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Definitions of "complex"

  • Consisting of interconnected or interwoven parts; composite. adjective
  • Composed of two or more units: a complex carbohydrate. adjective
  • Involved or intricate, as in structure; complicated. adjective
  • Grammar Consisting of at least one bound form. Used of a word. adjective
  • Grammar Consisting of an independent clause and at least one other independent or dependent clause. Used of a sentence. adjective
  • A whole composed of interconnected or interwoven parts: a complex of cities and suburbs; the military-industrial complex. noun
  • In psychology, a group of related, often repressed ideas and impulses that compel characteristic or habitual patterns of thought, feelings, and behavior. No longer in scientific use. noun
  • An exaggerated or obsessive concern or fear. noun
  • Medicine The combination of factors, symptoms, or signs of a disease or disorder that forms a syndrome. noun
  • Made up of multiple parts; intricate or detailed. adjective
  • Not simple or straightforward. adjective
  • Of a number, of the form a + bi, where a and b are real numbers and i is the square root of −1. adjective
  • A curve, polygon or other figure that crosses or intersects itself. adjective
  • A problem. noun
  • A collection of buildings with a common purpose, such as a university or military base. noun
  • A psychologically based dislike or fear of a particular thing. noun
  • A thunderstorm that forms when two storm fronts collide. noun
  • A structure consisting of a central atom or molecule weakly connected to surrounding atoms or molecules. noun
  • To form a complex with another substance verb

The word "complex" in example sentences

Then is Perception, in the prefent way of confidering it, faid to be fimple, when the Objeft of it is fimple, and then complex when the Objeft of it is complex* And fince the intire and ade - quate Objeft of Thought (as will hereafter ap - pear) is cpmprifed within the compafs of Ideas and of their Relations, we may more explicitly fay that then is Perception fimple when it is tlie Contemplation of Ideas only, and then complex when with the Ideas it takes in alfo the Confideration of their Relations and effen - tial Habitudes.. [An Essay Towards the Theory of the Ideal Or Intelligible World. Design'd for ...]

78 Day 4 The variable z so defined has now a real and an imaginary part that can be individually addressed using, respectively, the syntax: __real__ z and __imag__ z Similarly, the next declaration produces a complex variable of 32-bit integer type: __complex__ int x;. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

I shuddered a little on encountering the phrase "complex polyvocal, transhistorical schematic.". [Keeper of the Affirming Flame]

The term complex is used by doctors to describe a person who is between being fully alert and unconscious.. [WebMD Health]

But believe me when I say this complex is there, an ugly little current pushing female characters toward one pole or the other.. [Virgins and whores at SF Novelists]

The commission will also work out a strategy to tackle what it calls the "complex phenomenon" of illegal music downloading.. [EU Lays Out New Plans on Piracy, Music Rights]

Developed by Heydey Partnership, the complex is aiming to prove that modern sustainably built homes can be affordable as well.. [Adrianne Jeffries | Inhabitat]

Their incoming top officer, General Jim Amos, recently told an audience the Corps has long been adept at quickly solving what he called complex and nasty security problems.. [Marines Need To Regain 'Maritime Soul,' Gates Says]

Much of it from the complex is then pre-treated and piped to the Morrisville wastewater treatment plant.. [Living High on Trash: The Falls and Tullytown PA landfill expand and accept radioactive materiel too.]

CHRIS LAWRENCE, CNN PENTAGON CORRESPONDENT: Tony, U.S. officials are now telling CNN that the insurgents attacked these troops with what they call complex attacks, meaning that the insurgents used one or more roadside bombs in conjunction with small arms fire to attack the armored vehicles that these troops were riding in.. [CNN Transcript Oct 27, 2009]

One of the Canadian guys in our complex is the gardener for all of us, and he just started planting a few orchids in the vees of some of the trees, anchoring the soil with wire.. [Gardening in San Miguel]

He was trying to efface jealousy with what he called complex marriages.. [lazarus Diary Entry]

Saga representative Martin Hood told the National Assembly's safety and security committee public hearings on the bill that it would cost at least R500-million, and possibly as much as R2-billion, to try to apply what he described as a complex and confused measure.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

In the realm of psychology a complex is an overreaction to some perceived threat.. [The Prison-Industrial Complex]

The main temple of the complex is a relatively small pyramid (less than 40 steps to the top) but very impressive nonetheless.. [The main temple of the complex is a relatively small pyramid (less than 40 steps to the top) but very impressive nonetheless. The surrounding courtyard walls show excellent architectural detail.]

Stals said volatile changes in the net gold and foreign exchange reserves in recent months had contributed to what he called a complex financial situation currently.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

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