Definitions and meanings of "Consulting"

What do we mean by consulting?

To seek the opinion or advice of another; to take counsel; to deliberate together; to confer.

To advise or offer expertise.

To work as a consultant or contractor rather than as a full-time employee of a firm.

To ask advice of; to seek the opinion of (a person)

To refer to (something) for information.

To have reference to, in judging or acting; to have regard to; to consider; as, to consult one's wishes.

To deliberate upon; to take for.

To bring about by counsel or contrivance; to devise; to contrive.

The act of telling your client you know how to "grab the low hanging fruit" or that task "is like trying to rearrange the deck furniture on the Titanic." One then charges a ton of money to the client for something that could have easily been done by a trained monkey. This scam continues to the next client once the original realizes they can do the same work for much cheaper.  Urban Dictionary

An unemployed white male  Urban Dictionary

Glorified business hooker, typically hired by a consulting whorehouse, which pimps out its consultants to clients, then proceed to fuck the consultants over until they're pleased (or until the consultants are dead), pay the whorehouse big bucks, leaving the consultant with little commission (including some hotel and airline points) and lasting trauma.  Urban Dictionary

A self-proclaimed expert that extorts inflated fees from a host company in return for vague and predominently incorrect business advice. The successful consultant detaches from its host at the exact moment its parasitic qualities are discovered by upper management. Thus, the successful consultant's term of engagement will last from months to years, until a mildly attentive decision-maker realizes that their burning ray of hope is all talk. Note that some middle managers and all other employees of the host will immediately recognize the consultant as a pathogen. In order to gain access to a viable host, the consultant preys upon upper managements' lack of job expertise and unrealisistic dreams of grandure. By using a string of buzz-words and metaphors that appear as incoherent babble to most humans, the consultant will usually succeed in gaining an assignment to fix a non-existant problem purportedly caused by the host's employees.  Urban Dictionary

Someone who borrows your watch to tell you the time, and then walks off with it  Urban Dictionary

A man who knows 500 different ways to make love, but doesn't know any women.  Urban Dictionary

A bullshit artist who is paid to provide ideas to managers, who then make the ideas appear to employees as if they were their own. Meanwhile, the consultant runs off to the the service of another client in order to avoid being around to take the blame when their obscurantist, superficial ideas are actually implemented.  Urban Dictionary

When you want to explain something ridiculous looking professional whilst doing it.  Urban Dictionary

Verb. To provide a penis with please via mouth.  Urban Dictionary

(Chiefly British:) A period before a decision (such as a new regulation) takes effect, during which opposed opinions are heard. A consultation usually takes place after an unpopular resolution has been made by the authorities. Usually a consultation offers the illusion that people's opinions matter and that said decision can change, where in fact they are merely designed to let steam out. Consultations also 'cover the decision maker's arse': when the decision turns out to be a mistake, the absence of public records of the consultations allows the decision maker to claim to share the responsibility.  Urban Dictionary

The word "consulting" in example sentences

How to use consulting in a sentence? Example sentences with the consulting, a sentence example for consulting, and how to make consulting in sample sentence, how do I use the word consulting in a sentence? How do you spell consulting in a sentence?

Though I graduated from Berkeley in Northern California, my post-college career life kicked off in the midwest, an entire summer of what I call consulting summer camp in Chicago. ❋ Unknown (2005)

In October, Vanier submitted an invoice requesting payment of $395,000 - in addition to a retainer of $113,000 she had already been paid - for what she termed "consulting, training and Risk Policy Deployment Implementation Employee Re-Integration Project." ❋ Unknown (2012)

In October Vanier submitted an invoice requesting payment of $395,000 - in addition to a retainer of $113,000 she had already been paid - for what she termed "consulting, training and Risk Policy Deployment Implementation Employee Re-Integration Project." ❋ Unknown (2012)

Prosecutors say Bruno collected almost $3.2 million, which he calls consulting fees, from businesses, labor unions and local businessman Jared Abbruzzese, who was named, but not charged. ❋ Unknown (2009)

You see, we had to take cover on all the other shady and reckless spending going on at the time, like the millions in "consulting" fees to our buddies on the CC hotel sham, and all our out-sourced studies on my best friend Merritt's new stadium (which I WILL shove through, one way or the other, damn it) and our $100M over-budget city computer system. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Earlier this week Dwek testified that "consulting" was a code word that he understood to mean Van Pelt would accept his bribe. ❋ Unknown (2010)

With what i bring in consulting i pay down debt (student loans and a small CC balance). ❋ Unknown (2009)

It will become indisputably clear to your colleagues that there is real value in consulting you when making personnel decisions. ❋ Unknown (2010)

From now until Wednesday, five hours of consulting is now only $397. ❋ Unknown (2009)

CAPA is a leader in consulting and advisory to airports, airlines, investors and governments on business and strategic issues. ❋ Unknown (2009)

But consulting is considered by tax people as a business and I was forced employ an accountant and pay advances and so on. ❋ Unknown (2009)

In the service industry, "accounting activity improved slightly, spurred by merger and acquisitions work," the Boston and Dallas Federal Reserve banks "noted increases in consulting activity," and "there were some reports from architectural firms that activity had picked up." ❋ Neil Irwin (2010)

However, kudos to him for posting an article that makes it seem he has 25 years of success in consulting to the stars of Wall Street or Silicon Valley. ❋ Unknown (2009)

It added that the Boston and Dallas Federal Reserve banks "noted increases in consulting activity," and "there were some reports from architectural firms that activity had picked up." ❋ Neil Irwin (2010)

August, some $15,000 in consulting fees before they got wise to the scam early this year. ❋ Unknown (2010)

He also does short-term consulting stints helping small businesses build traffic on their websites. ❋ Conor Dougherty (2012)

I was [going to work] for a large bank, but then I realized I [could do] easier work and make more money consulting for the [banks], by using meaningless phrases executives love to hear. ❋ Spivtron (2012)

[Dave] is a [consultant]. ❋ Justin1234321 (2019)

Hopeful college grad: What are some key qualities I need to have be a [consultant]? Experienced consultant: Be able to handle long crippling fuckings and be okay with shortened lifespan A: You're a consultant? What are some of the most exotic places you've traveled to for work? B: I once traveled to [bumblefuck] Western Virginia for a year. The only view from my hotel was of a large mine or some sort of a [blackhole] where no light escaped. ❋ TPain Not Impressed (2014)

"The [consultant] said that, once he has some free band-width, he will interface with his vast array of important contacts, [leverage] some syergies, and bring us [up to speed] with the rest of the industry.....No, really, those were his exact words." ❋ Booger Snow (2008)

a consultant is a [legitimate], [occasionally] [usefull] professional adivser ❋ 666Mike999 (2006)

[The gov't]. mistakenly hired [a plethora] of [consultants] to find a solution to the problem. ❋ Richard Kirshen (2003)

Here's that douchebag consultant again who is going to give some [quadrant] [diagram] on [mitigation] strategies for $2k/day. ❋ Not Ted (2011)

[Rod] [just] consultanted you! ❋ Rodisrightbarbie (2017)

"After our date last night, that whore consulted me" "boy, what I would give to get consulted right now" "[why don't you] [just go] consult him and [get it] the hell over with" ❋ Robcoreatthedisco18 (2009)

The announcement of [budget cuts] was followed by a brief [consultation], during which everyone [chickened out] and nobody spoke up. ❋ Harry Tuttle (2010)

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