Definitions of "Constant"

Continually occurring; persistent: synonym: continual. adjective

Regularly recurring. adjective

Unchanging in nature, value, or extent; invariable. adjective

Steadfast in purpose, loyalty, or affection; faithful. synonym: faithful. adjective

Something that is unchanging or invariable. noun

A quantity assumed to have a fixed value in a specified mathematical context. noun

An experimental or theoretical condition, factor, or quantity that does not vary or that is regarded as invariant in specified circumstances. noun

Fixed; not varying; unchanging; permanent; immutable; invariable.

Specifically In natural history, not subject to variation; not varying in number, form, color, appearance, etc., in the species or group; always present: as, the middle stria is constant, though the lateral ones are often absent; the reniform spot is constant, but the other markings are subject to variation.

Continuing for a long or considerable length of time; continual; enduring; lasting in or retaining a state, quality, or attribute; incessant; ceaseless: as, constant change.

Regularly recurring; continually renewed or reiterated; continual: persistent: as, the constant ticking of a clock; the constant repetition of a word; constant moans or complaints.

Uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing. adjective

Unvarying in nature. adjective

A quantity that does not vary. noun

A number representing a quantity assumed to have a fixed value in a specified mathematical context. noun

Steadfast in purpose or devotion or affection. adjective

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What does constant mean?

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