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Definitions of "conjugating"

  • Present participle of conjugate. verb

The word "conjugating" in example sentences

So we know that conjugating verbs must not be hard, because we do it all the time without thinking.. [Basic verb conjugation]

“You could see them kids milling around out there, conjugating irregular verbs—you knew it was gonna get ugly.”. [Grammar Police Brutality Charged in Subject-Verb Disagreement]

Bibliophile Bullpen: conjugating the verb "to google" skip to main | skip to sidebar. [conjugating the verb "to google"]

Tuesday, June 02, 2009 conjugating the verb "to google". [conjugating the verb "to google"]

I wonder if you were lucid all those mornings you slept through class, if you were conjugating Greek declensions, parsing Hebrew in your dreams.. [Oh, Cardinal Directions!]

Note also that this new book she is RELEASING (nobody should be conjugating the verb "to write" with respect to this farce) is a collection of things written and created by OTHER PEOPLE.. [Second Palin book due in November]

Following 8 years of French in school in the US conjugating verbs and reading French, I attended the Alliance where you are forced to speak but I got and added dividend.. [Best Tips for Learning French - French Word-A-Day]

Of the seven rules for conjugating the past tense in Old English, only one has survived.. [SuperCooperators]

She cast a condescending look at his groin, which did more to dampen his arousal than conjugating Latin ever had.. [How to Woo a Reluctant Lady]

Congenitally unathletic, with memories of British winters when I would much rather be inside a cozy classroom conjugating Latin than playing lumpy tennis with wooden rackets, my early childhood failures had left me with an ingrained belief about the severely limited capabilities of my body.. [Qanta Ahmed, MD: SoulCycle: Breathe, Believe, Let the Journey Begin]

I've seen them in scores — intellectual troops of barely-adults, conjugating with the unseen frequencies of electricity and broadband waves, headphones blocking out the sounds of the world in preference to Facebook and the Auto-tuned voice of Kanye West.. [Hunting Season]

Miss Dolan, an exacting English teacher who demanded that both the rules of school and the rules of conjugating Latin verbs be followed with the same precision, despised it when kids wore hats or jackets in school.. [Ann Handley: Sarah and Me: Junior High with Sarah Palin]

As far as conjugating verbs is concerned, you'll get by nicely with simple present and past tense to begin with.. [Learning to speak Spanish]

Linguists have cataloged dozens of ways that human language, with its fabulously complex series of rules about things like conjugating tenses and use of reflexive verbs, differs from the communication systems of other animals.. [Birdology]

Superluminal pulse transmission through a phase-conjugating mirror. [World-wide Campaign Sheds New Light on Nature's "LHC" | Universe Today]

At least Tory leader David Cameron is getting a pass for conjugating "tweet" in a curious way.. [Upcoming Event: The Conscience Un-Conference]

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@realDonaldTrump Nice job defining a common verb like apprehended while incorrectly conjugating it. HAVE not HAS. C…


Yes and amen! Don’t get me started on conjugating “to be.” 🙄


Conjugating my life bullshito bullshitamos bullshitas bullshitais bullshita bullshitan


@AnaisMaisB @LambdaSchool @nickoferrall @dustint314 @DanielFrehner @nickjbasile Luckily I was just plugging in at a…


@CraigMcVeigh Man conjugating those verbs are so hard. Does Spanish have a lot of irregular verbs?

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