Definitions of "Consecrate"

To declare or set apart as sacred. transitive verb

To sanctify (bread and wine) for Eucharistic use through a ritual regarded by some Christian churches as effecting transubstantiation. transitive verb

To initiate (a priest) into the order of bishops. transitive verb

To dedicate solemnly to a service or goal. synonym: devote. transitive verb

To make venerable; hallow. transitive verb

Dedicated to a sacred purpose; sanctified. adjective

Sacred; consecrated; devoted; dedicated.

To make or declare sacred with certain ceremonies or rites; appropriate to sacred uses or employments; set apart, dedicate, or devote to the service of the Deity: as, to consecrate a church; to consecrate the eucharistic elements. See consecration, 1.

Specifically, in the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, to initiate solemnly into the order of bishops, as a priest. See consecration, . To devote or dedicate from profound feeling or a religious motive: as, his life was consecrated to the service of the poor.

To make revered or worshiped, or highly regarded; hallow: as, a custom consecrated by time.

To place among the gods; apotheosize.

The word "Consecrate" in example sentences

Etymology: de - + - secrate (as in consecrate) to violate the sanctity of Long may it burn

Those who adopt the calling consecrate themselves to it by some religious ceremony, and ever after are connected with the temples. Due West or Round the World in Ten Months

We all know that to consecrate is to set apart for holy service. Gathering Jewels The Secret of a Beautiful Life: In Memoriam of Mr. & Mrs. James Knowles. Selected from Their Diaries.

Having said that, should such individuals choose to have a minister, imam, priest, rabbi, shaman or wiccan "consecrate" the affair - after the fact that's their own business. Michael B. Laskoff: Death to Family Values - Zippers at Half Mast

Heck, we were warned before our wedding vows that the word is "consecrate", not "constipate". Lisa and Michael Littman: Oath and Variations

Oh! -- to the really 'consecrate' in heart and thought I could give my life so easily, so slavishly even! Marcella

He remarks that the Hebrew verb to ban is sometimes rendered "consecrate": Micah iv. The Religious Experience of the Roman People From the Earliest Times to the Age of Augustus

"A night of memories and sighs" he might "consecrate" to his lost lady love, as Landor did to Rose Aylmer. The Puzzle of Dickens's Last Plot

The only difference between the application of the same term to Christ and the disciples is, as applied to Christ, that it means only to "consecrate"; whereas, in application to the disciples, it means to consecrate with the additional idea of previous sanctification, since nothing but what is holy can be presented as an offering. Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible

The root word would be 'consecrate' and you put before and after that word a lot of additions, creating this complex meaning. The Wire

Having said that, should such individuals choose to have a minister, imam, priest, rabbi, shaman or wiccan "consecrate" the affair - after the fact that's their own business. The Full Feed from

A Church in which there are Dominicans and Jesuits who are theorizing and practicing Masses without priesthood or Christian sacrament, in which those present "consecrate" collectively, around a "table that is also open to people of different religious traditions." Catholic World News Feature Stories (

In the spotlight of the dispute is Lee, who once outraged Buddhists by vowing, when he was mayor of Seoul, to "consecrate" the capital to the Christian God. The Buddhist Channel

"consecrate" as a priest, is literally, to fill the hand, implying that an offering is given into the hands of the priest, which it is his duty to present to God. Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible

The constitutional panel is limited to changing or annulling the six articles that consecrate those rules, "along with changes to any connected articles that the committee deems necessary," according to the military's order to its members. Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood plans political party

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