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Definitions of "company"

  • A group of persons. noun
  • noun
  • One's companions or associates. noun
  • A guest or guests. noun
  • The state of friendly companionship; fellowship. noun
  • noun
  • A business enterprise; a firm. noun
  • A partner or partners not specifically named in a firm's title. noun
  • A troupe of dramatic or musical performers. noun
  • noun
  • A subdivision of a military regiment or battalion that constitutes the lowest administrative unit. It is usually under the command of a captain and is made up of at least two platoons. noun
  • A unit of firefighters. noun
  • A ship's crew and officers. noun
  • To accompany or associate with. intransitive verb
  • To keep company with someone; associate. intransitive verb
  • To accompany; attend; go with; be companion to.
  • To associate; join.
  • To live in company; associate; consort or keep company.
  • To be a gay companion.

The word "company" in example sentences

Worse, the apparently universal belief is that it is better to be scratchily out of sorts, or actually engaged in bitter hostilities, in some physical company at christmas, *irrespective of whether one has positively chosen or been chosen by that company* than either alone, or in chosen virtual company.. [Arrive at this post a little lost? Or tired? Fatigued and isolated?]

And Mix's simplistic notion that the company owner doesn't buy the power equipment but just pockets the money misses that the way for the owner to make more money is to invest in the tools to make his or her employees more effective and so be able as a *company* compete for larger, more lucrative contracts.. [You judge the new Tina Fey skit spoofing Sarah Palin.]

And the movie made Bevan 'and Sarah Radclyffe's company Working Title, which went on to become the major english independent producing company_______________________ New York, NY: I loved Saeed Jaffrey.. [Movie Club: 'My Beautiful Laundrette']

Mrs. Panton is a huge, protuberant woman, with a full-blown face, a bay wig, and artificial flowers; talking in an affected little voice, when she is in company, and when she has on her _company clothes and manners_; but bawling loud, in a vulgarly broad cockney dialect, when she is at her ease in her own house.. [Tales and Novels — Volume 07]

ALL, which sets the @company parameter to NULL and return results from the query as if there was no company filter.. [Simple Talk rss feed]

Burbage for a term of years which ended in about 1589_; that his work with Burbage from the time he entered his service was of a general nature, and more of a literary and dramatic than of an histrionic character, though it undoubtedly partook of both; that he worked in conjunction with both Richard Burbage and Edward Alleyn from the time he came to London in 1586-87 until 1591; that neither he nor Burbage were connected with the Queen's company, nor with the Curtain Theatre, during these years, _and that the ownership by the Burbage organisation of a number of old Queen's plays resulted from their absorption of Queen's men in 1591, when Pembroke's company was formed, and not from the supposed fact that James Burbage was at any time a member or the manager of the Queen's company_; that Robert Greene's attack upon Shakespeare as. [Shakespeare's Lost Years in London, 1586-1592]

: company def where_do_i_live company. address end end describe Pen do before (: each) do @company. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

: company def where_do_i_live company. address end end describe Pen do before (: each) do @company. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

: company def where_do_i_live company. address end end describe Pen do before (: each) do @company. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

UpdateCommand = "UPDATE prospects SET salespn = @salespn, class = @class, updated = GetDate (), company = @company, contact = @contact, title = @title, street = @street, city = @city, state. [ASP.NET Forums]

Today, everything must be under consideration after the company issued a formal warning that revenues would fall below expectations because "slower than expected consumer adoption of the company�. [Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now]

Information Week Sept 2007) Kurt Woetzel, Bank of New York Mellon's chief information officer, said the New York company is \ "leveraging the human capital of the company\" while in the midst of a massive organizational change, just four months after Bank of New York Co.. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

Whether the title company will be allergic to paying a claim arising under insured title, is a conversation for another time.. [Ron Gitter: Memo to First Time Buyers: How to Avoid Closing Cost Sticker Shock]

"In recording gaps like that, often times a title company will record a loan and not know about the former mortgage," Ms. Dollar said, because it won't show on the title report yet.. [Records Reveal Refinancing Practices of Accused FDA Insider]

An example: "You refinance your mortgage, the refinance closes, you go on your way and make payments to the mortgage company, but your title company hasn't remitted payoffs to the old company.". [Mortgage Scams in a Weak Housing Market]

If the title company fails to discover a valid lien against the property and insures the title free of such encumbrance, the buyer would be protected down the road against a claim made by the party asserting an interest in the real estate.. [Ron Gitter: Memo to First Time Buyers: How to Avoid Closing Cost Sticker Shock]

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