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Hyphenation con duct ive
Pronunciations /kənˈdʌktɪv/

Definitions and meanings of "Conductive"

What do we mean by conductive?

Exhibiting conductivity. adjective

Having the power or property of conducting: as, conductive bodies. See conductivity.

Resulting from conduction: as, the conductive discharge of electricity.

Having the quality or power of conducting. adjective

Able to conduct electrical current or heat adjective

Of, or relating to conductivity of a material adjective

Having the quality or power of conducting heat or electricity or sound; exhibiting conductivity adjective

Able to conduct electrical current or heat.

Of, or relating to conductivity of a material.

When heat or electricity is moving from place to another Urban Dictionary

Conduct Urban Dictionary

To have set something alight. Used amongst professional pyromaniac. Urban Dictionary

When heat or electricity is moving from place to place Urban Dictionary

Conduct disorder is a set of ongoing emotional and behavioral problems that occurs in children and teens. Problems may involve defiant or impulsive behavior, drug use, or criminal activity. Children with conduct disorder may go on to develop personality disorders as adults, particularly antisocial personality disorder. As their behaviors worsen, these individuals may also develop problems with drug abuse and the law. Urban Dictionary

A vaguely defined charge that any police office can exploit to arrest anyone they want. Urban Dictionary

The act of performing a heroic task in a god like manner. Urban Dictionary

Gettin in fucking trouble at school Urban Dictionary

Something that usually happens in shop class. Penis Conduction is like initiation or a dare, when you make an electrical circut using batteries and wires and complete the circuit using your penis. THis usually ends in what people like to call a feeling that feels like getting head, although this is unaccurate. Urban Dictionary

Conduct that is above and beyond the call of duty. Going beyond what is the norm. Behaviour that is extraordinary. Urban Dictionary

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The word "conductive" in example sentences

Timex Indiglo watches, on the other hand, excites a phosphor (zinc sulphide atoms) using a high-voltage field through a thin conductive indium tin oxide layer. ❋ Da_lj (2007)

I would add that our materials are also thermally conductive, which is an added benefit depending on the application. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Another procedure, called conductive keratoplasty, was just approved by the FDA. ❋ Unknown (2004)

He points out that there are very few materials that are known to be both transparent and conductive, which is why ITO is still being used despite its drawbacks. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Tasers, also known as conductive energy weapons, disable people with a 50,000-volt jolt of electricity, and have become increasingly popular with police around the world. ❋ Unknown (2009)

When Lara learned Jackson has Cerebral Palsy, her research took her to something called conductive therapy. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Loss in the low frequencies are called conductive hearing loss. ❋ Unknown (2009)

In 2002, Hersh conducted a third, different procedure known as a conductive keratoplasty, or a CK, that helps farsighted patients get better near - and distance vision. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Instead, contributions to informal logic are frequently characterized by contrary assumptions about the goals and methods of informal logic; about the usefulness of fallacies and formal logic as a way to conceptualize ordinary argument; about the proper understanding of the relationship between inductive and "conductive" arguments ❋ Groarke, Leo (2007)

Some argue for a basic typology of argument which countenances other kinds of argument that need to be distinguished from inductive genralizations: most frequently, "conductive" and "abductive" arguments. ❋ Groarke, Leo (2007)

PCT touch sensors have no vulnerable front-face-active components, such as conductive coatings, lenses or acoustic transducers. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Unlike most other touch technologies, PCT touch sensors have no vulnerable front-face-active components, such as conductive coatings, lenses or acoustic transducers. ❋ Unknown (2010)

But a recently completed airborne survey by La Mancha identified at least 22 previously untested '' conductive '' zones considered by Empire to be prospective for copper/gold sulphide mineralisation. ❋ Unknown (2010)

"Omg [Linda]! You [shocked] me!!" "It [must have been] conduction" ❋ Sexyass1415 (2016)

a focus on the specific methodologies and [technical] skills needed to plan, [organise], [coordinate] or conduct, ❋ Ardian1234 (2017)

"Hey man, ([slobbers]), I just conducted a small pigeon!" "That's nothing! The other day I conducted [some guy's] hairdo right after I [skooged] him!" ❋ Alex Quantashassle (2005)

"Omg [Linda] you [shocked] me" "It [must of] been conduction" ❋ Boosebunger (2017)

[My son] was diagnosed with conduct disorder at [12] ❋ QXZ (2021)

The skater was [charged] with [disorderly conduct] for possessing a skateboard and refusing to hand it to the [police officer]. The man was charged with disorderly conduct for refusing to state his name. ❋ Gavitron (2009)

Boy 1: [I ran] into that burning building and saved a baby Girl 1: [damn you] just [conducted a margiela]! ❋ Hercules_like_human (2023)

Being [warned] by [the teacher] ❋ AgentGOD (2004)

[Mike]: "Ok [Jerry], [put your dick in it]." Jerry: AHAAAA!!!!! ❋ Spade713 (2005)

John has been awarded a [medal] for [meritorious conduct] while rescuing 5 people from a [fire]. ❋ Ivansteel (2006)

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