Character 13
Hyphenation com par a tive ly
Pronunciations /kəmˈpæɹ.ə.tɪvli/

Definitions and meanings of "Comparatively"

What do we mean by comparatively?

In a comparative manner.

When compared to other entities

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The word "comparatively" in example sentences

I should stress the word "comparatively," because many times those who are more successful within a family are also having their own financial problems, but because they do not exhibit the same signs of struggle as other family members, often they are viewed as "well off." ❋ Ryan Mack (2011)

The new thread by Blov, Changing Mexico, comparatively is like day and night. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I believe that this has led me to cite more articles in comparatively obscure and un-prestigious journals than I used to, and colleagues I've spoken with say the same thing. ❋ Unknown (2006)

A mix of tungsten and plastic polymer, it's 97 percent as dense as lead and even softer, which results in comparatively loose, long-range patterns. ❋ Unknown (2006)

The school, comparatively, is pretty well equipped. ❋ Unknown (1987)

Simultaneously with this, we pushed ahead on a similar activity designed to remove nickel from the armament class or a material used in comparatively small amounts in nickel silver, plating, coinage and nickel steel into a metal of universal application. ❋ Unknown (1956)

He seems to assume that power hunger, although only dominant in comparatively few people, is a natural instinct that does not have to be explained, like the desire for food. ❋ Unknown (1946)

Now you will notice that both those countries severed their connection with the past in comparatively modern times. ❋ Unknown (1927)

Uruguay is a very thinly covered country, entirely settled from Europe in comparatively modern times; a grazing country, not ordinary agriculture, almost all pastoral pursuits, a very prosperous, a very hardy people, a little fond of turning their political differences into fights, but otherwise a stable people, bound to be heard from in an important way as the world grows older. ❋ Unknown (1922)

I am optimistic enough to hope that before very long we shall have weathered the storm and once more sail in comparatively smooth waters. ❋ Unknown (1921)

These, however, are all seated figures, and, with the exception of the torso, are executed in comparatively soft materials. ❋ Unknown (1891)

Its irregular top is forest-crowned, but its nearly perpendicular walls of white or red rock afford scarcely roothold for trees, and it rises in comparatively barren solitude among the forest-covered mountains of the interior. ❋ Isabella Lucy (1883)

If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin -- comparatively none; all other sins being light compared with the rejection of the Son of God. now they have no cloak for their sin -- rather, "pretext." ❋ Unknown (1871)

Hence, instead of saying many things, he writes in comparatively few words (Heb 13: 22). ❋ Unknown (1871)

A few square yards of masonry remain comparatively unhurt. ❋ Unknown (1863)

A year before his death, it was my good fortune to be a shipmate of this great and excellent man; for great and excellent I do not hesitate to call him, although the remoteness of his sphere of action has left his name comparatively obscure. ❋ Horatio Bridge (1849)

Youth, health, beauty, understanding, are substantial goods; wealth and title comparatively ideal ones; I therefore think a young man who condescends to visit an old one, the healthy who visit the sick, the man of sense who spends his time with a fool, and even a handsome fellow with an ugly one, are the persons who confer the favor, whatever difference there may be in rank or fortune. ❋ Frances Brooke (1756)

Again, he cannot sin comparatively, as he did before he was born of ❋ Unknown (1721)

All in all they were known as a comparatively happily married couple, one of those whose disruption is often rumored but never occurs, and as the society columnist put it, they were adding more than a spice of adventure to their much envied and ever-enduring Romance by a Safari in what was known as Darkest Africa until the Martin Johnsons lighted it on so many silver screens where they were pursuing Old Simba the lion, the buffalo, Tembo the elephant and as well collecting specimens for the Museum of Natural History. ❋ Ernest Hemingway (2001)

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