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Definitions and meanings of "Connubial"

What do we mean by connubial?

Relating to marriage or the married state; conjugal. adjective

Pertaining to marriage; nuptial; springing from or proper to the married state; matrimonial; conjugal.

Synonyms Conjugal, Hymeneal, etc. See matrimonial.

Of or pertaining to marriage, or the marriage state; conjugal; nuptial. adjective

Of or relating to the state of being married. adjective

Of or relating to marriage or to the relationship between a wife and husband adjective

In a conjugal manner adverb

Of or relating to the state of being married.

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The word "connubial" in example sentences

But is not this much more agreeable and animated than the sweet dalliance of a sugar-plum life, or the dull, monotonous existence resembling a Dutch canal, which we term connubial happiness? " ❋ William Carleton (1831)

Review: A good story that grabs your attention right away with, for better or worse, a mental image of Santa and an elf locked in ... connubial congress. ❋ Unknown (2005)

ROBBINS: One of the first activities they participate in is called connubial bliss, where the sexual history during C.B., as it's called, each member must spend an evening standing in front of the other 14 bonesmen and recount his or her entire sexual and romantic history. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Next in importance to the connubial is the convivial legislation of caste. ❋ Unknown (1881)

"God of Carnage," now with the barbed assault of Ayckbourn's triptych, the director pretty much shreds the notion of connubial bliss. ❋ Unknown (2009)

University officers and secret-society members, while its existence as a gazetteer was justified by a very few "connubial" items. ❋ Wilfred Shaw (N/A)

How honest Charles was in such professions, and what was the kind of connubial happiness which he was preparing for his bride, is shown by the fact that he was even now spending all his time with Lady Castlemaine; and, to reconcile her to his marriage with Catharine, he had promised her that he would make her one of the ladies of the queen's bed chamber as soon as she arrived in London, which would give him constant opportunities of being in her society. ❋ Jacob Abbott (1841)

As writer and painter, they practised different arts in a way that was complementary and connubial. ❋ Peter Conrad (2010)

After 16 years of tri-connubial bliss (Christine joined the family in 1994), Kody is now gaga for Robin, a 30-year-old divorced mother of three, who lives five hours away. ❋ Hank Stuever (2010)

This compares quite easily to David Arquette -- it has all the hallmarks of the classic post-post-connubial-bliss confessional! ❋ Alexandra Petri (2010)

Yet that is exactly what happened to Russian Bella Rosenfeld-Chagall when, four years after their nuptials on the rainy evening of July 25, 1915, her painter-husband Marc Chagall stunned the art world with his Double Portrait with Wine Glass, a portrait of the couple in wedding garb that, nearly a century later, is considered "the most lyrical representation of connubial bliss ever put to canvas." ❋ Elizabeth Abbott (2012)

Here, because of his elemental simplicity, he took to himself a native wife, and, by reason of the connubial bliss that followed, he escaped the unrest and vain longings that curse the days of more fastidious men, spoil their work, and conquer them in the end. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Just a few of the most famous objects, including the Euphronios krater stolen by tomb robbers and recovered three years ago from New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Sarcophagus of the Spouses, an enchanting icon of connubial conviviality, rate display cases of their own. ❋ Francis X. Rocca (2011)

But there are pleasures to be had even in her descriptions of simple kitchen chores: "For a long time I believed that the first pangs of connubial bliss brought with them a new wisdom, a kind of mystic knowledge that slipped with the wedding ring over all the fingers of the bride, so that at last and suddenly and completely she knew how to boil water." ❋ Amy Finnerty (2011)

Bony she-legs wrapped themselves around the thick of the chalky locust-creature, and the angle of the woman's stony pelvis made as if eagerly seeking connubial donation. ❋ Andrew Edwards (2011)

New York's First Girlfriend Sandra Lee shared with Vogue her semi-homemade, slightly obsessive tricks for connubial bliss with live-in Andrew Cuomo. ❋ Unknown (2011)

In Hong Kong 43-year-old Barney Cheng at least rivals the better-known Wang among elites heading toward connubial bliss. ❋ Unknown (2010)

If you feel that you are more parent than spouse and that the connubial part of your life is almost nonexistent, you're certainly not alone. ❋ Unknown (2010)

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