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Definitions of "condition"

  • A mode or state of being: "The Organization Man survives as a modern classic because it captures a permanent part of our social condition” ( Robert J. Samuelson). See Synonyms at state. noun
  • A state of health. noun
  • A state of readiness or physical fitness. noun
  • A disease or physical ailment: a heart condition. noun
  • Social position; rank. noun
  • One that is indispensable to the appearance or occurrence of another; prerequisite: Compatibility is a condition of a successful marriage. noun
  • One that restricts or modifies another; a qualification. noun
  • Existing circumstances: Conditions in the office made concentration impossible. noun
  • Grammar The dependent clause of a conditional sentence; protasis. noun
  • Logic A proposition on which another proposition depends; the antecedent of a conditional proposition. noun
  • Law A provision making the effect of a legal instrument contingent on the occurrence of an uncertain future event. noun
  • Law The event itself. noun
  • An unsatisfactory grade given to a student, serving notice that deficiencies can be made up by the completion of additional work. noun
  • Obsolete Disposition; temperament. noun
  • To make dependent on a condition or conditions. verb-transitive
  • To stipulate as a condition. verb-transitive
  • To render fit for work or use. verb-transitive
  • To accustom (oneself or another) to; adapt: had to condition herself to long hours of hard work; conditioned the troops to marches at high altitudes. verb-transitive
  • To air-condition. verb-transitive

The word "condition" in example sentences

"The country is in such a condition, that if we delay longer some fair measure of reform, sufficient at least to satisfy the more moderate, and much more, if we refuse all reform whatsoever -- I say, if _we adopt so unwise a policy, the country is in such a condition_ that we may precipitate a revolution.". [How to Write Clearly Rules and Exercises on English Composition]

In general, _an interest is an unsatisfied capacity, corresponding to an unrealized condition, and it is predisposition to such rearrangement as would tend to realize the indicated condition_.. [Introduction to the Science of Sociology]

If any doubt about the valid administration is left, the infant after delivery should be carefully baptized _under condition_, as it is called; that is, with the condition added that, if the former ceremony was validly conferred, there is no intention of giving a second baptism.. [Moral Principles and Medical Practice The Basis of Medical Jurisprudence]

Matters went on pretty well with us until my master was seized with a severe fit of illness, in consequence of which his literary scheme was completely defeated, and his condition in life materially injured; of course, the glad tones of encouragement which I had been accustomed to hear were changed into expressions of condolence, and sometimes assurances of unabated friendship; but then it must be remembered that I, the handsomest blue coat, was _still in good condition_, and it will perhaps appear, that if I were not my master's. [The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 10, No. 262, July 7, 1827]

_condition precedent_; -- but the meeting disregard it -- reject the condition, and gravely resolve to accept _a resignation_, which had not yet been tendered to them.. [A Review and Exposition, of the Falsehoods and Misrepresentations, of a Pamphlet Addressed to the Republicans of the County of Saratoga, Signed, "A Citizen"]

The fill level can be indicative of the temperature at which a wine was stored, and the label condition can be a sign of whether or not a wine was professionally stored.. [Investing in Liquid Assets]

Johnston's response said his mother's "chronic pain condition is currently being managed in coordination with the Department of Corrections.". [Bristol Palin-Levi Johnston child custody fight goes public]

The win condition is that when you get news of something terrible happening to someone who smeared Ben Gay all over your friend's locker or pushed another friend down the stairs or any of the other lovely things that happened in high school, you are not glad.. [Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway]

The win condition is that you can only remember the names of the ones who were kind and/or interesting to you.. [Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway]

The win condition is not that your high school classmates flock around you telling you how much they respected the theorem you just proved or the book you just wrote or the marketing decision you just made or the way you just handled your kid's tantrum.. [Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway]

This condition is also known as Absolute Pitch and is the ability of a person to identify or recreate a given musical note without the benefit of an external reference.. [Five Superpowers People Can Really Have | myFiveBest]

In the movie, few people comment on his condition – they simply accept him as different, whereas in the short story, his condition is a social embarrassment to everyone associated with him.. [Not a city in Italy : Bev Vincent]

This condition is also called pulmonic stenosis or pulmonary valve stenosis.. [Pulmonary Stenosis]

This condition is also known as aortic insufficiency.. [Aortic Regurgitation]

If a condition is autosomal dominant, a person who carries one copy of the gene containing a mutation will usually manifest some signs of that condition.. [Genetics and Alagille Syndrome]

This condition is the faster growth of one limb on one side of the body in comparison with the other side.. [Diagnosing and treating pediatric hepatoblastoma]

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