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(of a word) imply or suggest (an idea or feeling) in addition to the literal or primary meaning. Urban Dictionary

The intended meaning of a word by the user Urban Dictionary

A portmanteau of the words con and cannot (itself a contraction of can not). Connot describes the inability or incapacity to do something, but dubiously. Urban Dictionary

One who is a conservative that conflates issues and/or confuses constructive conversation with conspiracy and contradictions. The opposite of a moderator, such as Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity that the Republican candidates for president would rather have as the hosts to question them in debates. Urban Dictionary

A condition which is reached when an extremely annoying person is in your presense, and is so annoying, that other people in your presense start to dislike you, because of the presense of the annoying, especially when the person who is now disliking you more because of the prense of this annoying person Urban Dictionary

Fluctuating Connotative Stress refers to the phenomenon of changing the stressed word to change the meaning of a sentence. "She" doesn’t like him - that specific woman doesn’t like him She "doesn’t" like him - to confirm she is not interested in him She doesn’t "like" him - implying that she feels a different emotion towards him She doesn’t like "him" - indicating she likes someone else Urban Dictionary

The "Gym" is also referred to as the love-making room. When people say this, they most likely mean the actual physical epicenters where one works out. However, when in a sexual context, like fingers shaking, one could assume that the speaker is talking sexually about their partner. Urban Dictionary

Known as a strong breed of human, also very awesome and badass but still a nerd Urban Dictionary

A rare breed of human called a connot, also known for being awesome and nerdy. Urban Dictionary

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The word "connotate" in example sentences

"Greed and Suck" used together connotate something worse than pond scum, a blob like amoeba, which survives on the bottom rung of humanity, in the sewers. ❋ Unknown (2009)

And it†™ s ashame how much that term ‘gay†™ is used in high school in the South to connotate a negative. ❋ Unknown (2006)

And I think the one thing that I did like about it is that the name, The Whigs, didn't really connotate any particular sound. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I already explained that periods at the end of sentances do not connotate yelling, but normal tone. ❋ Unknown (2006)

The word, ‘protest’, does not connotate calm, respectful discourse. ❋ Unknown (2006)

And someone said the Whigs, and we put in the H and thought that made it a little bit more interesting, and we just kind of thought that it didn't really connotate any particular sound. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Is a game series defined purely by its background setting, or does the franchise "Diablo" also connotate isometric hack'n'slash action-RPG? ❋ Steve Gaynor (2008)

DICKINSON: I guess it would connotate ratings, wouldn ` t it, just, you know, to drill up all this trash about what she does with underage drinking? ❋ Unknown (2007)

For some reason, "deviant" has been given a negative denotation, similar to "ignorant" that it does not connotate by current society. ❋ Ann Althouse (2006)

Since “my Lover” is accurate in what it does and does not connotate, but it a little too personal and mildly indicative of sweating and grunting, possibly you could just drop the “r,” referring to him as “my Love.” ❋ Unknown (2005)

Widows also connotate the idea of the scheming 'black widow' of 40's film noir cinema. ❋ Unknown (2003)

We brought the program here to the St. Louis area and called it the SARAH Plan (ph), and it's not named after any individual little girl but it does connotate (ph) the girl's name and it stands for the St. Louis Area Regional Abduction Alert. ❋ Unknown (2001)

Commercial and business pursuits are of course only a part or an aspect of the activities in which socialized human beings engage, and though they may require some special rules and regulations for their more convenient and speedy prosecution, these rules must reflect and connotate the same general principles as constitute the accepted standard of proper human behaviour in the community to which they are applied. ❋ Unknown (1920)

These are just my opinions and in no way are meant to connotate negativity on Ms. Rubush's e-book. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Being coined as a hacker sometimes does not connotate a negative image of someone maliciously getting into some kind of computer system. ❋ Unknown (2010)

To connotate something as superficial as MySpace with one of the saddest events in U.S. ❋ Harmon Leon (2010)

iyt duznt necessarilee connotate a “war” between dese 2 bruvvers Awn Tihs ❋ Unknown (2008)

i don't think connotate is a word. connote is the verb, connotation is the noun. ❋ Esther (2006)

i'm not scared of adverbs. nope i love them.. i'm just confused by connote vs connotate. but it's picky grammar discussions like this that make me remember how much i love married-bickering with you and think that dan is right - you should move back to melbourne and live with me and sam. ❋ Esther (2006)

"the term ‘modern [science]’ usually connotes a complete openness to [empirical] [testing] ❋ Pushit#up (2014)

His connotation of cool was very different from the [foriegn] [exchange student's] understanding as " lack of [heat]." ❋ Dictionaree (2005)

A: Can you pass me my food from [the fridge]? B(having [eaten] said food earlier on without A’s knowledge): Connot, it has since [disappeared]. ❋ AgB1320 (2018)

[Rush Limbaugh] and [Sean Hannity] and their like are connotators. ❋ Deepseer (2015)

"it's such a social connotation when the delivery guy talks about porn in front of my wife." "i swear she was going to give me her number, but, then the bar [tender] had to [strike up a conversation] about [hemroids]. it was just such a social connotation; ruined my chances" ❋ Protocoldroid (2004)

Fluctuating Connotative Stress refers to the phenomenon of changing the [stressed word] to change the meaning of a sentence. Created by Jaime [Nicolaou], [Basree] Arif, Ms Erin Mahar ❋ Brokenhandbaby (2022)

"[Luc] at the gym yesterday was vibrating" "[Uhhhh] what? That is weird to say, I don't go this far with Ella" "He was working out 😏, [can you not] tell I am using the Gym (sexual connotation)" ❋ Kilm Skiul (2023)

"[Man] you're so connot, [this is] why [i love you]." ❋ J3ffy45 (2016)

"[Wow] you're so [connot]." .. "[Thanks man]!" ❋ J3ffy45 (2016)

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