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A confession is a statement – made by a person or by a group of persons – acknowledging some personal fact that the person (or the group) would ostensibly prefer to keep hidden. The term presumes that the speaker is providing information that he believes the other party is not already aware of, and is frequently associated with an admission of a moral or legal wrong: In one sense it is the acknowledgment of having done something wrong, whether on purpose or not. Thus confessional texts usually provide information of a private nature previously unavailable. What a sinner tells a priest in the confessional, the documents criminals sign acknowledging what they have done, an autobiography in which the author acknowledges mistakes, and so on, are all examples of confessional texts. Not all confessions reveal wrongdoing, however. For example, a confession of love is often considered positive both by the confessor and by the recipient of the confession, and is a common theme in literature. With respect to confessions of wrongdoing, there are several specific kinds of confessions that have significance beyond the social. A legal confession involves an admission of some wrongdoing that has legal consequence, while the concept of confession in religion varies widely across various belief systems, and is usually more akin to a ritual by which the person acknowledges thoughts or actions considered sinful or morally wrong within the confines of the confessor's religion. In some religions, confession takes the form of an oral communication to another person. Socially, however, the term may refer to admissions that are neither legally nor religiously significant..

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Definitions of "confess"

  • To disclose (something damaging or inconvenient to oneself); admit. See Synonyms at acknowledge. verb-transitive
  • To acknowledge belief or faith in; profess. verb-transitive
  • To make known (one's sins) to God or to a priest. verb-transitive
  • To hear the confession of (a penitent). verb-transitive
  • To admit or acknowledge something damaging or inconvenient to oneself: The suspect confessed to the crime. verb-intransitive
  • To disclose one's sins to a priest. verb-intransitive
  • To listen to a confession. verb-intransitive
  • To admit to the truth, particularly in the context of sins or crimes committed verb
  • To disclose or reveal verb
  • To make confession; to disclose sins or faults, or the state of the conscience. verb-intransitive
  • To acknowledge; to admit; to concede. verb-intransitive
  • To make acknowledgment or avowal in a matter pertaining to one's self; to acknowledge, own, or admit, as a crime, a fault, a debt. verb-transitive
  • To acknowledge faith in; to profess belief in. verb-transitive
  • To admit as true; to assent to; to acknowledge, as after a previous doubt, denial, or concealment. verb-transitive
  • verb-transitive
  • To make known or acknowledge, as one's sins to a priest, in order to receive absolution; -- sometimes followed by the reflexive pronoun. verb-transitive
  • To hear or receive such confession; -- said of a priest. verb-transitive
  • To disclose or reveal, as an effect discloses its cause; to prove; to attest. verb-transitive
  • To make avowal or admission of, as of a fault, a crime, a charge, a debt, or something that is against one's interest or reputation; own; acknowledge; avow.

The word "confess" in example sentences

One of my character traits, I must confess, is believing in extraordinary expectations ..... [Riggleman: Nats will make move by mid-'12]

God also forgives those who earnestly seek him and truly confess from the heart concerning their sin.. [Sen. John Ensign resigns GOP leadership post]

Aside from my weak lapse into theistic belief (which I confess is irrational and illogical), what have I written so far that would you disagree with, and why?. [Contentment]

Me: Aside from my weak lapse into theistic belief (which I confess is irrational and illogical), what have I written so far that would you disagree with, and why? hrun: The part about that 'logical atheists' would have no basis on which to base their opposition to slavery.. [Contentment]

Nobu whispers to Chiharu that waiting for Otani to take the initiative to confess is like fishing in a swimming pool.. [Lovely Complex ep 17 « Undercover]

Of course my interest in comparative religions and theosophies might convince some folks I'm a few bricks short of the wall … all I will confess is that strange things tend to happen, all I hope to do when I sit down is catch some of the strangeness and share it.. [Temple: Incarnations preorder update]

You are right though that Brown does get a high competence rating for the economy which I confess is a worry.. [Can I have that but in blue please]

I confess is not an entirely resolved disquiet but there it is.. [Archive 2007-04-15]

But the outcome obtained when both confess is worse for each than the outcome they would have obtained had both remained silent.. [Coyote Blog » 2005 » May]

Part of my surprise at my own reaction, I confess, is that I was never a Mariah fan before.. [In Need of Recovery |]

That, I must confess, is as difficult for your representatives abroad to understand as it is puzzling to foreign observers.. [The View From Washington]

That, I must confess, is almost exactly how I feel on this occasion.. [Canada and Barbados]

For this reason, that thus the baptizers might assert, and the baptized confess,. [From the Talmud and Hebraica]

Now, Phineas, confess; is not this common a lovely place, especially of a morning?. [John Halifax, Gentleman]

The best on't is, I believe none of them, unless it be that of my Lady Newport, which I must confess is so like her that if it be not true 'twas at least excellently fancied.. [Letters from Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple (1652-54)]

And this, I must confess, is a merit in my eyes, I being of a sociable disposition!. [Six to Sixteen: A Story for Girls]

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TurkishConfess English to Turkish Translate
(f). itiraf etmek; ikrar etmek; teyit etmek, doğrulamak teslim etmek; günah çıkartmak; şiir belli etmek. confesedly (z). itiraf kabilinden, teslim ederek.(f). itiraf etmek; ikrar etmek; teyit etmek, doğrulamak teslim etmek; günah çıkartmak; şiir belli etmek. confesedly (z). itiraf kabilinden, teslim ederek.

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  • Pronunciations(kən-fĕsˈ)
  • Character7
  • Hyphenation con fess


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