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Comprehensive Comprehensive layout, the page layout of a proposed design as initially presented by the designer to a client Comprehensive school, a state school that does not select its intake on the basis of academic achievement or aptitude Comprehensive examination, an exam taken in some countries by graduates.

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Definitions of "comprehensive"

  • So large in scope or content as to include much: a comprehensive history of the revolution. adjective
  • Marked by or showing extensive understanding: comprehensive knowledge. adjective
  • An examination or series of examinations covering the entire field of major study, given in the final undergraduate or graduate year of college. Often used in the plural. noun
  • A preliminary layout showing all the elements planned for an advertisement. noun
  • Broadly or completely covering; including a large proportion of something. adjective
  • A comprehensive school. noun
  • Including much; comprising many things; having a wide scope or a full view. adjective
  • Having the power to comprehend or understand many things. adjective
  • Possessing peculiarities that are characteristic of several diverse groups. adjective
  • Comprehending, including, or embracing much in a comparatively small compass; containing much within narrow limits.
  • More specifically Having the quality of comprehending or including a great number of particulars or a wide extent, as of space or time; of large scope; capacious.
  • Having the power to comprehend or understand.
  • Synonyms and Broad, extensive, large, capacious.
  • In logic, intensive; relating to logical comprehension.
  • In biology, of a general or synthetic type of structure. See synthetic. 3.
  • An establishment in which cotton-bales are compressed for transportation. noun
  • an intensive examination testing a student's proficiency in some special field of knowledge noun
  • broad in scope adjective
  • including all or everything adjective

The word "comprehensive" in example sentences

The Bush administration tended not to use "comprehensive," a code word for peace between Israel and all its remaining Arab adversaries: the Palestinians, Syria and Lebanon.. [The Washington Times stories: Latest Headlines]

First, we dropped the word comprehensive from the title of the bill.. [The Good Fight]

He uses the term comprehensive immigration reform a lot more often.. [CNN Transcript Jul 14, 2008]

As a price for this deal — which will likely require Berlin committing to lend more money to weak euro-zone states if needed — Germany wants what it calls a comprehensive agreement aimed at improving the competitiveness of euro-zone countries' economies.. [Europe Summit to Focus on Funds]

Besides summit diplomacy, he says China will pursue country-specific, region-specific and area-specific diplomacy in what he described as a "comprehensive" and "coordinated way".. [Chinese Foreign Relations to Focus on More Active Diplomacy]

They say APEC will move toward a more concrete vision of the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific, including what they call comprehensive, high quality liberalization to address "next generation" trade and investment issues.. [APEC Leaders Conclude Summit, Obama Heads Home]

Mr. Skubel has since completed what he describes as a comprehensive two-week training program and is now setting up his franchise in his hometown of Tallahassee, Fla.. [New Programs Steer Veterans, Families to Entrepreneurship]

President Obama announcing what he calls a comprehensive new strategy for the war in Afghanistan, including thousands of additional troops.. [CNN Transcript Mar 27, 2009]

He also in March announced what he called a comprehensive new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, marking the conclusion of a careful policy review.. [CNN Transcript Oct 11, 2009]

There was yet another sweeping plan of action today from President Obama, this one involving what he calls a comprehensive strategy for countering Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan.. [CNN Transcript Mar 27, 2009]

The company's goal is to build what it terms a comprehensive sustainability index that measures the environmental impact of each product Wal-Mart sells.. [Wal-Mart to Assign New 'Green' Ratings]

McCain said the American people want border security first, before what he calls comprehensive immigration reform.. [CNN Transcript Jul 7, 2008]

But President Calderon said he wouldn't say who or where they are until the United States passes what he called comprehensive immigration reform granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.. [CNN Transcript Apr 23, 2008]

And that it's just one piece of what they call a comprehensive long-term plan to reduce America's use of foreign oil.. [CNN Transcript Aug 5, 2008]

President Calderon, however, decided to bring up what he called comprehensive immigration reform, saying he realizes the presidential election year, so it's not going to happen this year, but he said he hopes the U.S. government deals with it next year by bringing, quote, "respect and responsibility to the process".. [CNN Transcript Apr 21, 2008]

YELLIN: The campaign explains the switch saying that current high gas prices constitute a crisis for many Americans, and that is just one piece of what they call a comprehensive long-term plan to reduce America's use of foreign oil.. [CNN Transcript Aug 4, 2008]

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etraflıca. geniş. ayrıntılı. çok yönlü.etraflıca. geniş. ayrıntılı. çok yönlü.

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