My Ear'

Using flutes, whistles, and drums to communicate is a very old idea. The Languages of Tone and Rhythm

Using flutes, whistles, and drums to communicate is a very old idea. Archive 2008-06-01

My favorite Red Carpet moment was when Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin communicate using morse code through the periscopes. GREATEST OSCAR RED CARPET MOMENTS

“The idea that men and women differ fundamentally in the way they use language to communicate is a myth,” she says. Why Men and Women Argue Differently | Impact Lab

Etymologically, the word “to communicate” derives from a Latin word that means “to impart,” “to share,” and “to make common;” in turn, the word “common” derives from the two roots — com - “together”, and munia “public duties”. Communicating climate change motivating citizen action

I believe that the struggle to communicate is what keeps us learning and in fact helps us learn. Translating for friends (long)

One can only hope that "failure to communicate" is merely a euphemism for general failure to provide competent oversight of the school system. Mayor Blames School Board Chair at

What does communicate mean?

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