Definitions of "Complaint"

An expression of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment. noun

A cause or reason for complaining; a grievance. noun

A bodily disorder or disease; a malady or ailment. noun

The symptom or distress about which a patient seeks medical assistance. noun

A formal statement initiating a lawsuit by specifying the facts and legal grounds for the relief sought. noun

A formal charge, made under oath, of the commission of a crime or other such offense. noun

An expression of grief, regret, pain, censure, resentment, or discontent; lamentation; faultfinding; murmuring. noun

That which is complained of; a cause of grief, discontent, lamentation, etc. noun

A cause of bodily pain or uneasiness; a malady; a disease; an ailment: usually applied to disorders not violent. noun

A formal accusation; a charge that an offense has been committed; especially, such a charge presented to an officer or a court for the purpose of instituting prosecution. noun

The word "Complaint" in example sentences

Yes, my main complaint is that the only issue about bundling was completely ignored by Kling's article, and I can't really see how it could have been an unintentional oversight considering the context that Microsoft has been in the news lately. Bundling II, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

Her main complaint is that Meyer broke the rules of her own storyverse by making Bella pregnant, then made it worse with a graphic birth scene, and then piled yet more weirdness on top of it by having Jacob mentally bond to the infant daughter as his soul mate. GEEKDAD PARENTS, KIDS AND THE STUFF WE OBSESS ABOUT 5 SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY BOOKS WE WISH HAD NEVER BEEN WRITTEN | Open Society Book Club Discussions and Reviews

As I said, though, my main complaint is he is threadjacking, so I will threadjack no more. The Volokh Conspiracy » Short Essay on Snyder v. Phelps, Part III: The Plaintiffs’ (not the Phelpsians’) Religious Freedom Argument

Considering that the “belligerence” and the “civil liberties violations” are pretty much the same 15 months into this administration, I gather that your main complaint is that people are calling Obama a fascist for the wrong reasons. The Volokh Conspiracy » Racism and The Tea Partiers

When it comes to that cut, Mr. Rigell's main complaint is that his opponent, Democrat Rep. Glenn Nye, hasn't done enough to stop it. Push to Cut Deficit Collides With Politics as Usual

I think the main complaint is when the division of labor is arrived at by default and not by discussion. Feminism and Just Price Theory, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

My main complaint is the “re-sellers” … I tried to get a few used electronic items only to get outbid by some guy who puts the same item up for auction the next week at a higher “minimum bid” or “buy now price”. Bits Forum: Do You Still Shop at eBay? - Bits Blog -

So first off, my main complaint is that there is a robot detecting my mood and telling me how to drive. Robot-Equipped Electric Eco Car: Nissan Pivo 2 | Inhabitat

Jay's main complaint is that science fiction writers lack imagination .... science-fiction writers appear to be even less able to imagine the future than the average cat. Does Science Fiction, in Fact, Suck?

Jay's main complaint is that science fiction writers lack imagination .... science-fiction writers appear to be even less able to imagine the future than the average cat. February 2007

If a complaint has to be published (and far more are received than are published; most are not valid or are trivial/self-serving), it should be edited so that the main complaint is clearly made so that readers can discern the argument. Truth and consequences ...

As you would expect, Turner's main complaint is about the programmes his own company is running, such as the Astute nuclear submarine and Type 45 destroyer. Is there a journalist in the house?

My main complaint is that it's very difficult, nigh on to impossible, to find small 10-lb. turkeys here. turkey time

My main complaint is that Kerry spent too much time on the issues, too much time defining himself instead of going after Bush. 10/01/2004

My main complaint is that the manner in which the "Big Questions" and "Super Thoughts" were presented wasn't compelling. REVIEW: Blade Runner (The Director's Cut)

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