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Definitions of "considerations"

  • Plural form of consideration. noun

The word "considerations" in example sentences

Other title considerations include the original Unbraided and The Thief in the Tower, too.. [Disney's Animated Film 'Rapunzel' Changes Title to 'Tangled' «]

However, during both the campaign and in more recent discourse, largely missing from that debate has been considerations from the logistical nightmare involved with such an undertaking.. [The Fatigue-Patterned Multi-Billion Dollar Elephant in the Room (Blog for Democracy)]

Part of the problem with approaching fiction from the vantage point of philosophy is that it excludes certain considerations that would otherwise help to explain what we in fact do enounter in reading fiction or poetry.. [Philosophy and Literature]

In that case, short-term considerations of success on the military battlefield against the. [Vanda Felbab-Brown: Implications of the Assassinations of Prominent Politicians in Afghanistan]

As a result, there has been an increasing trend for governments throughout the world to grant increased independence to their central banks, thereby giving their central banks the freedom to focus on longer-term considerations.. [Politicians Are Threatening the Fed's Independence]

Even putting them forth as considerations is sometimes a point of suspicion and derision.. [Roman Professor, Priest and member of Papal Liturgical Office speaks on Benedict's New Liturgical Movement]

Among other considerations is whether Rahm Emanuel, praised by President Barack Obama even as he left the administration last week to run, will win support from black voters in Obama's hometown.. [Black Community Seeking 'Consensus Candidate' For Chicago Mayor]

Whenever our focus turns towards addressing problems in belief, or a desire to re-emphasize and re-assert beliefs, one of the single most important places where we should begin our considerations is with the sacred liturgy.. [Helping the Faithful Believe in the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist]

The question, as one would expect given that these are simply preliminary considerations, is left unanswered for the present moment, and equally up in the air is what should be done to address the matter if it is found to be so.. [Dr. Alcuin Reid at the Toronto Oratory]

Those were the main considerations in my choosing where I wanted to go.. [Q&A: Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brian Campbell]

When a child enters school, one of the considerations is vaccines.. [Vaccines and Society]

It is unnerving to think of a sport equating modernity, success and strength with relinquishing centralised control of something so fundamental, especially to two warring parties whose overwhelming concern appears to be financial and commercial protectionism ahead of more objective, holistic and long-term considerations.. [Ripping responsibility from the BHA is wilful vandalism | Lydia Hislop]

I am pretty sure that taking UK, German, or EU patents in considerations will do wonders for London, Munich, and Stuttgart (BMW, Bosch, Siemens, Porsche are prolific patent applicants in Germany).. [Where In The World Is Innovation]

In the end, however, one of the most important considerations is whether you like the name and feel comfortable with it.. [Six secrets to a strong small business name]

Believe me, the people with money that depend on commerce will continue to find a way to do so, and the last of their considerations is how it affects you, with the exception of the checks you write them every month.. [Think Progress » Why George Washington would disagree with the right wing about health care’s constitutionality.]

Any disquiet among fans will lie with long-term considerations.. [Even in decline only Chelsea meet Manchester United on equal footing | Kevin McCarra]

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Reservation on economic grounds only makes sense.....Other considerations are only political agenda.

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Consideration - indian contract act 1872 | CA CPT | CS & CMA | LLB | | Mba | Bba | | ccs

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  • PronunciationsK AH0 N S IH2 D ER0 EY1 SH AH0 N Z
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