Definitions and meanings of "Conversion"

What do we mean by conversion?

The act of converting. noun

The state of being converted. noun

A change in which one adopts a new religion, faith, or belief. noun

Something that is changed from one use, function, or purpose to another. noun

The unlawful appropriation of another's property. noun

The exchange of one type of security or currency for another. noun

The interchange of the subject and predicate of a proposition. noun

An extra point or points scored after a touchdown, as by kicking the ball through the uprights or by advancing the ball into the end zone from the two-yard line or a similar short distance. noun

A psychological defense mechanism by which repressed ideas, conflicts, or impulses are manifested by various bodily symptoms, such as paralysis or sensory deficits, that have no physical cause. noun

The expression of a quantity in alternative units, as of length or weight. noun

Substitution of or exchange for something else, especially of one kind of property for another; specifically, the change of an issue of public securities, of bonds, debentures, stocks, shares, etc., into another of different character or with an altered (generally reduced) rate of interest. Also attributively: as, conversion scheme, conversion operation, etc. noun

In ship-building, the selection, laying out, and working of plank and timber so as to have the least possible waste. noun

In forestry, a change from one system of forest management to another, as from the sprout system to the seed system. noun

In steel manuf., the process of changing iron into steel, especially by the cementation process. See cementation. noun

In general, a turning or changing from one State or form to another; transmutation; transformation: sometimes implying total loss of identity: as, a conversion of water into ice, or of food into chyle or blood; the conversion of a thing from its original purpose to another; the conversion of land into money. noun

Specifically In logic, that immediate. inference which transforms a proposition into another whose subject-term is the predicate-term, and whose predicate-term the subject-term, of the former. noun

Where the vowels of feci, eva, astro, show the kinds of propositions which can be converted in the three ways. (See A, 2 .) A diminute conversion is a conversion of a proposition such that the consequent asserts less than the antecedent: as, All lawyers are honest, and therefore some honest men are lawyers. An improper or reductive conversion is a conversion per accidens or by contraposition. A universal conversion is an inference by conversion whose conclusion is a universal proposition; a partial conversion, one whose conclusion is a particular proposition. The Latin conversio was first used in this sense by Appuleius to translate Aristotle's ἀντιστροφ/η. noun

In theology, a radical and complete change, sudden or gradual, in the spirit, purpose, and direction of the life, from one of self-seeking and enmity toward God to one of love toward God and man. noun

Change from one religion to another, or from one side or party to another, especially from one that is regarded as false to one that is regarded as true. noun

The act of converting something or someone.

A software product converted from one platform to another.

A chemical reaction wherein a substrate is transformed into a product.

A free kick, after scoring a try, worth two points.

An extra point (or two) scored by kicking a field goal or carrying the ball into the end zone after scoring a touchdown.

An online advertising performance metric representing a visitor performing whatever the intended result of an ad is defined to be.

Under the common law, the tort of the taking of someone's personal property with intent to permanently deprive them of it, or damaging property to the extent that the owner is deprived of the utility of that property, thus making the tortfeasor liable for the entire value of the property.

The process whereby a new word is created without changing the form, often by allowing the word to function as a new part of speech.

The act of turning round; revolution; rotation.

The act of interchanging the terms of a proposition, as by putting the subject in the place of the predicate, or vice versa.

A change or reduction of the form or value of a proposition.

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–verb (used without object) 1. to talk informally with another or others; exchange views, opinions, etc., by talking. 2. Archaic. to maintain a familiar association (usually fol. by with). 3. Obsolete. to have sexual intercourse (usually fol. by with). –noun 4. familiar discourse or talk; conversation.  Urban Dictionary

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Is a word that is supposed to be a verb deriving from a mutation of "converse" and "conversation. It is in the dictionary as "non-standard except in some dialects". Some may believe this entry in the dictionary gives the word validity. It doesn't. Any slang or bastardized word embraced by popular culture could end up in the dictionary with this definition. That in no way means that it is a legitimate word. From the same school as "irregardless" or "ain't". An example was given above to attempt to legitimize this word by quoting rap songs. Ridiculous. Is "Sizzurp" a real English word too?  Urban Dictionary

The word "conversion" in example sentences

How to use conversion in a sentence? Example sentences with the conversion, a sentence example for conversion, and how to make conversion in sample sentence, how do I use the word conversion in a sentence? How do you spell conversion in a sentence?

The term conversion by negation has been arbitrarily limited to the exact inferential procedure of permutation followed by simple conversion.   ❋ St. George William Joseph Stock (N/A)

The great change in conversion is wrought upon the will, and consists in the resignation of that to the will of Christ.   ❋ Unknown (1721)

There is no Hindu equivalent of what we call conversion.   ❋ Philip Goldberg (2011)

The fact that Ehrman only mentions fear of Hell when talking about his conversion is as telling as what he doesn't mention: namely repentance of sin, and the love of Christ.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

The vehicle of their conversion is the child Adam as well as the miracles that God performed during the boy's final hours.   ❋ Unknown (2005)

The development of the individual through these spiritual or religious stages is that process to which we most properly give the name conversion.   ❋ M. SCOTT PECK (1987)

The source of their conversion is here stated to be God's prevenient grace. for they shall return -- Repentance, though not the cause of pardon, is its invariable accompaniment: it is the effect of God's giving a heart to know Him.   ❋ Unknown (1871)

This, then, is his deliverance from darkness, his final triumph over darkness, what we call his conversion; for himself the most important of all epochs.   ❋ Thomas Carlyle (1838)

And this is first produced in him by that mighty spiritual change which we call conversion: which, being so rarely and seldom found in the hearts of men, (even where it is most pretended to,) is but too full and sad a demonstration of the truth of that terrible saying; That few are chosen; and consequently, but few saved.   ❋ 1634-1716 (1823)

Now observe how their conversion is here expressed: That the Gentiles might glorify   ❋ Unknown (1721)

All who are savingly converted are called by the grace of God; their conversion is the effect of his good pleasure concerning them, and is effected by his power and grace in them.   ❋ Unknown (1721)

All the redeemed of the Lord shall be converts, and their conversion is their redemption: "Her converts, or those that return of her (so the margin), shall be redeemed with righteousness."   ❋ Unknown (1721)

The wonderful change that is made in conversion, which is Christ's victory over this usurper.   ❋ Unknown (1721)

This true probability of conversion is what we call the conversion rate, and we assume that it's fixed. law of large numbers we know that when sampling a very large number of visitors, the measured conversion rate will approach the true probability of conversion.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Then comes the great regenerating influence in his life, which we surely find in his expression of faith that the soul is immortal, and finally that upheaval which we call conversion with all of its incident steps from conviction of sin to repentance; and then to the consciousness of forgiveness; to the lighted mind and the lighted soul; and then to the uprooting of evil and the planting of good in the soil of his life.   ❋ Unknown (1917)

However, the girls were evaluated by a neurologist who diagnosed them as suffering what is known as "conversion disorder."   ❋ M.D. Scott Mendelson (2012)

Lame person: "Hey you can't wear converse, those shoes are strictly for .....(insert lame ass classification)." You in your fine ass kicks: "Get a life." (turn your back on lame person and walk away) ❋ Jdaddict (2006)

It is difficult to converse with people who do not speak your language. ❋ Intelligent One!!!!!!!!! (2009)

Trendy people hated the alternatives wearing them a year later they have 3 pairs dont wear them in the rain or they tend to go squeak squeak ❋ Stephanie Dawn (2005)

Converse owns yo bitch asses. YEAH NIGS. ❋ Kkkkate Rocks It (2005)

"We had nothing in common, nothing to conversate about" ❋ Hatfishing King (2018)

Don't use the word "converses", please. ❋ MissJosephine (2006)

Guy1:ay man were gonna go play basketball go get ya shoes guy2:ok *gets out converses* guy1:what the hell are those why r u wearin those emo shoes guy2:oh you have so much to learn my friend ❋ Fox_trot (2009)

Some kid: Hey, i like your shoes! Hipster: Thanks man. They're converse, i like them too. ❋ Colleen K (2008)

Non-fad follower: I love to wear converse. They are the best brand of shoes in the world. Popularity obsessed trend-follower (puppet): LYKE OMG!!!!!! I NEED SOME CONVERSE BCUZ EVERY1 @ MY SKOOL LYKE HAS A PAIR AND I WANNA B POPULAR!!!!!11111!!!!!111!!1!1!11!!!1 ❋ Dramalicious (2005)

The type of sentence you might hear from someone who believes this is a word: "I don't speak English that good but I'm gonna conversate wit cha irregardless" ❋ Wordhelper79 (2012)

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