Definitions and meanings of "Completing"

What do we mean by completing?

To finish; to make done; to reach the end.

To make whole or entire.

To call from the small blind in an unraised pot.

To the point of climax or ejaculation.  Urban Dictionary

(v) To ejaculate; to cum.  Urban Dictionary

A glass or bottle of beer measuring 625 ml. contrasted with a pint which is typically 500 ml. the word is from the french equivalent of 'complete' indicating that a 625 ml bottle of beer is just the right amount for a summers day and will leave you slightly more satisfied than just a pint. pronounced KOHM-PLEH, as in french.  Urban Dictionary

Having all the necessary parts or elements, lacking Nothing. "I wish i could explain your eyes. and your voice like as butterflies. Your Hart that is pure as gold. Your All words are epic, you ever told You are important for my life as air, For going to far from you, i've no dare. You are important for me as lyrics to music Beat, Come to me darling! and make me complete"  Urban Dictionary

In mathematical analysis, a metric space M is complete provided every Cauchy sequence of points in M converges to a point in M.  Urban Dictionary

The act of fufilling one's act of ejaculation  Urban Dictionary

The level at which a task(s) are finished or done  Urban Dictionary

Complete, finish, accomplish, no longer working towards.  Urban Dictionary

Add 'complete' to any adjective to make it more forceful, usually in a negative sense.  Urban Dictionary

Saviours of rock... no - all music as it exists today!  Urban Dictionary

The word "completing" in example sentences

How to use completing in a sentence? Example sentences with the completing, a sentence example for completing, and how to make completing in sample sentence, how do I use the word completing in a sentence? How do you spell completing in a sentence?

(The role of employment in 'completing' an education is ignored by CCS who seem to believe that a graduate should be 'ready baked'). ❋ Jonathan (2006)

Merritt's study found that state and local governments, the group most associated with issuing muni debt, were tardiest in completing their audits. ❋ Kelly Nolan (2010)

It's not just offering the courses, it having families who support each other in completing the programs, attending classes, doing the work, and making that a priority. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"And in completing the form, President Obama made official what we have long known: He is the nation's first African-American president." what, was he unofficially the first african-american president? do the census forms officially make us one race or another? is this really newsworthy? ❋ Unknown (2010)

Following up after his college graduation, he signed Dolph Lundgren to star, raised a few million dollars, lost that financing when Swaziland revoked permission to film, then found a few million more and succeeded in completing the picture in less than peaceful Southwest Africa (now Namibia). ❋ Unknown (2010)

Incidentally, even if Whitman's nanny agency handled the I-9, that doesn't let her off the hook for violations in completing the form. ❋ Phil Trounstine (2010)

If you consider yourself a person who has climbed great heights or ran great lengths to find God, then I ask that you consider the story of Christ in completing this journey and blazing the paths of a new one. ❋ Jesse Wisnewski (2009)

And in completing the form, President Obama made official what we have long known: He is the nation's first African-American president. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Naturally Jorge, Daniel, David and I have the largest assignments, but I am hugely proud to see that (a) we had lots of community participation and (b) those who did participate were hugely successful in completing their actions. ❋ Unknown (2010)

IF they are successful in completing that phase of the process, they shouldn't have any problems with a public hearing. ❋ Unknown (2009)

An impossibly round eight-year-old Junior Wilderness Explorer named Russell (voiced by Jordan Nagai) comes to the house, interested in completing his “Assist the Elderly” badge. ❋ Unknown (2009)

My dream is that the school would allow the kids a little leniency in completing their homework since I kept them home a full week to keep them from infecting other people. ❋ Unknown (2009)

BP said the added $7.7 billion charge was partly due to a month-long delay in completing the relief well that finally sealed its runaway Gulf well in September. ❋ Guy Chazan (2010)

There was no extra burden at all in completing that form. ❋ Unknown (2010)

But, God help the average person in completing this task alone. ❋ Unknown (2009)

That in completing it he saves the Rebellion is a happy coincidence. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I gave him a blowjob to completion, then [gobbled] his [load]. My date [sucked] me to completion, then gobbled my load. ❋ Flossy Spacek (2009)

Yeah, I just [completed] when I [saw that], [no joke]. ❋ Dongo (2006)

a good old complet of [pabst] by the river won't leave me [heavy-handed] nor empty. we can get more bang for our buck buying a complet instead of a [pint]. ❋ Uglyfriends (2013)

My [better half] completes me! ...[wish] i was [complete]! ❋ 140CM (2022)

R^n, the set of n-tuples of real numbers, and l_2, the set of square-summable sequences, are complete. Q, the set of all rational numbers, is not complete. For example, the sequence 3, 3.1, 3.14, 3.141, [3.1415], 3.14159... where each term is a further approximation to pi, is [Cauchy] in Q but does not converge to a [rational number]. ❋ Subsequence (2010)

[Oh man], [that chick] was so hot that when she [bent over], I think I completed... ❋ Neo2129 (2003)

She [finished] her [homework] to completity ❋ B Randt (2019)

[Someday]... I'm [gonna] [completer] that. ❋ The Pie (2006)

[You are a] [complete fuck head]! It was a complete [disaster]. ❋ Sylvy (2006)

Man - I can't wait till [Complete's] [Hoogie] [Boogie] Land album is released. ❋ Gatjedi (2007)

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