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Definitions of "communized"

  • Simple past tense and past participle of communize. verb

The word "communized" in example sentences

A power grab by the federal government to control health benefits, treatments and Doctors under private or public plans which will guarantee a communized, health care, government delivery system within 5 years from y1.. [It’s not even a ‘Battle’ of the Signs. No contest. - Moe_Lane’s blog - RedState]

The Czechs had been Nazified, then communized, their Prague Spring crushed by Russian tanks.. [The Return]

July 23rd, 2009 10: 42 pm ET speaking of acting stupidly, how's our new communized health care package coming along? moe. [Obama stands by 'acted stupidly' comment]

Of course, all bureaucracies follow this pattern, but what a hypocrisy to find this even under a communized banner.. [Things One Should Not Forget « Whatever]

The Saudi government communized Islam, through its monopoly of both religious thoughts and practice.. [Religious persecution of Muslims in Europe?]

But Poland and the rest of Central Europe suffered under communism only for slightly over forty years; Poland was never fully communized economically (with private agriculture and with some services and retail trade remaining in private hands) nor ideologically (with a strong and independent Catholic church defying the Marxist doctrines), and moreover Central Europe has had long-standing ties with Western Europe.. [Out of Control]

The rural guards, the official thugs, the foremen, and the landowners used to say that, and yet they were precisely the ones who really wanted to communize women, as the Manifesto of Karl Marx said, because if they could they communized others: wives.. [CASTRO SPEECH ON ANNIVERSARY OF MARTI'S BIRTH]

If they were able, they communized the peasant's daughter; and if they could take his wife from him, they did so.. [CASTRO SPEECH ON ANNIVERSARY OF MARTI'S BIRTH]

That she should abandon her 12 million anti-communist people and their rich and successful economy to be communized by China after the withdrawal of the 7th Fleet?. [Red China—Five years of Dramatic Events]

The grievances are the same, and the hope of a completely renovated and communized society is the same.. [The Age of the Reformation]

But mere candy began to cloy -- Solly Gumble had opened the second box of chocolate mice -- and the host even abandoned his reënforced lemon, which was promptly communized by the group.. [The Wrong Twin]

My own belief is that in the apparently approaching socialistic age, medicine will be communized and provided by the State free to all.. [A Labrador Doctor The Autobiography of Wilfred Thomason Grenfell]

Every level of the filmmaking process will soon by communized.. [The Full Feed from]

Instead of asking power to improve conditions in education and the overall society, 'Occupy Everything, Demand Nothing' prescribes the immediate communization of space and confrontation with capital as the only means forward even if the autonomous and communized zones that emerge are only temporary at this point in the struggle.. [Anarchist news dot org - Comments]

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had said in a speech a day earlier that "Europe would have been communized and London under bombardment some time ago but for the deterrent of the atomic bomb in the hands of the United States.". []

Also, to accommodate the host of immigrants, all private homes were effectively communized, with everyone permitted to quarter themselves everywhere; it was now illegal to close, let alone lock, one's doors.. []

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@Reuters Unified North and South Koreans means an apparent enemy of America. South Korea have already been communized.


@SherryNicopoli2 @robreiner Smoke, mirrors and propaganda. Obama communized the Smith Mundt Act of the 40's and al…


Responding to ‘Critical Critique’


@RolandBasilides @SusaMorgan @profwolff It was complex. The communists did not recognize the German state, culture…


#EuroCommunism? In 1500s, #MessianicCommunists "seized all the money...Wages were doled out in kind by...the theocr…

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