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Definitions of "components"

  • Plural form of component. noun

The word "components" in example sentences

It's in the order that the label components are created.. [All Discussion Groups: Message List - root]

The second part of Samsung's complaint is purely over the use of the word "components" as opposed to "component".. [ | Top Stories]

"The commercial's use of the word 'components' represents that it is more than just one part of Kogan's televisions that is the same as in Samsung televisions," it reads.. [ | Top Stories]

The plot calls for different components from a designer other than Stark.. [Take a look at the Iron Man 2 poster | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News]

China already leads the world in wind turbine manufacturing by a large margin, and its global market share in solar components is at least 40% and rising.. [Leo Hindery, Jr.: Is "going green" enough of an answer for our economy?]

There are four main components to a new strategy for such efforts:. [Wonk Room » The Corporate Connection To Crimes Against Humanity In Congo]

Designed as a collaborative effort between David Baker + Partners and Fletcher Studio, the Zero-Energy building has four main components:. [Xero Project Set To Green the City of Dallas | Inhabitat]

GM and SAIC said in their press release the joint effort to develop more "new energy" vehicles and components is a "core element" of their strategic cooperation and could include the co-development of key components, a new electric vehicle platform or vehicle underpinnings for China.. [GM, SAIC Join Forces on Technology]

Replacing blood lost with whole blood or its equivalent in components doesn't just help restore clotting.. [U.S. military medics use old and new techniques to save wounded in Afghanistan]

The rate of survival was nearly nine times as high for the people who got whole blood (or the equivalent of it in components) as for those who got mostly red blood cells and IV fluid.. [U.S. military medics use old and new techniques to save wounded in Afghanistan]

Life on earth at its most fundamental level, in its most critical components, is the product of intelligent activity.. [Behe]

I will agree that the demarcation line between the meta-culture and its components is unclear.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » “Do ‘Family Values’ Weaken Families?”]

Tort reform is my biggest pet peeve; frivolous law suits are one of the main components of rising health care costs.. [CNN Radio: Harkin and Schweitzer talk health care]

A traditional Hainan Chicken Rice has three main components: poached chicken, chicken rice, and chicken consomm é.. [Dish: Black Hainan Chicken Rice]

The two main components of WhipperSnapper are malted barley (the same stuff they make Scotch from, although this barley is from Oregon) and un-aged or "white dog" Kentucky corn whiskey (from whence comes bourbon).. [Tony Sachs: When the Leaves Turn Brown, So Does the Booze: Three New Whiskeys for Autumn]

Certain components that winemakers put in wines (i.e. egg whites for fining, egg proteins to kill gram-positve bacteria like malo-actic bacteria, etc.) should trigger a mandatory note like WINE CONTAINS DERIVATIVES OF EGGS is helpful for those with egg allergies.. [What do you want on a back label? | Dr Vino's wine blog]

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  • PronunciationsK AH0 M P OW1 N AH0 N T S
  • Character10
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