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Consequence Logical consequence, also known as a consequence relation, or entailment In operant conditioning, a result of some behavior Consequentialism, a theory in philosophy in which the morality of an act is determined by its effects Unintended consequence In logic, a consequent is the second half of a hypothetical proposition or consequences Consequent (music), the second half of a period (music).

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  • Plural form of consequence. noun

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Counting votes in secret - PHOTO - 'Let there be consequences' yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Counting votes in secret - PHOTO - \'Let there be consequences\' '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' Article: The photo says it all: Vote-counting in Pima County performed in secret, hidden even from official party observers and a member of the Pima County Election Integrity Commission.. [Counting votes in secret - PHOTO - 'Let there be consequences']

"Burdened by what he called 'consequences to sin,' Nevada Sen. John Ensign announced Monday afternoon he would not seek a third term, creating the eighth open Senate seat of the 2012 cycle.". [Morning Bits]

The US went to Iraq to "spread freedom and democracy" and one of the consequences is the destruction or displacement of ancient Christian communities.. [Archive 2007-06-01]

The process of getting them to the point where they can anticipate the consequences is a trickier thing THAT TAKES TIME.. [Dru Blood - I believe in the inherent goodness of all beings: A reply to Elayne, some more stuff about kids in public places, and then I'm done for now.]

The president will lay out what he calls the consequences of failure.. [CNN Transcript Jan 23, 2007]

No such 'negotiating agenda' is known to exist and the word 'consequences' is often interpreted as referring to the 700-odd ETA prisoners held in Spanish and French prisons.. [ rss feed]

Instead, they are more often focused on the short term consequences of current events.. [The Full Feed from]

But now and then we had breakthroughs that, I think, changed the relationship between our countries with long-term consequences.. [The Good Fight]

We did that all over the globe, with terrible long-term consequences for democracy, human rights, and our own standing in the world.. [The Good Fight]

This would have profound long-term consequences that most of us did not anticipate at the time.. [The Good Fight]

If Pakistan were the only country impacted by these actions, it would be bad enough, but the entire region has been impacted, with long-term consequences.. [Daniel Wagner: India's Ongoing Concerns Over Pakistan and Afghanistan]

Let's face it, "the talk" is awkward for everyone: You, picturing your parents at your age; your parents trying to cover all the bases protection, safety, responsibility and the long-term consequences of your young-adult actions before letting you leave the nest.. [College Candy: 6 Easy Ways to Avoid a Money Hangover]

Not only can rapid weight loss hurt performance over the short term because athletes simply don't have the energy to perform at their best, but experts add that restricting calories can also have long-term consequences.. [Experts issue guidelines on safe weight loss for athletes]

One of those consequences is that the President gets to chose who he wants in his cabinet and on the Supreme Court if the opportunity arises.. [Senators signal bruising Supreme Court confirmation battle]

This is a shocking deficit, particularly in this era of so many brain-injured athletes and returning vets dealing with the short- and long-term consequences of this most confounding injury.. [Love in the Age of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury]

But we do not need to logically prove that eating cheeseburger after cheeseburger after cheeseburger until you suffer extreme negative consequences is not really a rational “revealed preference,” something that is logically impossible to do.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » The Double Standard of Libertarian Paternalism]

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Camila Cabello - Consequences (Official Audio)
Camila Cabello - Consequences (Official Audio)
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Consequences || Camila Cabello Lyrics
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Camila Cabello - Consequences [2018 American Music Awards]

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