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Definitions of "compotier"

  • A dish for holding compotes, fruit, etc.; a compote dish, or compote{2}. noun
  • A china or glass dish in which stewed or preserved fruit, or the like, is served. Also, sometimes, compote. noun

The word "compotier" in example sentences

Let them steep a few minutes; then remove them; then build the oranges into a pyramid on the compotier, and the last thing before going to table pour the syrup, well boiled and cold, over them.. [Choice Cookery]

Prepare some pears as in the last recipe, except that the tops are not to be cut off; color half the number a pale pink by adding a few drops of cochineal to the syrup in which they are simmered; dress them alternately, a pink pear and a white one, in the compotier; pour over each the pink and white syrup in which they were cooked, and pour syrup flavored with vanilla round them.. [Choice Cookery]

The apples should now have an even glossy surface; as each is finished put it at once into the compotier.. [Choice Cookery]

_ -- Take the largest French or Spanish chestnuts, make slits in the peel, and boil till tender; take off the shell, and press them flat without breaking; lay them in a saucepan; pour over them thick syrup; put them in the oven, but do not let them boil; when they look quite clear take them up, put them into the compotier, boil the syrup to candy height, squeeze into the compotier the juice of an orange, and pour the candy over the chestnuts.. [Choice Cookery]

_ -- Select a quart of fine large berries, rather under than over ripe; boil three quarters of a pound of sugar to the crack; drop the strawberries into the syrup after it is removed from the fire; return them to the range; let them boil gently once; take out the berries most carefully with the skimmer; lay them on the compotier; boil the syrup fast, skimming it carefully then pour it over the fruit.. [Choice Cookery]

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Compotier sur piedouche ancien en porcelaine de Limoges Blanche et Or Chic et Sobre//Antique Stand Cake, Macaroons…


Ancien français Porcelaine opaque de Gien Stand Cake Pink transferware 19th//Ancien Compotier porcelaine opaque Gie…


Antique Stand Cake in earthenware of Badonviller France Turc Pattern XIX - Antique Compotier en Faïence de Badonvil…


Antique Art Deco Stand Cake Porcelain Blue roses Modenist Pattern 1930-Art déco Compotier en porcelaine au décor de…

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