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Definitions of "coning"

  • Present participle of cone. verb

The word "coning" in example sentences

Ear candling, also called coning, involves hollow candles made from a cylinder of fabric covered with wax.. [Clearing Wax Buildup]

Here's one way to stop that drive-thru coning epidemic: make the inside of your restaurant more fun than the outside.. [McDonalds Channel: Burger Joint Launching In-Restaurant TV Network]

It looked a very brutal game, shown by how bloody Shaw looked after only coning on with 20 minutes to go.. [Wales v England: five things we learned from Six Nations 2011 opener]

But he knew that the biggest risk he faced was an increased swelling in the brain that can result in "coning", where the brain stem sinks into the spinal cord, resulting in death.. [Brain haemorrhage: How climbing mountains saved me]

You clearly illustrate how to keep coning down the focus.. [Re-Write Wednesday: Keeping Focused]

The plot: Charlie Tully and womanising Reggie Peek con two rich Italians out of £500,000 but during their flight out Charlie is arrested for coning an American and a dog.. [Ooh... You Are Awful]

He's a sleazy pimp with one Shaniqua and two coning up.. [McCain: Americans Should Be Afraid -- Very Afraid -- Of President Obama]

Some farmers were busy winnowing the crop on the road, coning off one side of it for a fifty-yard stretch with an infant sat down at either end, presumably calculating that, although drivers would certainly run over cones, they might just think twice about children.. [Wildwood]

A long elegant neck, coning down to a sharpened tip on one end and flaring slightly towards the stern, with chrome testicles like underslung engines, streamlined to minimise air resistance.. [The Unusual Genitals Party]

I really enjoy the process of ear coning or ear candling.. [Jessica Simpson “Oprah” Sneak Peek VIDEO]

My colleague then stays at this position coning and signing and I run back to the bridge.. [Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime. « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

I have high hope for the Amy Poehler sit-com coning along in a few weeks.. [TV stuff]

TINA FEY, "30 ROCK": I want to thank my daughter Alice for being the funniest person in my family, for coning phrases like "I want to go to there" and sometimes just putting on pretend makeup in the mirror and she will turn to me and say, "I look like Barack Obama," has somehow gotten it in her head that it's a good thing to resemble a famous politician.. [CNN Transcript Jan 26, 2009]

The Lockheed Electra had a really cool coning instability in the engine mounts that occasionally, and for quite a while mysteriously, would tear off a wing.. [The bailout fails!]

But what do expect coning from a "less than professional" administration.. ["The Case for Impeachment" program now available online]

The usual Al Quaeda tape will be coning out about the same time, manufactured by the Republicans, to warn us to not vote Republican Osama Bin Rove.. [Think Progress » White House Launches Campaign To Politicize Saddam Verdict Ahead of Midterm Elections]

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